Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Religion of Tolerance and the Call to Prohibit Dogs in the Hague


A member of the religion of peace and tolerance has now called for the prohibition on dogs in the Hague. Mind you, we are not talking about keeping canines out of the World Court in that city, but in the city itself.
Please read the post in the link below:

Dogs are considered unclean in Islam, and Muslims make no secret that they are offended by the very presence of man's best friend - even when they belong to the indigenous people of nations that were generous enough to allow Muslims to immigrate there.

The idea, as usual goes something like this - we don't like dogs, we live here, so you can't have dogs.

Here we see yet another example of the innate sense of superiority of Muslims. For all the charges of euro-centrism, etc., Europeans, at least in the modern era, have never been known to move places and begin to order people about. I can not think of one time where this has occurred.

Islam creates a climate of where the cultural takeover of any place in which sizable populations of Muslims reside is a given. Their adherents expect that anyone in such a nation, no matter how many generations back he may be able to trace his ancestry, must give in to their demands. It does not matter that dog-ownership is a part of the culture in the Netherlands. We Muslims are here now and we want you to stop having them.

Note that Spain too has experienced the heavy hand of Islamic tolerance in regards to dogs:

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