Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ron Paul Drops the F-Word... Fascism

Ron Paul took a big step and used the word Fascism to describe the path on which the US is headed. This is not to suggest that he is the first person to see the similarities between that political system and current tends in the US but that he is the first major candidate to do so.

Fascism has been a hip-pocket term used by the Left since the end of WWII. It is kept at the ready to throw at any individual who dares to question or protest the steady move of Western societies to the Left. They have done all that they can to redefine the term to cause it to mean those who are strongly opposed to Marxism. It has been given a secondary but insidiously-related purpose meaning of, or equating to, racism. This is employed to keep non-Marxists on the defensive as racism is the crime of the modern era. Non-whites tend to comprise a disproportionate amount of those kept in bondage by the Left and are consequently used as political weapons against free people of all ethnic groups and free-market societies. When a non-Marxist speaks out about the decline in work ethic, senses of entitlement, welfare-type payments, etc., he can then be labeled as a Fascist.

The fabricated double-meanings have been long employed to demonize all who stand for freedom, private property and the right to stand for cultural values derived from Western Civilization. Those at whom this epithet is hurled tend to stand against Marxist-related trends, mass-immigration  that is employed to dilute the cultural identities of people and therefore pave the way for a faceless, socialist society, and the continued attacks on the concept of rights to property.

I say fabricated because Fascism has never been a political concept of the Right. Fascism is a Leftist system, one of many. Communism, Socialism, Maoism, and Fascism and the various blends of these and others are all derived from the Leftist end of the political spectrum. Below is just one source that treats his issue:

Fascism's main concepts are to create a very strong centralized government, maintain an alliance between that and industrialists, corporate interests, and other conglomerates and to rigidly organize the people. It is designed to reduce the freedom and political influence of the individual by continuous governmental control and propaganda and to remove the small to middle-level businessperson from the picture. Keeping everyone in large groups is more manageable and can pave the way for an eventual shift into a Marxist society. This was a stated purpose of many early Marxists. They saw that Western societies were not ready to engage in revolutionary activity. They needed a concept that could create a halfway point that would start the eventual move to Marxism without having to work to stir the masses into full-scale revolts.

I personnaly believe that Obama is more of a Fascist that a Socialist or full-scale Marxist. Obama seems perfectly content with partnering up with the biggest of businesses as long as they walk the chalk lines that he draws. He also has created a system of new laws and regulations that appear to be custom-designed to eliminate small to middling businesses.

Does anyone recall his comment about need of the nation for a Civilian Security Force? The Mainstream Media ignored that comment like a bad joke at a funeral, but man, did it smack of a Fascist outlook or what?

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security forcethat's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

The concept of having such a force that is even a tenth of the size of the military in scope looks very much to me like Mussolini's Blackshirts or Hitler's SA/Brownshirts. Note that Hitler headed the National Socialist Party. His radical and terrible racist ideology was brought in to the structure of a Socialist party. It engaged in strict governmental alliances with and regulation of industry in Germany. His was not a right-wing movement.

Ron Paul was brave to come out and say  what he said. We are on the road to Fascism.

As a last note, the Left has expended tremendous amounts of energy in attempts to solidify their redefining of fascism to indicate a system that is inherently racist or tribalist. I would strongly recommend that anyone who desires to research the origins of fascism do just that- look for sources that describe the origins of the movement. Fascism began as and still is an ideology of the Left. It is not what post WWII Leftists painted over it to make it look like.

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