Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama Administration had Challenged South Carolina Voter ID Law

South Carolina law now requires that voters must be properly identified prior to being allowed to cast a vote.

That is the crux of the problem as far as Jesse Jackson and the Obama administration are concerned. They don't like it at all. 

I have always wondered why I can just stroll into a polling place, verbally state my name, and be allowed to vote without any requirement that I provide some proof that I am indeed who I claim to be.

Voter fraud has long been found to be especially widespread among groups that strongly support Democratic candidates. 

States like South Carolina, which took steps to help prevent any voter fraud, are still being penalized for their pre-1965 wrongs.-

"Under the terms of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, states with questionable civil rights reputations 45 years ago — such as South Carolina — cannot amend voting laws without federal approval. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said non-white voters in South Carolina are “significantly burdened” by requiring photo ID."

Obama is very much a product of the Daley-descended Chicago political machine where "Vote early and often" is the rule rather than some tongue-in-cheek joke. His administration has already stepped in to prevent Arizona from being able to protect their own border with a foreign nation, and a law designed to stop people from voting fraudulently is apparently also a problem for them. 

The implicit charge of racism has been quite old and tired for a very long time. When it is claimed that a law that allows poll workers to be able to know that would-be voters are who they say they are negatively affects non-whites more than others, the intelligence of all, whites and non-whites, is insulted. 

The Left keeps a firm grip on those whom they refuse to let out of the indentured servitude of government assistance. The cycle of perpetual aid is paid for by the votes of people who have been brainwashed by those who subjugated them in the first place. People are told told that they are being helped when in actuality they are being hindered. Many are provided with free college, where they are unfortunately taught very little, and told that their degree in primitive cultures, colonialism, or a similar major, will guarantee them a career. When that does not materialize, the blame is placed on the greedy private interests who have the nerve to need engineers, chemists, geologists, etc on their staffs.

States need to begin the processes of nullifying inherently wrongful acts of government. It is an admittedly drastic move, but I can see no other way to make any repairs to this structure. We almost destroyed ourselves as a result of failing to address a major issue once before. Now we face a threat to the very foundations of our nation. In a nation that started out as having 5% of its people living in cities to over 75% today, the party that gains the electoral support of the Urban populations will run the nation.The simplest means by which this can be done is two-pronged:

Make many of these as dependant as possible on government assistance.

Indoctrinate the youth in schools by both teaching Socialist theory and denigrating or completely ignoring the accomplishments of those who created this Nation and those who came earlier and provided inspiration to our founders.

We are very close to realizing the concerns that Jefferson and Tocqueville had for a Democratic nation in which the majority can tyrannize the rest of the people. If the urban populations in individual states reach a mark that will allow for the majority vote in a sufficient number of states, and these are sufficiently indoctrinated and/or dependent, then national elections will be moot points and the tyranny will begin.

Prohibiting Arizona and South Carolina from doing their jobs will be small potatoes compared to what can follow.

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