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Submit to Gay Weddings or Lose Your Business

This is a follow-up to the third link (baker refuses) of the three links below. The top two are related to this frightening phenomena. A family-owned bakery is facing the wrath of both the State and the mob for gently refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.


Today's post:

In February, Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an Oregon-based bakery, found themselves at the center of a media firestorm after refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple’s ceremony. Nearly four months later, the small business continues to receive threatening and harassing phone calls and e-mails, as they grapple with the ongoing fall-out from their controversial decision. This week, they spoke with TheBlaze about the ongoing drama.
".....In place of the extra business
[Promised by initial supporters who later turned coward] , the Kleins regularly receive (especially in light of renewed media coverage) virulent e-mails and phone calls.

From claims that Aaron should be shot to one apparent threat that he be raped, the hate and angst being thrown the Klein family’s way is certainly serious in nature. Some have even wished for the couple’s five children to be stricken with illness. Aaron and Melissa shared a number of the e-mails with TheBlaze.

“You stupid bible thumping, hypocritical b**ch. I hope your kids get really, really, sick and you go out of business,” reads one e-mail.

Here’s hoping you go out of business, you bigot. Enjoy hell,” reads another.

But it’s not just rhetoric that the husband and wife have encountered as a result of their refusal to provide the cake. They claim that their wedding vendors have been “badgered and harassed” until they refuse to do business with Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

As a result, the business’ wedding cake orders this summer are down dramatically from the past. Plus, some [Shameless and cowardly] individuals have canceled their previously-planned cakes in the wake of the controversy..........."

There is more in the linked article.

It's the new Kristallnacht - only so far no windows have been broken.

When the Jews of Germany were sufficiently isolated and most people were too afraid to speak in protest, gangs were turned loose on the businesses owned by these loyal citizens.

Store windows were smashed in wholesale manner , Jews were harassed and beaten, and several thousand of them disappeared outright.. "The Night of Shattered Glass" prefigured the state of things to come for this minority.

When the State and society affirm and give their silent approval to hate, this is what happens.

The mob has been sent to ruin the business that the owners have worked so hard to build. If you do not acquiesce to the New Order, not only will your business be targeted for destruction, but so will anyone who does business with you. You will be financially ruined. This will be the pattern to be followed for all similar situations in the future.

As our contributor Scipio noted, if these measures to force people to abandon their principles and dignity do not work (And maybe even if they do), massive acts of vandalism will follow - and the police will likely do little or nothing is response. Those who stand for something in which they believe are the only truly bad people, and political leaders will pressure the cops to back off.

To make things worse, the regular, average citizen has been cowed into joining in with the massive boycott. Weak and cowardly people have allowed themselves to be so intimidated by the possibility of being called homophobic that they too have stopped buying products from this store. I find more far more fault with these people than with the haters themselves - the latter can only succeed when everyone else is afraid to stand up for what is right.

Added 6/1/13- I missed something yesterday.

Men used to be the protectors of society and culture. Now their honor is measured by how much they support the wholesale degradation of women in the abortion clinic and by their support for defiling the institution of marriage.

Women used to be the glue that held society together; no sane man would fail to be chastened by a woman's admonition. Now women have become the instruments of societal destruction. Today they use their ability to influence men to force their husbands to assist with the tearing down of society.

-and while we do all of this, we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.


The Crime of our era is the failure to be complicit in the degradation of marriage

Christians will be the first to note that we cannot know if anyone is actually in hell, but one of the vicious haters has his idea of who would go there - people who refuse to join in on defying God by desecrating what is arguably his favorite earthly institution. 

The Sin of our era is the refusal to mock God's work.

-Excerpt from the first link at the very top of the page.

"A florist in Washington State is being sued by the State, not for actually discriminating against gay customers, but for refusing to participate in an event of theirs that goes against the owner's beliefs; the florist simply refused to fill an order for flowers for a gay wedding. For this the State is seeking and injunction to force the vendor to abandon any principles if she wants to continue being a florist.

As noted in the above paragraph, if vendors refuse to sell to gays simply due to the customer's sexual practices, then they clearly would be in violation of the law. What Washington State wants is to expand the scope of laws protecting people from discrimination to force anyone who operates a business to engage in actions that may be completely contrary to one's principles.

Nazism is not illegal in the US. If a member of a neo-Nazi Party walks into a store owned by a Jewish person, or anyone else for that matter, and orders a product or service custom-made for Hitler's birthday, then the vendor should certainly be within his rights to refuse to fill that order. A vendor cannot refuse service simply because of someones affiliations, but the law cannot rightly be held to force a vendor to participate in an event for that organization."

Our society is more fully cleaved in two than we have been since the Civil War. In the earlier instance, the side that initiated a political break was doing so to protect an institution that could not be defended. In our case, I submit that one side will need to effect a political break in order to protect itself from a fabricated institution that cannot be defended being forced upon it.

People tend to be too fearful or sentimental to support changing the political makeup of our nation, but it is either change that or watch our entire society be run into the ground.

Kid yourselves no longer - They will not stop until they get everything that they want.

As I have asked in previous post-

At what point will enough be enough for you?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

German Minister - Welfare Reform Will Cause Revolution

"German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Tuesday that failure to win the battle against youth unemployment could tear Europe apart, while abandoning the continent's welfare model in favour of tougher U.S. standards would cause "revolution"

Germany, along with France and Italy, backed urgent action to rescue a generation of young Europeans
[Read - Almost solely Muslims]  who fear they will not find jobs, with youth unemployment in the EU standing at nearly one in four, more than twice the adult rate.........

Germany, along with France and Italy, backed urgent action to rescue a generation of young Europeans who fear they will not find jobs, with youth unemployment in the EU standing at nearly one in four, more than twice the adult rate.

While Germany insists on the importance of budget consolidation, Schaeuble spoke of the need to preserve Europe's welfare model.

If U.S. welfare standards were introduced in Europe, "we would have revolution, not tomorrow, but on the very same day," Schaeuble told a conference in Paris........"

The Germans are not alone here. In Western Europe, the US, and the daughter nations of the UK, those who know that something needs to be done are acting exactly as the Left hoped that they would - allowing their fear to cause paralysis. 

"We can't do what we need to do. That would bring too many problems. So let's try harder to make them want to work."

Yea, that will work.

When European Leftist multiculturalists began imported hordes of Muslim immigrants, ostensibly to provide a source for cheap labor (And Cultural enrichment), they knew fully well how this would turn out. Those who were supposed to enter the work force and pay taxes have instead run wild in taking advantage of the welfare systems of these countries. Welfare and tax fraud are rampant. Denmark's tax system , designed for an inherently honest people who place a high value on their reputation, has what is effectively an "honor system" for reporting income. This may work with ethnic Danes, but not with - for example, Somalis. Rather than contributing to the prosperity of these countries, they are bankrupting them. 

In the US, we also have our imported future Democrats (Even if Republicans are the ones that wind up making them legal), but we also have a massive subset of our population (One that was making tremendous strides towards prosperity) that, with the Great Society of LBJ, was successfully targeted for generations of dependence on the welfare system. 

The most frightening part of this is that the German Government Minister is echoing what far too many people in the West are also saying. When someone brings up the necessity for voter qualifications based payment of  income tax, proof that the amount of government assistance received (Not including pay-in system such as Social Security retirement income) does not outweigh what one pays in taxes, or any other remedy to break the hold that the Left has, others are sure to jump all over the speaker. It is the same with any mention of a political break within the US.

The inevitable response is "They will riot if we limit the right to vote" or "Washington will order the military to crush the seceding states or launch missiles". 

I often wonder what happened to courage and fortitude  in Western peoples. We have never before seen a similar attitude among those who have such a rich cultural and historical inheritance. "We can't do 'X' because they will riot or attack us" is precisely the way the Left wants us to think; make them so afraid of possible consequences that we (The Left) can keep working on finishing the job. While Westerners - fearful of any trouble, sit on their hands, the Left keeps adding more dependent people to their future vote counts. 

-We can't win a war against the Crown.

-We can't stop the Persians from taking all of Greece

-We can't fight a war with the Confederacy.

-We can't keep the Tarquins from retaking Rome.

-We can't stop the Nazis, the Blacksirts, or Bolsheviks from seizing control of the government. (The last ones happened due to inaction and the same paralysis of thought.)

Do people really think that the Left will put a stop to their plans, or do they know in their hearts that major conflict in inevitable, but just hope that it comes after their own lifetimes?

I recall a scene from the 70's -80's comedy (sometimes serious) show Barney Miller, which was about a detective squad in the New York Police Department. The detectives are, with admiration, discussing the Polish Solidarity (Solidarnosc?) Union movement . The nerdy, know-it-all  Detective Dietrich chimes in by saying that the movement will cause more harm than good. His coworkers protest, but Dietrich responds by saying that "The Russians will just roll their tanks in". The show left his words as the last ones for the discussion. With the way we in the West have been trained to accept that we can't fight or make our stand, I wondered even then if the network wanted us to think the same way.

"We can't win, or the fight will be too hard, so we should just keep doing what we have been doing to try to fix things".

That is how entire peoples are enslaved and how cultures and civilizations are erased.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DOJ Mandating Employees to Talk About Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Lifestyle

"Acknowledge and Engage With LGBT


DO ask LGBT employees about their weekend, their

spouse/partner, or their family/children, the same way you

would ask non-LGBT employees about their spouse or

family. ............

DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence

will be interpreted as disapproval."

The Orwellian drama continues-

First of all, I agree that no employee or manager should engage in or allow coworkers to put others down or make them feel ostracized in any way. No one is perfect, and those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

The problem with the policy set forth in the training pamphlet (PDF link), is that it goes much farther than prohibiting such talk or attitudes. What it does is effectively make the employee bound to not only engage in conversation about actions that makes him uncomfortable himself, it requires that he actively participate in such talk.

I really don't want to hear my male coworker tell me about how he is getting away with cheating on his wife or, if he is single, his list of recent conquests. If we apply the logic used in this training manual, I would not only be prohibited from asking him to find other things to bring up in convention, I would essentially be wrong for failing to ask him how his tryst is going.

This policy will create a host of problems. Employees are not only being told that they must leave all of their standards at home, they will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, now be subjected to the more aggressive LGBT coworkers who, knowing that silence is now prohibited, will take advantage of this and purposefully approach others with accounts of their lifestyle - all with the intention of  making someone squirm.

The scariest part is the label/cryptic warning that keeping quiet - the most gentle and polite means for someone to communicate that he would rather discuss a different subject, is now a red flag that someone is guilty of "disapproval". The makers of our Newspeak have labored mightily to make disapproval out to be a serious crime against society. Forcing people to act or speak positively about something that stands in direct contrast to one's beliefs definitely goes too far. Such a requirement cannot be held to be legal.

The Left will not stop until they have everything and everybody under their control. There is no sense of compromise for them. What they want is nothing short of the surrender of your dignity if you want to keep your job or your business: (See links below)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Russia - EU is Making Syrian Conflict Worse

When,  in his second debate with Obama, Mitt Romney made his bizarre attempt to criticizing his opponent by  citing the fact that Assad was still in power, I knew that there was no hope for Christians in the Near and Middle East. Not that I had a whole lot of hope in Romney, but my jaw still dropped "clean to the floor" when he made that awful and unconcerned statement.

Assad is not a nice guy, but we can say with absolute confidence that any type of Muslim, Alalwite, Christian, Druze, or any other religious group has been and would be far better off with his regime than they would be if the US, the EU and the other Progressive, Islam-admiring powers have their way. We must also note that far too many people have already died in this conflict.

We most also note that, after Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, there can be no possible way that the Western powers are not aware of what is in store for non-Muslims (Or Muslims of minority sects) if that nation falls to the rebels. I will not waste time going through that again - the links at bottom will take the reader to earlier posts on this subject.

As I have noted, previously, Russia is standing almost alone in speaking out against the arming of the Syrian rebels. Putin has been calling for talks to end the war without the West choosing who gets to win (In that case it will always be the most radical of Muslims). Although they have up until now restricted their assistance to the regime to a limited amount of armaments (Apparently only to offset what the West has been giving the rebels) and have so far been content to function as the sole voice of reason in regards to the conflict, the Russians have become more assertive recently:

"Russia on Tuesday harshly criticized Europe's decision to allow the arming of Syrian rebels, saying it undercuts international efforts to negotiate an end to the civil war, and a rebel general said he's "very disappointed" weapons won't come fast enough to help opposition fighters defend a strategic Syrian town..........

The possibility of an arms race in Syria overshadowed attempts by the U.S. and Russia to bring representatives of the Assad regime and Syria's political opposition to peace talks at an international conference in Geneva, possibly next month.

The talks, though seen as a long shot, constitute the international community's only plan for ending the conflict that began more than two years ago and has killed more than 70,000 people.......

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that recent actions by the West "willingly or unwillingly are undermining the idea of the conference." He denounced the lifting of the EU arms embargo as an "illegitimate decision," saying that supplying weapons to non-governmental groups "goes against all norms of international law."

At the same time, Lavrov's deputy affirmed Tuesday that Russia won't abandon plans to send long-range S-300 air defense missile systems to Syria, despite strong Western and Israeli criticism. It is not clear if Russia has already sent some of the missiles, which would be a major boost for Syria's air defense capabilities, including against neighboring countries that oppose Assad's regime......."

Although I appreciate Russia's willingness to do something, I had suggested in earlier posts  that they do more:

The following is a mixture of comments from previous posts-

Russia must step in.

Although her record is inconsistent on this issue, she has historically been the only nation that has made any effort to assist Christians in Muslim-ruled nations. Russia has had decent relations with the Assad regimes. The Christians of the Near and Middle East are mostly Orthodox (with some Catholics). If Great Britain (Along with France) had not started the Crimean War to help the Ottomans and thus keep Russia from controlling the Black Sea, Constantinople and much of modern Turkey may have very well have been liberated. Once that occurred, there is do disputing that, even if other Christians were not liberated, the knowledge that a great power was close enjoy to assist their brethren would be cause for Muslims to think twice about committing acts of violence. In the latter days of the Ottoman Empire Russia pressed for being recognized as having sovereignty over the Christians under Islamic rule.

Personally, I could not care less if Russia had so much influence in a region close to the sources of much of our oil supply. The Russians aren't dummies, and they have no reason to shut down shipments that would be headed our way. It would also be nice to know we would not have to be virtually the only appreciable naval presence in the region.

Russia is close enough geographically to send and maintain sufficient troops and equipment for such a campaign. She is not destitute financially. Her people are not milquetoasts like many of the US and Western Europe; I don't see many Cindy Sheehans among them. Russian soldiers are as manly as ours and they routinely go long periods without the comforts that many US military personnel enjoy.

It is time that Russia fixes the mess created by GW Bush and perfected by Obama. A move into Syria would be the first logical step. Russia has a naval base in the region, and Lebanon could be occupied at the same time. Once her position is consolidated, the message can be put out that no further acts of violence against Christians in the region will be tolerated. Call him a thug if you want but don't dismiss the man - if I heard such a warning from from Putin, I would not doubt that he was serious.

I would not doubt that such a bold move would result in throngs of foreign volunteers to assist Russia in her efforts. The UN, with its massive Muslim nation voting bloc, will go bananas, but who cares? Unless I misunderstand this, Russia can still exercise a Security Council veto.

We need to accept that things need to change. Russia is still a major power, and an extension of her influence has the potential of making her an even greater one. If the arrival in that region of a nation that maintains a paternal attitude towards Christians can afford them some reasonable protection, and this leads to a further strengthening of the Russian state, I can find no argument that this could be a problem. Russia has no designs on conquering either Western Europe or China, and the US has far more in her favor in encouraging mutual business interests between the two nations. Russia is not a true Republic or a Democracy? So what? Russia did not have the benefit of developing free of foreign rule as did the nations of Western Europe. She only fully shook herself free from the rule of the Mongol Khanates when Western Europe had a firm foothold in the modern era. Until that point the Russian principalities were either tribute-paying vassals or frontier states dealing with the last of the Asiatic nomads.

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Dr. Describes Abortion Procedure - Graphic Testimony

I had a very hard time enduring this man's testimony-

Although I am not comfortable differentiating the periods or trimesters when we are discussing the wholesale murder of the unborn, what you will hear on the embedded video will turn your stomach. Before he had a change of heart,  Doctor Anthony Levantino had performed more than his share of abortions - he gives the number as being over 1,200, so no one can claim that he does not know what he is talking about.

“If you refuse to believe that this procedure inflicts severe pain on that unborn child, please think again,” he said."

His descriptions of abortions done on first and second trimester unborns is frankly horrific. In first trimesters, the baby is vacuumed apart. In second trimesters, limbs, spinal cords, intestines, heart and lungs, brain tissue, are ripped out piece-by-piece; this in an environment that has all the trappings of a medical procedure.

(Using forceps in a second trimester abortion)".....Grasping blindly - anything you can, and pull, hard, when it finally pops free out comes a leg that [Gestures] big, which you put down on the table next to you......"

He also puts to rest the commonly-circulated claim that third trimester abortions are often needed to save the lives of mothers with life-threatening conditions. Noting that these abortions require days of preparation before an abortion at this stage can be done, he makes it clear that he has performed far better services to both the mother and the baby at times like this when every minute counts.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hundreds of Thousands March Against War on Marriage in France

The French may be inclined towards snobbish attitudes and tend to engage in self-destructive voting for Socialist candidates, but they know what marriage is:

Although France officially legalized gay marriage last month, organizers of an anti-gay marriage — or “pro-family” — parade decided to go forward with a planned demonstration Sunday — and hundreds of thousands turned out.

Sandy Glass from Naperville, Illinois, was in Paris and witnessed the parade unexpectedly, telling TheBlaze she and her husband estimated more than 250,000 people were present.

“It brought tears to our eyes,” Glass, a conservative and Glenn Beck fan, said in a phone interview.

“We go to France a lot and thought it was another left wing protest,” she said later, recalling that last year they found themselves in the middle of a Socialist rally........."

The war on marriage is a big piece of the Leftist puzzle. To prepare children for the creation of the New Man, Marx and other Socialists called for the end of the family unit - even advocating that women just sort of go around having children with multiple men (That appears to to coming to fruition). Western Cultural Marxism of Lukaks and Gramsci too made the elimination of the family a main part of their agenda.One Lesbian activist recently made that much  quite clear:

"Gessen shared her views on the subject and very specifically stated;
“Gay marriage is a lie.”
“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”
“It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” (This statement is met with very loud applause.)

As mentioned above, Gessen also talked about redefining the traditional family. This may have something to do with the fact that she has “three children with five parents”:

“I don’t see why they (her children) shouldn’t have five parents legally. I don’t see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.'......"

End marriage by making it available for anyone; male-male, female-female, underage-old, family members, trios and more. Once the barrier is broken  there is no stopping the tide without a compete societal break between opposing camps.

Remember Civil Unions? We were received all sorts of  assurances that once they were able to get tax benefits, insurance coverage, inheritance, and authority for medical decisions, they would be satisfied. But, lo and behold, once Civil Unions were gained, they went right to work in telling us that anything short of marriage was a violation of their rights.

Which brings us to the origin of rights. Governments are great things when they protect left, liberty and property. Being artificial constructs, however, they have no inherent authority to create or dole out rights or make new institutions. For example, the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act,often called rights  are actually nothing more than government-mandated legal protections - they are and can not be rights simply because rights either exist in the State of Nature or they do not.

When we accept that the government can create rights or institutions, we implicitly accept that the same body can severely diminish or take away our real rights - those which have existed long, long before any government ever came existence. 

This is the ultimate goal of many - the tacit understanding that rights are what the ruling powers say they are, nothing more.

Utilizing the legislative process to play-act the making of rights and institutions serves two real purposes and nothing more.

-It sets the stage for the Marxist society in which the family does not exist

-It sets up the final act of the play in which the people are told that the State will tell them what their rights are.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

2nd Revised - Stockholm Raked By Muslim Riots

Added 5/27/13-

Employees in post-riot (Until the next one) Stockholm have been busy getting back to normal:

"...But instead of cracking down on the perpetrators, authorities were busy issuing parking tickets on cars that were burned by the rioters. The conservative Swedish news site Fria Tider reports that owners of some cars destroyed in the riots were fined for parking illegally, while the Swedish police force described a low-key approach to the rioters themselves. Its reporter caught a parking enforcer in the act of issuing a ticket, and shot a photo, published above the headline “Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks While Stockholm Burns.”...."-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Added 5/26/13-

Some Swedes are acting in defense of their country and people. They have got to be fed up with the orders restricting the cops or the possible apathy of the individual officers. Either way, the Swedes are being labeled as vigilantes and targeted for arrest. The political climate makes arresting non-Muslims the path of least resistance, and they are on the outer perimeters of the riot-plagued areas, thus allowing the cops to make arrests while foregoing entering the riot zones themselves:

-From the tlink:

A side note: “Right-wing extremists” are being arrested because they threaten the existing order. No matter how many cars and schools the “youths” burn, they do not threaten the existing order.

"In fact, from a cynical point of view (and I tend to be a cynic), the violent culture-enrichers serve as enforcers of the existing order.


-From the third link:

"SWEDISH police say they hope reinforcements will help quash nightly riots that started nearly a week ago in Stockholm's immigrant-dominated suburbs and have spread.

"With the strong presence on the streets of the good forces, and the police reinforcements, I think we are well on our way towards calmer times in the coming days," Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said on Saturday.

Cars and buildings were torched overnight on Friday to Saturday in the towns of Oerebro, Uppsala and Linkoeping, though tensions showed signs of easing in Stockholm's suburbs.

The unrest has sparked debate among Swedes over the integration of immigrants, many of whom arrived under the country's generous asylum policies, and who now make up about 15 per cent of the population....."

The story has become an old one-

Leftists promote "diversity" and "multiculturalism". They tell the people that they either have to pay for their crimes of colonialism. In the case of non-colonial powers such as Norway (Not a single one for them) and Sweden, they are told that their ethnic and cultural ties to colonialist peoples have given them enough of an advantage to warrant their need to pay as well. In any case, they are also told that they have no culture of their own and need a good dose of it from another group.

On the flip-side, the people are told that they need a source of cheaper labor to keep the cradle-to-grave system going, so what is needed is a mass-importation of people from Muslim-majority nations. How it is that a system that constantly needs the injection of new people to keep it going does not need to be radically changed is never mentioned. Also left out is the logical conclusion of such a scheme - if a system cannot survive without massive importation of new immigrants, at some point there will be too many retired people and not enough places to live for the next wave of those who would provide a new source of cheap labor.

Well, the cultural part goes this way - Gang-rapes a-plenty of indigenous females, routine street beatings and robberies of indigenous males, demands that concession after concession be made to accommodate the strictures of the religion of the new residents. Their preachers go to all lengths to denigrate the society of the nation that allowed them to move there. They assure everyone that, once their numbers have increased to the necessary levels, that they will make their religion the Law of the nation. When they are really angry, they burn the place, buildings, cars, what-have you. When the firefighters show up, they are shot at, forcing them to go in only with a police escort or not at all. In Malmo, Sweden, the mail cannot even be delivered:

On the economic side, the picture is no prettier - The people who are supposedly brought to generate tax revenue actually wind up costing far more in welfare payments than they contribute in taxes, thus exacerbating the original problem. The crime levels in urban areas in which they live soar so high that the police of these countries - traditionally known for law-abiding people, have to be greatly-augmented, thus adding a further financial burden to the system. When they are really angry, they burn the place,.........

The Media, which functions as an arm of the Left, then go into high gear, assuring us that the problems are a result of poverty, racism, and intolerance in the areas that repeatedly go up in flames. They rush hither and yon, looking for someone to claim that the whole thing was started by cops that apparently must have just walked up and called them names. No one wonders if the cops have had it up to here with having to deal with nonstop violence in their own country.

-From Gates of Vienna:

"It would be an overstatement to assert that Stockholm is on fire. It has not gone that far yet. But in the city’s highly immigrant-affected surrounding suburbs such as Husby, Rinkeby, Fittja, Kista, Södertälje and even Oluf Palme’s favorite enclave Vällingby, we have now seen cars and schools being set on fire for five successive days while the summoned firefighters and police officers have been attacked with stones hundreds of times.........

It is obviously a demonstration of power. The Middle Eastern culture of violence amongst young men has arrived in the most well-meaning part of Scandinavia, where the old media as well as leading politicians are watching in disbelief. What is happening is impossible. But it happens again and again. Even when the media do not report on it......

What we are experiencing these days is that Sweden is still part of Europe, and an integrated part of the demographic, political and social development characterizing the continent proportionally as still more immigrants from especially Muslin countries settle in Western welfare states. The common denominator is conflicts, clashes, crimes, social fraud, so-called ‘honor killings’, massive abuse of women and rape waves. All this is combined with a growing pressure on public finance and the welfare system, since the immigration from non-Western countries costs billions..........."

There is more in the link.

The search bar to the right of the title of this post can be used to access more posts on this subject. "Norway" Sweden", "Malmo", "gang", "rapes", "indigenous", "native" are useful search terms that will bring up several posts each.

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Fla. Lesbian Sex Offender Case - Facts Emerging

This post is a follow-up to the one from 5/21/13 - First link is below:

Added 5/25/13 to the 2/24/13 post-
It hit me this morning - with they way the Left has it set up now, you are allowed no legal recourse if your kid is victimized by a Gay or Lesbian individual. If an 18 year-old boy had done this sick thing, no one would care, but since we have a non-heterosexual involved, this can be used as a tool to wreck society. The authorities and the anguish-wracked parents have to be subjected to constant attacks that will dissuade others from doing the right thing.

That is how the Left uses their invention of Political Correctness to silence any opposition to their agenda or any effort to serve Justice.


Main Post from 5/24/13-

I have to note that both articles from The Blaze greatly disappointed me - doubly so as it normally treats topics well. While the first one was clearly the more subjective, seemingly showing empathy for the older offender, the second one that provides new details still appears to have been written to make us think that we needed more details of the case to understand that what the offender did was wrong and illegal. I don't know if The Blaze staff purposely wrote these articles in that manner as a test to see if we could think for ourselves and see through the demonstrations of rage in support of the offender, or if they did in fact feel as if she was being treated unjustly, but they clearly could have done a better job.

Anyway, the details are good to have.

The victim's parents are clearly not only greatly concerned for what happened to their daughter, but they also - and inexplicably so, gave the offender a chance to back off their kid (After another parent had done the same) instead of going to the cops in the first place:

“Another adult, a mother, came to me and said ‘Ms. Smith you need to know this…we told Miss Hunt to leave your daughter alone. But they are in a relationship, and she’s 18.’ 18? My daughter is only 14.”

When their daughter began acting out, as many teens do, she ran away. Jim called the shock “the worst thing” that he has ever experienced. Assuming that she wouldn’t have willingly fled, the parents initially assumed that someone took her — but that wasn’t the case

After being told to stay away from their daughter, Kate purportedly picked up the 14-year-old. Because the relationship apparently didn’t stop, despite the aforementioned warnings, the Smiths said they had no choice but to turn to the law......

“They made me seem as if I’m a monster,” Laurie said of bloggers’ attacks, noting that she and her husband have turned to the media to get their story out. “That’s why I’m talking to you…The stories that people are saying…I love my daughter and I am willing to do whatever to protect her.”

The most telling part of this story, and one that says the most about the current state of our society,  is the ease which the Ms. Hunt and her parents had in assembling such a horde of solicited and unsolicited support for the offender. A simple case of an adult taking advantage of a child over a year shy of the age of consent has turned into a Cause celebre. Supporters have decided to raise the flag of Gay/Lesbian rights to advocate ignoring the law and to accuse the victim's parents of homophobia. "Stop the Hate, Free Kate" T-shirts have become a uniform of some of the forces that are tearing the fabric of the nation apart.

The offender's mother has been displayed tremendous energy and willingness to employ vitriol - letting no opportunity to slander the victim's parents pass. She also seems to believe herself to be a mind reader:

"[The offender's mother] Smith described the younger girl’s family as “bigoted, religious [zealots]” who believe that being gay is a sin. They seemingly blame Hunt for their daughter’s sexuality and are taking legal action to punish her as a result, she charges. Smith also characterized the family as being out to destroy her daughter’s life."

In addition to promised attacks on the Attorney General/Prosecutor's Office. they have also vowed to attack the school administration that initially (Again inexplicably) was inclined to ignore the crime; not because they failed to do their job in the first place, but because they eventually did move the offender out of the school. 

"Critics are still supporting the Hunt family and speaking out against the law. Hacker group Anonymous is among the chorus of those hoping charges will be dropped. Here’s how they responded, according to the Huffington Post:

Hacktivists from Anonymous have launched Operation Justice4Kaitlyn, announcing their intention to target the school and the Indian River County State Attorney’s Office.

“While in the course of performing your duties we feel that you’ve lost perspective. Tsk, tsk. The truth is, Kaitlyn Hunt is a bright young girl who was involved in a consensual, same-sex relationship while both she and her partner were minors
[Ms. Hunt was 18 during most or all of that period].

“She has a big future ahead of her and there are people, thousands of people in fact, that have no intention of allowing you to ruin it with your rotten selective enforcement.

“Intolerance has been the curse of this country since its inception. Frankly, we’re sick of it. Specifically, we’re sick of paying the salaries of people like you......"

So far the authorities, although they have (Shamefully) offered the offender a soft deal on sentencing (One that Ms. Hunt has so far refused), held firm to their intention to continue prosecuting Ms. Hunt.

"If this was an 18-year-old male and that was a 14-year-old girl, it would have been prosecuted the same way,” Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said, according to WPBF-TV.

And Bruce Colton, state attorney for Florida’s 19th circuit, mirrored these sentiments, WUSA-TVreports. According to Florida law, anyone who engages in sexual activity with an individual between the ages of 12 and 16 is involved in the crime of “lewd and lascivious battery.” Authorities have no plans to drop charges based on public outcry.

The idea is to protect people in that vulnerable group from people who are older, 18 and above,” Colton said. “The statute specifically says that consent is not a defense.”

The state attorney went on note that maturity differences are important. In this case, it was the difference between a high school senior and a freshman, a distinction and age difference that is, in his view, important to legislate and protect. As it stands, Hunt is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years of age."

If the mob that the Left routinely marshals in its efforts to undermine the country is successful in stopping the prosecution, or if it has an effect on the judge or jury, the already-leaking floodgates will have been smashed to pieces.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Islam Incompatible With Western Societies

Even though he was a Briton and thus pre-Anglo-Saxon, King Arthur must be quaking with anger. At least his foes at Mount Badon acted with honor and fought armed men.

-Before we get started, let's make sure we know who was brutally murdered and beheaded:

In his Bearskin hat and impeccable uniform, Lee Rigby looked every bit the soldier of Britain that he was.

-And this is he who did it:

The video is very graphic.

-This is what a friend of the murderer said about his fellow Muslim:

"Abu Baraa, a friend of the killer Adebolajo, called him a "very caring, very concerning" man who "just wanted to help everybody". He told CNN: "I wasn't surprised that it happened... Britain is only responsible, the government, and I believe all of us, as a public, we are responsible. We should condemn ourselves, why we did not do enough to stop these wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan."

He added that Adebolajo had been "very vocal" about his feelings that Muslims overseas were being oppressed."

Yes, you read that correctly. It is time for self-examination of our society for the crimes we are committing against Islam. The murder is not at fault - we are.

-Yet another voice of support; this time from a soldier of Allah in Norway:

"...In Norway, the controversial Oslo resident Arslan Maroof Hussain (27) , better known as “Ubaydullah Hussain”, has applauded the brutal murder. Last night he wrote on his Facebook profile:

“Wonderful news from England. A terrorist pig from the British army has been slaughtered by our brave brothers. Allahu Akhbar!

“May Allah SWT reward their actions and intentions and humiliate the enemies of Islam in the worst possible way.”...."

-The English Defence League has  made it clear that they are fed up with the coddling of violent criminals who, due to their adherence to a socio-political religious system, will not integrate but will rather identity with the cause of Islam before that of the nation in which they are graciously allowed to become citizens. The old Lion may finally be awakening

Note that the EDL has, despite the bad press they receive, been very peaceful and has been the victim of violent attacks by Leftist thugs such as those of the euphemistically named Anti-Fascist Action (AFA). The Press then generally blames the EDL and portrays them as the initiators of the violence..

"Scores of supporters of the English Defence League threw bottles at police and chanted anti-Muslim slogans in Woolwich hours after the murder of one man and the shooting of his two suspected assailants.

About 100 men, including some wearing balaclavas printed with "EDL", engaged in running battles with police for less than an hour.

A police commander said officers cited section 60 of the Public Order Act, which allowed them to stop and search individuals within a specific area without evidence of a crime being committed.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said: "They're chopping our soldiers' heads off. This is Islam. That's what we've seen today. They've cut off one of our army's heads off on the streets of London.

"Our next generation are being taught through schools that Islam is areligion of peace. It's not. It never has been. What you saw today is Islam. Everyone's had enough. There has to be a reaction, for the government to listen, for the police to listen, to understand how angry this British public are."
-Prime Minster David Cameron offered a solution to the violence:
"Woolwich Attack: Troops Advised Not to Wear Uniform Outside Bases

Commanders have advised troops not to wear uniform travelling to and from work or outside bases following the brutal killing of a member of the military close to Woolwich barracks.

Defence sources said the order had been given that uniform should not be worn by those travelling alone, or on public transport as a “common sense precaution” immediately after the killing

A source stressed the order was temporary while investigations into the killing carried on and the decision would be reviewed in the next few days....."

Besides the sick and cowardly logic of telling murderous beasts that we should hide from them, I don't think that Lee Rigby was even wearing a uniform when he was murdered.

-Michelle Malkin showed that she has more guts than the guy that resides at 10 Downing Street:

This is our world today. We fight terrorism, and those who follow the same religion as those who perpetrated  9/11 (And the first WTC bombing), the Madrid and London Bombings, rape gangs of indigenous European girls, numerous and exceptionally violent riots, assorted murders of those who speak truthfully of that religion, etc., decide that they should fight for Islam in the Western nations into which they have immigrated.

I will emphatically state that I know of many good Muslims whom I would defend with my life against any attacker. Having truthfully noted that, I will go on to say that Islam is completely incompatible with Western Societies. Once the amount of Muslims in a nation grows to a point in which they are no longer a tiny minority, violence and the inherent attitudes towards non-Muslims can no longer be contained. In such a situation, kind-hearted and moderate Muslims will have no choice but to join in with the violence or keep their mouths shut.

A reading of the Koran will show that Islam is almost solely spread by warfare (Indonesia is the only country that comes to mind as an historical exception). The same book even gives instructions on the sending of emissaries to a neighboring non-Muslims nation with the invitation to follow the Religion of Peace and - that overture failing, to promptly invade and subjugate the recalcitrant people, taking their property, females, and whatever else that may be desired.

No nation in history has ever absorbed a considerable amount of Muslims and has survived intact, or at all. Even countries that were once conquered by Islam and then retaken by Christendom, such as Spain, Portugal, and Sicily, eventually were obliged to require that the Muslims residents drop their pagan-Arabian religion dressed up as one of a Judeo-Christian type or leave altogether. India is a mess, even after the partition following British rule. As Samuel Huntington noted in The Clash of Civilizations, only a tiny fraction of conflicts referred to as ethnic or cultural tensions do not contain at least one side that does not follow Islam. Contrary to what we have been told, the big-time terrorists are, far from having been mired in poverty, usually from middle and upper-middle-class families and have college-degrees.

While Western feminists work overtime to put men down and tell them how worthless they are, they turn a blind eye to their sisters who languish in a system borne in the deserts of Arabia.

In Germany, there are elementary schools in which the indigenous Germans are a very small minority. Ethnic German students are subjected to abuse and taunts of "pork gobblers". Female teachers of older grades are confronted by male Muslim students who revel in acting in an intimidating manner towards young, non-Muslim women.

For those who still cling to the idea that we will somehow be able to integrate large number of Muslims into Western societies without terribly violent consequences or the darkness of  full-blown Sharia, I offer the following essay:

The prelude is long but quite necessary to properly set the stage for the outcome.

Rest in Peace, Lee.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS Official Refuses to Testify - How to Force Testimony

-From second link:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — At the center of a political storm, an Internal Revenue Service supervisor whose agents targeted conservative groups swore Wednesday she did nothing wrong, broke no laws and never lied to Congress. Then she refused to answer lawmakers' further questions, citing her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself.

In one of the most electric moments since the IRS controversy erupted nearly two weeks ago, Lois Lerner unwaveringly — but briefly — defended herself before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. But she would say no more, citing legal advice in the face of a federal investigation......."

"Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

-The meaning of the right to refuse to testify against oneself is clear; the full burden of proof rests in the hands of the State. It is not, contrary to Ms. Lerner's claim, meant to protect the innocent from being convicted - our court systems exist for that noble purpose. If a person stands accused, he can choose to refrain from testifying and the judge will inform the jury that they cannot consider the choice to remain silent as a factor in determining guilt. In the case of an investigative process, such as a Grand Jury or Congressional hearing, the witness (In this case the witness would not have been accused) can choose to cite his Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to answer questions if he believes that a truthful answer would provide information that could later be used as evidence of his guilt.

It does not mean, however, that a witness can flat-out refuse to answer questions, which is exactly what Lois Lerner did. One also cannot answer a question, which is effectively what she did when she stated that she had done nothing wrong (Regardless of whether or not any question had even been asked yet) and then refuse to answer any further questions. By stating on the record that she had done nothing wrong, she testified. 

If you are summoned to appear and testify, you must sit in that chair and wade through every question until the end, either answering or refusing to answer particular questions by citing your right each time. 

Note that Ms. Lerner heads the IRS unit that handles requests for tax- exempt status of  not-for-profit groups.

Where do the Congressional members who are conducting this investigation go now? 

Although Ms. Lerner's actions clearly constitute a refusal to testify, and warrant at least a charge of Contempt of Congress, I have a better idea - and it comes from the good ol' days when we actually recognized the threat from the Left.

Before we cowered from libelous attacks by the media and let the problem fester rather than rooting it out, our nation investigated the level of Communist activities in the country. Many witnesses or potential witnesses were understandably reluctant to testify before Congress, so those whom were believed have valuable knowledge of Communist activities, especially that of the prime movers of the threat, were legally ordered to testify. 

The trick was that they were first granted immunity from any future prosecution in that matter, thus negating any reason or right to cite the Fifth Amendment if one chose to refuse to answer questions.

I hold that Ms. Lerner should be the first beneficiary of the grant of full immunity from Criminal, Administrative, and Civil actions for her testimony. Any further refusal to answer will be grounds for whatever penalties that the law allows. Once then-loose-lips-Lerner is finished, Congress can choose their next witness, who will also be guaranteed the same immunity. 

This can continue until we find out who knew and ordered what. Once we get where I think we will, Obama can cite Executive Privilege and we can go from there.

We can't let Lois Lerner get away with what she did. It was not only a blatant obstruction of Justice, it was a thumbing of the nose at our Nation and its legislative body.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lesbians - Incapable of Statutory Rape?

Well, one individual who was being made the fall guy for Benghazi is now speaking out. He is tad bit upset that he was put on track for a probable termination even though he says that he had nothing to do with decisions for security or emergency response for the embassy.


This one is just precious.

An 18 year-old high school student has a sexual relationship with a student that had not reached the minimum age of consent (For sex with an adult) in Florida. When the parents of the victim find out, they sought to have charges filed against the older student, who was arrested and is in the process of dealing with the charges in the courts.

While our kids are being told to go crazy with sexual relationships and forget about any consequences, this type of event is occurring more often, but the law is in place for a reason. 14 year-olds are in no way ready for sex, especially with one that is legally an adult.

-Except apparently, when both persons involved are females.

"Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, had her entire life before her. Graduation. College. Job prospects. The high school senior was just preparing to start her life when she found herself expelled and slapped with criminal charges over her engagement in a same-sex relationship. And what started as a relationship between two young women has snowballed into a legal battle that could land Hunt in prison.

The story has many twists, turns and oddities. And so far, only one side — that of Hunt family — is being told. The high school senior apparently met her girlfriend, who is now 15-years-old, on the school basketball team at Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida; the two began dating at the beginning of the school year........."

You have to read the article to really get this. All of the it's not (Usually - his) fault excuses are there.

-It was consensual.

-The younger student (Read Victim) looked much older.

-The older student was a model student and athlete had so much of her life ahead of her and it's all being ruined.

The one twist to the usual litany of excuses is that the only reason that this is being done is because the sexual relationship was of the same-sex type.

My son is a high school junior. Although I would have done so if I felt it was needed, I never told him verbatim that he could not date girls much younger than he. Possibly from hearing me speak about such things in general  or maybe just due to having common sense and empathy for younger and more impressionable people, he just figured it out on his own.

Apparently no such act of upbringing or plain thinking was a part of Ms. Hunt's home life or mindset.

Were the parents of the victim (Consensual or not, she is a victim) maybe 20% more upset that the relationship was of the lesbian type than if the perpetrator had been a male? OK, fine, but laws are on the books in cases like these to prevent older people (No matter what gender) from taking advantage of younger people, so the parents of the victim have every right to fight to ensure that these charges don't get dropped or watered down to the point of being worthless. They do not need to make arguments is defense of their feelings or outrage. Criminal laws - so far, do not have same-sex exceptions.

I won't even dwell on the fact that a 14 year-old, besides being inherently unready for sex, is often confused about sexuality and should be free from being courted for Homosexual/Lesbian acts, particularly when the other person is an adult.

Liberals no doubt are championing MS. Hint's cause as what they ultimately want is for all restrictions, laws, and concepts of right and wrong abolished.

I will bet my bottom dollar that NAMBLA is watching this case with baited breath.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's/Father's Day Ends in School

High school game, short interview for my youngest, then car trouble, so this is a very brief post.

OK, when will it be enough for you?

Easter for the most part went out when I was a kid. Christmas is hanging on by a thread. Fundamentalists engage in their annual anti-Halloween campaigns. First graders learn one and only one thing about George Washington - that he owned slaves (My youngest was the first one to inform me that this was the only thing that he knew about the Father of Our Nation).

There are of course more, but you had to know that this one was coming:

Honor thy Father and thy Mother no longer in school - We have to provide for same-sex couples and can't let anyone feel as if he or she is missing anything.

"An elementary school in Nova Scotia has made a curious decision to cancel Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations and to, instead, replace them with a more benign “Family Day” commemoration. The full name of the holiday the school has chosen to observe is the International Day of Families, an annual event that is recognized by the United Nations (it falls on May 15).

Astral Drive Elementary School has caught the ire of some parents, though, who see the change in celebration as unneeded and over-the-top. While the change has been on the books for a few years, it’s just now gaining media attention.

The UN Family Day is more than creepy. It looks like Agenda 21 and the Final Solution for families all wrapped up in one.

The U.N. has more about this intriguing holiday:

The International Day of Families is observed on the 15th of May every year. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237 and reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. The International Day provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic [Catch that one? Families should be smaller, no doubt] processes affecting families.

In its resolution, the General Assembly also noted that the family-related provisions of the outcomes of the major United Nations conferences and summits of the 1990s and [The following is just droll] their follow-up processes continue to provide policy guidance on ways to strengthen family-centred components of policies and programmes as part of an integrated comprehensive approach to development. [What the hell is that supposed to mean?*]

*With the influence of the Left in Academia came the never-ending deluge of nonsensical descriptions that would make Alexander Haig look like a blunt speaker. (Note that Haig also has spoken as an advocate of Agenda 21 and related schemes - but that is for another post)

The International Day of Families has inspired a series of awareness-raising events, including national family days. In many countries, that day provides an opportunity to highlight different areas of interest and importance to families. Activities include workshops and conferences, radio and television programmes, newspaper articles and cultural programmes highlighting relevant themes..........."

So instead of making something nice for your Mom or another female family member like Grandma or Aunt Gertrude, our kids get workshops, propaganda on smaller families (As if the Western world is not already  facing a major crisis of declining birth rates), teachings about fake marriages, etc.

As I wrote in the beginning, I have no time tonight.

At what point will you have had enough?