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Ethnic Swedes in Ukraine Prohibited From Emigrating to Sweden

I did not post last night as we have to make a family trip to the hospital  Not that this was the original purpose of our trip; that was to go to my sister's house for her birthday. Stopping  behind another car that has stopped at an intersection in order to let an ambulance, which had come on  fairly quickly, we were struck quite hard from behind by a vehicle whose driver was probably not focusing well on the road. Two of our family needed x-rays, one of those also needed an MRI. So far, everything looks OK, considering that the car was wrecked, but our 16 year-old son's neck and head still hurts pretty badly. He had, after hitting the back of his head on the rear seat rest, promptly hit the rear of the front seat rest right after that - this despite the fact that he was wearily his seatbelt. To his credit, he he never let go of the cake, which was almost perfectly intact. Huzzah to the young man and the Cake Boss, the maker of the cake.
If this is not the most blatant example of the Left to dilute the demographics electorates of Western Europe, then I don't know what is.

Groups of Europeans often moved to other regions of Europe to find work or to otherwise settle. Miners from Saxony, for instance, moved to the Balkans centuries ago to ply their trade and remain there today as a diminished but distinct minority.

From what I gathered from the post in Gates of Vienna, these Swedes started out in Estonia, probably as a result of the Swedish colonization of the Baltic regions. By 1781, they were made to move to the Ukraine at the order of Catherine the Great. Although the Swedish threat to Russia died with the failed expedition of Charles XII in the beginning of the 18th century, the Russian leadership likely felt that they would be better off without a people of possible loyalties to the old homeland living so close to their kin.

Well, a number of these Swedes, having made it through over two hundred years in their Ukrainian home, including the decades of the USSR, have applied to return to Sweden. Sounds like a slam-dunk decision, right?

Actually, their applications were rejected.

Even though they have maintained their Swedish identity and some still speak Swedish, they were not considered appropriate candidates for moving to Sweden.

I am not sure, but it may be that, unlike the bulk of those whose applications do get approved, these Swedes did not demonstrate enough of a predisposition to commit violent crimes and various forms of fraud.

Better to bring in gang-raping Somalis than law-abiding Swedes.

Note that those responsible for the decision to reject the ethnic Swedes are the same ones who labor without pause to bring in as many immigrants from Muslim-majority nations as possible.

The answer must be that it was in fact their very identity as Swedes that was the cause of their rejection. Like many nations of Western Europe, the Leftists who run the Multicultural- inspired programs do so in order to dilute the demographics and electorates of these nations. Even bringing a few thousand ethnic Swedes back to their ancestral home would run counter to their plans. The intelligentsia who make the decisions would much rather import tons of illiterate, unskilled, and Muslim people - that's how you break a nation, not by bolstering the amount of people germane to that nation.

One must also hold that, having lived through the stagnation and oppression of the USSR, these Swedes can attest to the fact that Marxism does not work. Having on hand a bunch of new additions to Sweden who can pass the word about the realities of Marxism would not be appealing to the Swedish Left.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Liberal Europeans Want to Bring us Down to Their Level

With all apologies for Western Europeans who care about their culture and identity.

The elite of Western Europe, and those who consider themselves such, have long looked upon Americans as ignorant, over-religious, rustic provincials.

I get the impression that many of them see in Americans what they once were but abandoned a long time ago. What was more obvious than the continual references to GW Bush as "The cowboy". Although these were clearly intended to deride Bush, they betrayed a sense of envy. A cowboy represents a manly,  confident, individualistic person who will not shrink from a fight. He normally will not start a fight but will certainly end one.

For the record, Bush did not impress me either.

The article linked at top, with hat tip to Gates of Vienna, treats the shameful amount of support that Obama has among Western Europeans. On that subject, I offer my coma scenario - If I awoke from a four-year coma the day before a presidential election and had no time to research the issues and the candidates  I would  have no choice but to read Italian and French newspaper editorials, find out who they supported, and cast my vote for the other candidate.

- I estimate that your chance of making the correct choice for a candidate would be 98.7% if that method is employed.

What bothers me more than what Europeans say about our government figures is the admiration that many Americans have for the ultra liberal of Western Europe. To provide one example, one of the employees that worked in my section, who sadly is only four years younger than I (meaning that I would expect him to know better), had began with one of his very liberal political talks. I was the supervisor, so the rules obviously put me in a corner as I did not want to be accused of misusing my position. At one point, when he was realizing that his argument was failing, he noted that "Most Europeans wanted Gore to win the election". (He had honeymooned in Italy and was apparently quite impressed by their political views)

My response was that that very fact indicated that we should support whoever opposed Gore. I added that Western European societies too are facing terrible difficulties and, even worse, that their culture is collapsing as we speak. In support, I mentioned the wholesale walking away from their religious beliefs and traditions, the welfare state that we are trying to emulate, and the breakdown of the family.

For the record again, I do hold that their is a honorable subset of Western Europeans who fight tooth and nail to save Western Culture, but I needed to concentrate on his attraction to the forces that are tearing Western Europe apart.

The linked article is a good read. It notes plainly that Americans (At least the ones who want to avoid or stave off our decline) don't care what people in other countries want in an American leader.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texas Attorney General Warns UN Observers of Criminal Prosecutions in Election

Not only is this encouraging on its own, but the howling from the Left is even better.
If you cut and paste the title and name below in Google search, your results will be the Huffington Post, Think Progress, and NPR, just to name three:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

-From The Blaze.
 Bolding is added:

"Don’t mess with Texas elections.

That’s the double-down message Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott delivered Thursday to poll watchers affiliated with United Nations who want to come and observe voting on Election Day.

The squabble started after Abbott wrote to the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, threatening to prosecute any of its members who come near a polling location.

“The OSCE may be entitled to its opinions about Voter ID laws, but your opinion is legally irrelevant in the United States, where the Supreme Court has already determined that Voter ID laws are constitutional,” Abbott wrote.

Abbott concluded his letter by adding that the Texas Election Code governs all election participants and that OSCE officials are not authorized to enter a polling place. He said it “may be a criminal offense for OSCE’s representatives to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance.”

“Failure to comply with these requirements could subject the OSCE’s representatives to criminal prosecution for violating state law,” Abbott wrote.
The OSCE wants to go to Texas this year, like it has to poll locations across the U.S. since 2002.

The group calls Abbott’s threat “unacceptable” in a letter to the State Department. Abbott on Thursday tweeted his response: “BRING IT"

These people are the trash of Europe. It is they who are running Western Europe into the ground and chafe at the thought of any nation going in a political direction contrary to what they desire for us.

While they target their own people for demographic and political impotence, they pretend to be under the impression that the US needs supervision in our voting processes. Voter ID laws, which threaten voter fraud  are being presented as tools of oppression.

This is what we need from free and sovereign US states - make it painfully clear that they will not be subject to UN oversight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Revised: Freedom of Speech Grossly Suppressed in UK

Revision 10/28/12
Stephen Lennon was arrested for allegedly trying to enter the US illegally. If he did so, then obviously he has to be punished. The fact that he has been held without bail is another matter, If they are concerned that he will flee the country, have the bloke hand over his passport and have him post a bond of a considerable amount. My take is that his treatment and continued incarceration pending possible extradition to the US is at least in part to the desire to suppress the freedom of speech in the UK.
The nation from which we drew so much of our culture and inspiration, indeed, our very foundations, is itself no longer a free nation.

Two things are basic necessities for Liberty to reign; these are the right to property and that of free speech.
Concerning the latter, freedom of speech has been greatly curtailed in the UK. People are being arrested for speaking their minds, particularly when they address the threat that Islam poses to Western nations.

Below are links to two different but quite related events. The first is the arrest of Stephen Lennon, who uses the name Tommy Robinson for his work with the terribly unfairly maligned English Defence League. The second is an embedded video of an interview with an individual who uses the nom de plume Seneca III. In this video, the argument is made that the West is in the middle of an interregnum. The term derives from ancient Rome, specifically from the pre-Republican era. During the period between one King and the accession of another, an interrex was appointed to handle affairs until the kingship could be sorted out. Seneca III notes that the West is right at the cusp of either a downfall or a rebirth.

In my words, the West has had falls and rebirths before, but this time there are no new vigorous Western peoples to arrive on scene to start over.The only group in Europe currently displaying any vigor is that of the Muslims, who are steadily changing the demographics and by extension the electorates of Western Europe.

Seneca II notes that Islam is a theocratic political system based on slavery. Even a Muslim will admit that Allah is not a father but a slave master, with even his most devoted followers being nothing but slaves. His video is short and well worth the time.

Seneca III

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cincinnatus on Government Becoming the Master

Cincinnatus is a contributor to this site. The following is his insight on our decline and where we need to start to fix it. It goes well with yesterday's post.

When one truly contemplates what our society has become over the last 250 years, one becomes horrified at the fact that a very large portion of the population either refuses to see or is willing to have government (i.e., the politicians) become the master of the people. The public educational system (which by its very structure fosters the ever expanding government over individual rights and responsibility) and the 4th estate [For the Leftist, the Middle Class is the 4th estate and therefore is against the Marxist order], which is no longer independent (due to the educational system) are responsible for the decay of the people and democracy. 

For any democracy to survive these two pillars of society must be free of political influence (i.e., the politician). Correct the first pillar and this will eventually correct the second. Good and honest government (i.e., politicians) can only occur when the watch dog of the people and democracy (the 4th estate) is fair, honest, virtuous, vigilant, independent, and professional.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Left Assigns Lower Education Goals for Blacks

This is not the first time that we have seen this. The Left, needing a base of helpless voters, has every intention of keeping a large segment of our populace in a status of second-class citizen.

The post linked at top does a good job of delving into the background of the support for the new education rules in Florida. These are apologetically designed to ensure that blacks will comprise the greatest amount of illiterates.

Here is another from Lloyd Marcus:

"Frustratingly, many blacks still will not "get-it". They will interpret the Democrats' claim that blacks are too stupid to find their way to acquire a photo ID to vote as the Dems looking out for them. While in reality, Republicans who fight the Dems' absurd claim are the ones respectfully treating blacks as equal Americans. For crying out loud, black America, wake up!

Meanwhile, down in Tampa, the school board's new educational goal is by 2018 to have 92% of Asian students read at or above grade levels. The goal is lower for other groups: 86% whites, 80% Hispanics, and 74% blacks. The message is clear. The liberal school board, which I bet a dollar to a doughnut comprises mostly Democrats, does not think blacks can cut the mustard....."

This is a travesty and and a crime.

These older posts describe the Leftist background behind the enforced illiteracy in schools:

From the American Thinker link:

[Note that the article should be read in its entirety. The writer has his own website which contains a tremendous amount of resources and information concerning the strategic dumbing down of the US. ]

"........One bit of history strikes me forcefully in this context. When the Progressives in this country took control of public education, fighting under the banner of John Dewey's socialist ideas, you might have expected -- or hoped -- that they would use their new power to lift the lower classes to some higher place. They did not.

They had power by the 1930s, and their first big move was to throw phonics out and introduce Whole Word, which requires children to memorize words as diagrams. It seems to me a particularly revealing move. From that time forward, our public schools have churned out more than 50 million functional illiterates. We have one million dyslexics, with some estimates much higher. We have a vast decline in culture, in general knowledge, and in ordinary common sense. (If people still have any of that, it's arguably because they are constantly interacting with movies and TV; most of this so-called entertainment is more sophisticated than most of the so-called education served up in our public schools.)

And all this decline was accomplished by a simple device: our collectivist educators, having climbed their way to the top, refused to let the peasants learn to read.

To me, it's shocking. But there's little doubt that that is what happened, and it is confirmation of George Orwell's cynicism. He said that the Middle, when they got power, would never give the suckers an even break. That's what we have seen in the public schools of our country for the last 80 years. What the Low get is dumbing down and illiteracy.

The reason for using Whole Word never seemed to have anything to do with helping the Low. A cursory look at literacy statistics proves that this method is a bust and generally hurts the slower students most. The real agenda always seemed to be making sure that the Low stay low, and in creating an economic and cultural disaster zone where the Middle can sign up new recruits and continue their assault on the High. Indeed, the Middle use their control of education primarily to wean the Low away from supporting the High. Education today is a war of propaganda against the status quo, until the High give up. Isn't this what we are seeing?

The Education Establishment pushed Look-say, Sight Words, Whole Language, and Balanced Literacy (all these are the same thing under different names) in an endless rolling barrage unlike anything seen since the trench warfare of World War I. Phonics had to be obliterated. Whole Word had to be enforced, by whatever claims, weird jargon, repackaging, and outright lies were necessary.

So here we are in 2012, and children are still forced to memorize their Dolch words in first grade. What are Dolch words? They are the more common words, named after Edward Dolch, one of the pioneers of Whole Word. Although language and jargon have been changed, the essential gimmick does not change. Kids were made to memorize sight-words in 1935, and they are made to do the same today.

Children still end up reading less fluently, knowing less, and making for a less educated, less independent people.

So I propose that reading theory -- perhaps I should say false reading theory -- provides a miniature diorama of George Orwell's analysis. Our Middle are Socialists, and once they were on the move circa 1931, they showed, at least in education, their true colors. I think it's fair to say that Obama and his far-left friends would like to move to the top. Obviously, this is bad news for the High. But this essay is about the Low. The warning is clear. The Low should not be so foolish as to expect much of anything. The people at the bottom will be kept there, ignorant, on welfare, and for sure hardly literate.

In short, the peasants never get an even break.

In 1911, G. Stanley Hall, one of John Dewey's mentors, went so far as to extol illiteracy: "It is possible, despite the stigma our bepedagogued age puts upon this disability, for those who are under it not only to lead a useful, happy, virtuous life, but to be really well-educated in many other ways."

And so we see that in reading -- theory, methods, and results -- we can read the contempt of Socialists.

Is there any hope? Only if the entire society rejects the blandishments of our Education Establishment. Personally, I think it's correct to conclude that nothing they endorse can lead to education, if they can help it, nor to literacy. All the phonics experts say they can teach virtually every child to read in the first grade. That's what we need. Anything less concedes the battlefield to our ruthless, on-the-march Middle."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Native American Saint - Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri Tekakwitha will no longer be referred to just her name, nor by the term "Blessed". From today on she will be known as Saint Kateri Tekakwitha.

The Catholic Church does not dish out Canonization willy-nilly. There is a specific procedure by which claims of a miracle attributed to a particular not-yet Beatified or Beatified individual are investigated prior to their acceptance by the Church.

The Catholic Church gets hits both ways when a miracle is considered. One side will beat up the Church for believing in them, and others will accuse the Church of being too clinical in subjecting a claim to an investigation.

I strongly believe that those who have passed on and are with God can intercede for those still living. In the Book of Revelation, for one passage, Chapter 5 verse 8 clearly mentions Elders offering incense which is explained as representing the prayers of the saints. In this case, the term Saints seems to be applied in the broadest* sense to mean the believers, but the Elders are also clearly in Heaven and are praying interceding for others. Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, normally preferring to avoid the effort of assigning a new meaning to such verses, will generally ignore them.

 If (Only for the sake of argument), we do not consider one's faith but only look at the facts as they can be viewed by an impartial person, far too many accounts of inexplicable healings and recoveries confront us to deny them. The radically irreligious seem bent on dismissing these accounts outright rather than dropping their guard for even a few minutes.

When multiple physicians, for one example, throw up their hands and state that they can find no explanation at all for a healing, and others refuse to even consider the possibility of a miracle, my stomach turns over. This due to both their knee-jerk reaction to anything related to faith and to their basic lack of intellectual curiosity.

I am also happy that Native American, many of whom have gone quite far back to their pre-Christian beliefs, now have one of their own among the list of Saints recognized by the Church.

-May she be the first of many.

*The Greek word Ecclesia, meaning Church, also has several meanings  The context in which the word is most commonly used is for indicating the Church as an organized body.

"Jake Finkbonner was so close to death after flesh-eating bacteria infected him through a cut on his lip that his parents had last rites performed and were discussing donating the 5-year-old's tiny organs.

Jake's 2006 cure from the infection was deemed medically inexplicable by the Vatican, the "miracle" needed to propel a 17th century Native American, Kateri Tekakwitha, on to sainthood. Kateri will be canonized on Sunday along with six other people, the first Native American to receive the honor.

Jake is fully convinced, as is the church, that the prayers his family and community offered to Kateri, including the placement of a relic of the soon-to-be saint on Jake's leg, were responsible for his survival.

Jake, now 12 and an avid basketball player and cross-country runner, will be present at the canonization, along with hundreds of members of his own Lummi tribe from northwest Washington state and reservations across the U.S. and Canada who have converged on Rome to honor one of their own. It's a ceremony the Catholic Church hopes will encourage Native Americans to keep to their Christian faith amid continued resentment among some that Catholicism was imposed on them by colonial-era missionaries centuries ago.

"I believe everybody has a purpose on this earth," Jake's mother Elsa Finkbonner said this week soon after the family arrived in Rome for the ceremony. "I think this Sunday Jake will define his purpose, and that's to make Kateri a saint."

Jake, a poised, lanky kid who just got his braces off, seems perfectly at ease with his role in the whole thing, gracious and grateful to the doctors who performed 29 surgeries to save his life and reconstruct his face.

"It's a really special thing," Jake told The Associated Press, flanked by his parents on a hotel terrace sofa. "We've never been to Rome, and especially meeting the pope? It'll be an experience of a lifetime."

Besides Kateri, Pope Benedict XVI will declare another American a saint Sunday, Mother Marianne Cope, a 19th century Franciscan nun from Utica, New York -- near where Kateri lived two centuries earlier -- who cared for lepers exiled to Hawaii's Kalaupapa Peninsula. Another new saint is Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino teenager who was killed in 1672 along with his Jesuit missionary priest by natives resisting their conversion efforts.

The Catholic Church creates saints to hold up models for the faithful, convinced that their lives -- even lived hundreds of years ago -- are still relevant to today's Catholics. The complicated saint-making procedure requires that the Vatican certify a "miracle" was performed through the intercession of the candidate -- a medically inexplicable cure that can be directly linked to the prayers offered by the faithful. One miracle is needed for beatification, a second for canonization.

In Jake's case, Kateri was already an important figure for Catholics in the Lummi tribe, of which his father Donny is a member. A carved wooden statue sits in the church on the Lummi reservation near Bellingham, Washington, 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of the Canadian border, where Jake's grandparents worshipped and where Donny remembers being told of Kateri's story as a child.

Known as the "Lily of the Mohawks," Kateri was born in 1656 to a pagan Iroquois father and an Algonquin Christian mother in what is today upstate New York. Her parents and only brother died when she was 4 during a smallpox epidemic that left her badly scarred and with impaired eyesight. She went to live with her uncle, a Mohawk, and was baptized Catholic by Jesuit missionaries. But she was ostracized and persecuted by other natives for her faith, and she died in Canada when she was 24....."

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Switzerland Preparing to Defend Borders in Event of Economic Collapse in Europe

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The Swiss are not taking for granted that the rest of Europe, particularly the southern nations, will be able to make it through the financial crisis without some sort of a collapse.

The Left is strong on the assertion that "anyone has a right to live anywhere he or she chooses". Websites with names such as *"Abolish Foreignness" join in with the same people who seek to ** abolish grades in an attempt to slowly erode the abilities and prosperity of the people of Western Nations. Not that this is their stated intent, indeed they claim that everyone will benefit equally from the reduction of learning and the packing of developed nations with enough people to completely change the electorate. Let's not forget the necessary task of drastically reducing the wealth of a nation and its people that can only be remedied by mass and unchecked immigration.


The Swiss army is no joke. They place a tremendous emphasis on individual marksmanship, and the soldiers can respond to predetermined or makeshift locations from their homes as their issued weapons/individual  equipment are kept at their homes.

An anecdote from the late 19th century will serve to illustrate the Swiss mindset. A German general from the unified Germany created by Bismark was in Switzerland to review their training. At one point, the German asks how many soldiers he can deploy in the event of a war.

The Swiss general says he can field a million men.
The German says, “What if we invade with 5 million men?”
The Swiss general laconically responds, “All my men will fire five shots and then go home.”

The Swiss are rightly concerned that, in the event of an economic collapse and the ensuing flight of people out of the bankrupt and chaos-ridden nations, the prosperity of Switzerland will make them a target for refugees and criminal elements.

In our era in which defending national sovereignty is verboten, I commend the Swiss not only for being prepared, but by making it clear that others know that they recognize the threat and will not be caught with their pants down.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leftist Influence in Western Peace Movements and With US Policies

The above link is to a post on Trevour Loudon's New Zeal blog.

In the embedded video, Mr. Loudon details the involvement of the Left, particularly from the USSR-era Kremlin, with the peace movements in the West, including that of the US.

It was a tremendous coincidence for me as just yesterday I was spinning memories in my head about the massive anti-nuke protests of the mid-80's in Western Europe. It was well-known at the time that these were bankrolled by the Soviets. We were repeatedly told that unilateral disarmament was the only option. What we were not told was why it was we who would have to disarm, not the USSR.

Mr. Loudon correctly understands that the US is the last line of defence (As he would spell it) against the Left and the ultimate ending of national sovereignty of free countries.

Please watch and link the video to emails for your friends and family.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video of Islamization in Europe

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The video on the above link was made by an Israeli who, due to his ability to speak perfect Arabic, was able to move in and around Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden and France.

He starts out is Malmo, Sweden - a city that is at least 20% and climbing Muslim as we speak. If immigration and birth rates continue or even only decline slightly, Malmo is set to become the first Muslim-majority city in Europe.

The evidence that Multiculturalism has failed is overwhelming. Muslims live among other Muslims, and crime in these areas is rampant. This includes an ongoing plague gang-rapes of indigenous Swedish girls and young women.

One must note that Multiculturalism was never intended to work. The idea behind mass immigration of people who obviously would never assimilate was to overturn the electorate in all Western countries and by extension pave the way for full-blown Socialism. All of the grand assurances were designed only to keep native Europeans from speaking about about the undermining of their societies.

The video is well worth the time. I have been reading about this topic for several years and I was still surprised at how widespread the problems are. The no-go zones for the indigenous of Western European countries (Their own nations, mind you) are not jokes - these quarters exist.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alfred Kinsey and His Justification of Pedophilia

I was planning to do an altogether different post today, but a breif conversation with my High School son chamged my mind.

He is a Liam Neeson fan. I too find him to  be an very capable actor, but since he played the part of Alfred Kinsey in the movie Kinsey, I have been quite disappointed in his judgement.

For the sake or argument  I have to allow that Neeson did not research the real story about the man who is hailed by the Left as the man who freed us from our Victorian-era holdover bonds of prudishness, but relied on what was fed to him by the makers of the movie.

Alfred Kinsey is billed as a path-blazing sexologist who, despite the rigid mores of our over-religious society, boldly advocated the loosening of our ways, the dropping of our equating sex with the marital state and true love, and extensive sex education of children. For the cultural Marxist, he is the epitome of what George Lukaks would have wanted - someone whose work would tear into the fabric of Judeo-Christian morality and the family in general.

The truth is that Kinsey was a terribly bad and probably a very sick man. What he presented as science was nothing more than doctored arguments based on data that he gathered from pedophiles, child pornography, and people whom he described as married even though their lives did not even approach the definition of that institution.

I recall reading a Reader's Digest article about Kinsey many years back (As I wrote previously about how life sucked in the USSR*, that periodical was essentially alone in writing the truth to the general public). In that article  Kinsey was described as viewing and taking data from movies in which very young children were being raped. Even though they visibly cried during these acts, Kinsey opted to tell people that children benefited from such crimes and that girls as young as (If my memory serves me correctly) five years old could experience orgasms.

I feel ill writing about these topics, so I will leave the reader to use the links below to get a better picture about the man that Neeson played. The picture is not a pretty one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UNC - Reduced Tuition for Illegals, Not for Veterans

This one is just precious.

The University of North Carolina, which may soon offer reduced in-state tuition fees to illegal immigrants, does not have the same sentiments when it comes to military veterans who, in the university's view, have spent too much time in the past few years residing outside the Tarheel State.

I was stationed in North Carolina when I was in the Marine Corps and liked it so much that I have taken my family there every year for a summer beach vacation since then. From what I have been reading about the direction that the state is taking, such as the Agenda 21-friendly regulations on Public-Government corporate partnerships (Which eerily smack of fascism and will drive the recalcitrant out of business or the state), combined with sick moves such as this one, I am strongly rethinking my possible plans to someday relocate there.

When those who administer a university becomes aware that the rules on eligibility for in-state tuition are overly restrictive, but are content leaving them as they are while entertaining the thought of providing that very benefit to people who are not allowed to be in the state, we have a big problem.

The link at top has the whole article. Please consider signing the online petition linked below:

"University of North Carolina, which is currently considering giving illegal immigrants in-state tuition benefits, denied an Army sergeant the same break even though she owns a home in the Tar Heel state and only moved away briefly because the military stationed her husband in Texas.

Hayleigh Perez, 26, hoped to use her G.I. Bill to attend the UNC’s Pembroke campus near Fort Bragg, but the young veteran -- who served a 14-month tour in Iraq -- was told she did not qualify as a state resident because she had been gone for about three years.

“I got frustrated. When I tried to inquire, they kept putting up roadblocks,” Perez told “It’s just disgraceful that life in Iraq, where you could die, is easier than trying to go to school here.”

Perez enlisted in 2005, and was stationed in Fort Bragg before shipping out to Camp Bucca in Iraq. That's where she met her husband and fellow soldier, Jose Perez-Rodriguez. The pair married and, when their tours ended in 2006, bought their home in Raeford, N.C. They lived there until 2009, when Jose Perez-Rodriguez was assigned to a base in Texas. But they continued paying the mortgage and taxes on the North Carolina property while she accompanied him on his deployment for six months, and Perez has been in North Carolina for the past two years, she said
Perez was honorably discharged in September 2009, and, after giving birth to daughter Calleigh, and sought to build a post-military career. When her husband won a transfer back to Fort Bragg to rejoin his family, Perez started applying to colleges in the area in hopes of pursuing a master's degree as a physician's assistant. She told she was accepted to both UNC’s Fayetteville and Pembroke branches and chose Pembroke. But Perez was shocked when UNC-Pembroke officials told her she was not considered an in-state resident, even though the Fayetteville branch said she was. The G.I. Bill Perez hoped to use for school does not cover out-of-state tuition.

"I just figured I could appeal the decision," Perez said. "I thought it would be easy.”.........
Perez, who started an Internet petition that has garnered support from across the country with nearly 120,000 signatures in just five days, and the Students Veterans Advocacy group intend to sue both the school and the federal government if the school's decision is not reversed...............

"I’m now attending a private college," she said, declining to name the school. "I don’t want to be associated with an institution that treats veterans this way."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Michelle O's School Lunches Spark Boycott

-It's about time that people stood up. In this case, the youth put us to shame.

I promise to keep this one brief.

The regulations that are now required as a result of Michelle Obama's brainchild of a plan to control school lunches have borne fruit.

We now have a case of the students striking back by refusing to purchase the meals.

One of the main totalitarian aspects of Michelle's plan is that the meals are held to strict caloric maximums. In order to avoid going over the Federal government-imposed limits, schools have taken to reducing portions of meals that supply one of the greatest needs of young people - protein and carbohydrates. In the case of active students such as athletes, these meals are not providing enough of what the students need.

What is worse is the fact that the meals are regulated with a true Socialist mindset; the caloric limits are based solely on age, not build, height, or gender. To suggest that a football lineman, or others athletes such as those who participate in track, wrestling, or baseball have the same nutritional  needs as the female students (or Male) who weigh less than 100 pounds is simply an example of applying the falsehood that all of us are the same in every way. Assuming that the student who is not interested in sports and plays video games in the evenings should be dealt the same portions (Note that the same portions are fine if they are big enough to start) as his 6'3" 220 lb. classmate is yet another blow to those who strive to work harder, exercise harder, and achieve. To this I must add this also is another means of marginalizing the masculine members of our society. 

The small kid gets a full belly while the beefy one walks away hungry if he does not bring a lunch from home.

My son wrestles and plays baseball for his High School. Although he is quite active, his weight class is under 140 lbs. My ability to reason would be insulted if I were told that his nutritional needs were exactly the same as his teammates who wrestle in the highest weight levels. The big boys on his team clearly need more than slender females or non-athletes of the same age.

Michelle has done the same thing with our military. The following is from a previous post:

“Don’t worry, you’ll be a vegetable guy soon,”

"When Michelle Obama said this to a serviceman, she was not trying to reassure a confused person in any way - she was acting in a manner of the elitist that she is. She could at least have been honest and said that "I outrank you in influence with the Pentagon and I am going to decide what you will eat."

American servicemen have already long been treated like children when it comes to the food that is served in the mess halls. Their portions are carefully measured, they are not allowed to have creamed beef placed on their potatoes at breakfast if they were first given sausage or bacon because they already have a meat portion, and the meals have for a long time been heavy in low-in-nutrients/high-in-empty calories bread.

A grown man or woman in the military is allotted a portion of each food group (although the salad bar is open for multiple servings). While I can sit at my own table and have multiple portions of meat and greens beans and avoid bread, potatoes, etc, I would have no choice but to walk away unsatisfied in a mess hall, which I did on more than one occasion. It is a sad thing that our service members are treated like they are eight years-old. Why should a 6'4" 220 lb. guy get the same meat portion as a serviceman who is 95 lbs. soaking wet?

Those who recall being allowed to go back for seconds will need to be made aware that this too is long gone. The Marines got rid of that as far back as the eighties.

I will admit that it is easier to plan for a certain amount of each food group to avoid waste, but the amounts of military-style staples allowed to big strapping guys who carry machine guns, tripods, ammunition, body armor, and more is not close to what they would eat if they had any say in the matter.

The continual references to the amount of military personnel on weight control is misleading too. The height and weight charts employed in the armed forces are so out-of-date that they routinely cause big-bodied servicemen to have to undergo body fat or body mass testing. The charts are designed for slender-bodied people who will easily fall under their weight allowance even if they are physically weak and have potbellies.
If one is a big, strong person, then rest assured he or she will be sent for all sorts of further exams. I spent over sixteens years in the Marine Corps and National Guard and I never failed to notice a guy that would be my first choice to be next to me in a combat situation have to go through all sorts of fat/mass testing and often still wind up being put on weight control. Mind you that I also witnessed these same guys operate and rarely was a teammate able to hump a load of full combat gear on long marches as well as these guys could.

The mess halls have salad bars that provide all all sorts of fresh vegetables and that is of course a good thing. The First Lady is taking that a step further by making the servings of extra vegetables take the place of other things that they will want. The additional vegetables are not to be optional in the salad bar but will likely replace other foods. (Note again that they do not get to receive multiple servings of the same item, like a second pork chop, and that they cannot just get back in line and get more food) Her plan will reduce their ability to eat what they want. Even if it were true that 1 in 20 were overweight, how should that affect the other 19?

I once watched a documentary in which contrasts were drawn between the diets of ancient Greeks and their Persian enemies. Aside from the arms and armor, physical preparedness, cultural and tactical differences, the commentators made more than fair arguments that the high-protein* diet of the Greeks helped make them stronger and better able to endure the terrible grind of a long battle.

The Persians, being fead on a grain-based diet, would have had spurts of energy but less of the physical strength and, as anyone who has crashed after the carb-high has left the body knows, little of their opponent's ability to exert themselves while carrying weapons and other gear during the fight. Once the initial clash ended, the Greeks were consistently able to shoulder their burdens and still engage the enemy while losing little of their strength and endurance. Don't forget that our servicemen carry a more than substantial physical burden into combat."

*Milk, cheese, meat, olives, olive oil, linseed, etc.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Army Colonel Exposes Obama Afghanistan Policies

Hat tip to New Jersey Patriot.

To start with, newly-arrived troops on Afghanistan are not told anything about our reason for being in Afghanistan in the first place. Instead of any mention 9/11, that being conveniently ignored, our troops are told that they are fighting for the Afghan people.

Colonel Tunnell is clearly a brave and model officer. While too many of our military leadership fear fro their careers and pensions, once in a blue moon one of them steps up to let us know what is going on.

The criminally homosexual rapes and pedophilia among these forces is also a verboten topic.

Bolding is added.

"An American hero, Colonel Harry Tunnell IV, Commander of the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, documented the truth about the war in Afghanistan.

What Obama is really doing in Afghanistan is treasonous.

Dated August 20, 2010, a letter was written to John McHugh, Secretary of the Army, signed by Colonel Harry Tunnell IV. In the letter, four significant factors about military operations in Afghanistan were revealed.

1. When US soldiers arrive in Afghanistan, they are told that they are fighting for the Afghan people:

“Soldiers join the military today to protect the United States, yet they are told once in Afghanistan that we are fighting for the Afghan people – this is a rather mercenary outlook and ignores the fact that the United States was attacked September 11, 2001.”

2. Contrary to the lies Joe Biden told the American people during the VP debate on October 11th, Afghan Security Forces are not able to be properly trained:

“The idea that Afghan forces can lead operations such as Marjah, as was touted in the media when the operation began, is pure fancy.”

“As part of our formula for success we place a remarkable amount of emphasis on the Afghan Security Forces without understanding the men who make up that force. It is very unlikely that we will be able to provide Afghans with a level of education and training to make them an independent and reliable force that can deny Afghanistan as a safe haven to terrorists…. The Soviet Union’s attempt to create a professional independent military collapsed as soon as the Soviets withdrew (from Afghanistan), which is what contributed to the ascendency of the Taliban. This should provide an obviously cautionary tale.”

“An overview of a few cultural behaviors of Pashtu men might help one make an informed assessment about the efficacy of plans requiring independent performance from Afghan Security Forces – to determine if the objective is consistent with the reality. This cultural information is well known, there are numerous anecdotal reports, and there is a growing body of research from Human Terrain Teams and others.”

“… Afghan security forces… lack of technical skills… Out of a class of ten at our recent academy to train a Fire and Rescue Service for Spin Boldak District, only two of the trainees had ever driven a vehicle – and that is giving credit to the trainee who had driven a tractor once or twice in his life. Even simple tasks… present challenges.”

“Attempts to integrate women into the security forces… Afghan males are among the greatest misogynists in the world. The Burqa is not a Taliban invention; it is a Pashtu cultural norm.”

“Health and hygiene will not be maintained at an acceptable level… Afghan military units – particularly small outposts – are bastions of filth.”

“Aberrant sexual behavior is acceptable. Considering the misogynistic culture… There is an acceptance of pedophilia that is wide spread and boys are sometimes kidnapped. Leaders have been known to sexually assault male subordinates…”

“NCOs… are largely illiterate.”

“…the population does not like how the Taliban deliver but the incontrovertible fact is that the Taliban are Pashtu and their cultural norms are the same as any other Pashtu male… In fact, religiously inspired Pashtu movements are a traditional part of life in southern Afghanistan. The British… had a nickname for them: “Mad Mullah Movements”. The most frequently ignored fact is that the average farmer in southern Afghanistan will appreciate far more what Mullah Omar is proposing than what we are' ".....................

There is more on the link at top.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biden Interruption Video Montage

On the day following Ryan's debate with the buffoon from Delaware, we were told that the number of times that the vulgar jerk interrupted Ryan reached a count of 82.

It turns out that this number was wrong - it was 85 times.

The top link from TheBlaze has a video montage of Biden's interruptions, smug facial expressions, hand gestures in attempts to project his stupidity onto Ryan, and laughter curiously reminiscent of a mocked high school student who, desiring to pretend that the laughter is with him rather than about him, joins in with those making fun of him.

For anyone who has Liberal friends, family, or coworkers who affect to be of the impression that Biden won the debate (Credibility is not a virtue in today's world), I ask that you consider this one suggestion -

Have them watch the video. Suggest that they concentrate not not on the count of the interruptions or even what Biden said  but only on the dignity and grace of Ryan as he weathered each and every one of these with poise, grace, and an utter lack of expressions of frustration.

Biden never tried to win, he only tried to get Ryan to lose. In defeating  Biden's attempt to get Ryan to beat himself, the candidate maintained his cool, correcting Biden's false accusations and assertions, and somehow resisting the urge to even direct Biden to refrain from interrupting or otherwise embarrassing himself by his displays.

If I missed any statement by Ryan in which he did so direct Biden, I would be happy to print the correction.

Not even one case of redness in the face was apparent as Ryan responded to one attack after another that were clearly designed to cause him to lose his poise.

A debate is like a battle. A victory is determined not only on who holds the field at its conclusion, or who sustained more losses, but from looking at the entire picture.

Looking only at the facts and how they were presented, Ryan won the debate. Taking into account Biden's massive frontal assault, one in which spared no effort and fully confirmed his incompetence, and Ryan's orderly and disciplined checks to such attacks (Without lowering himself by counter-attacks), Ryan's victory was in actuality a brutally methodical slaughter.

Biden threw everything he had at Ryan, but Ryan never budged from the position from which he started.

All that Biden now has are his supporters who tell themselves that Biden won. For those who recall the first Gulf War (Kuwait liberation), Saddam Hussein told his supporters that he had driven out the coalition forces. Even the streets of Amman, Jordan, erupted in celebrations of the Iraqi victory.

The trouble was, despite the claims of victory, Saddam had lost, and badly.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Catullus on Socialism

Catullus is a contributor to this site.

Below are his words.

For those who are not familiar with American musicals, River City is the town in The Music Man in which a man arrives in town with the intention swindle the people. One of the numbers on the play has a song started by the newcomer in which he tells the townsfolk that the source of the (actually nonexistent) trouble is in the local billiards/pool hall.

"The memorable line is "We've got trouble, right,here in River City, with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool"

"Socialist systems establish and promote undeserving, arrogant ruling classes, nomenklatura that presume to know and instruct us, with the force of a government they have usurped on the pretexts of security, “social justice”, ending or avenging racism, “the greater good”, “fairness” and one of my personal favorite cynical excuses for tyranny—“…for the children” (but, of course, not for their superior and privileged children):

· How the rest of us should spend our earnings and how much they generously allow us to keep,

· To whom they (not we) will gift with what they decide is our excess property (Can you spell redistribution?),

· What we may and may not own,

· Whom employers (creators of jobs and wealth) may and may not hire and promote in compliance with government (destroyer of jobs and confiscator of wealth) edicts,

· What we may speak “freely” about,

· When we can live and when we should die for the economic and political benefit of the state they run, etc., ad naus.

All this they generously establish, for our own benefit, of course. Oddly, these wise rulers exempt themselves, their friends, and their families from these “benefits” they bestow on the unwashed masses, us hoi polloi. They strip away freedoms & property in return for empty promises. (This reminds one of Mao and his sixty million+ innocent, non-combatant victims, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, the early 20th century Ottoman Turks, Hitler, and other despots throughout history!)

Winston Churchill famously said:

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure,
the creed of ignorance,
and the gospel of envy.”

Let us celebrate our good fortune; we have just such a benefactor “right here in River City” who has already begun to save us from our greedy and base desires! He and his fellow elites will lead us out of the darkness of our greed, selfishness, and ignorance into the bright light of obedience to these sages, who will assume their thrones and rescue us from our baser natures, for a small fee. All we need do is forego God’s greatest gift to all of us—the sovereign, independent, individual human spirit. Doesn’t that seem like a bargain?"

Catullus also notes that the linked video should be viewed:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

White House Losing Track of its Lies on Libya Embassy Attack

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
- Notebook, 1894
Mark Twain

Source -Twain Quotes.

The amount of contradictory statements issued by White House Staff is, even for this group of fibbers, simply unbelievable

We have been told that the attack occurred as a result of anger over a movie that is not prohibited for non-Muslims to produce or watch, then we are told that the attack may well have been planned in advance. Following these, we are told that the White House never denied that the attack was a planed terrorist act.

My personal take is that those who were behind the attack did in fact use their knowledge of the movie as a cover. They probably kept their knowledge of the movie's existence to themselves, then, in a coordinated effort, broke the news to the mob-prone Muslims of Libya. Having a large group of people who have whipped themselves into a frenzy would provide a fairly adequate screen for the real attack.

This of course does not take away from the reality that the Obama administration is responsible for ignoring the pleas from embassy staff for more security that fell on deaf ears. It also does not exonerate them from a deliberate attempt to sell us a false bill of goods for the source of the attack.

The media is doing their best to cover for their savior. Precious few journalists are doing anything other than blaming Romney and Ryan for what little press the attack and its fallout has received.

The four links below give one an idea of how much effort is being expended on protecting Obama and his crew.

This thing makes Nixon look like a straight-shooter when Watergate was our topic of the day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Antisemitism in Ireland and in the IRA

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

My mother's parents will be rolling over in their graves over this question, but I have to ask - What is wrong with the mindset of the Irish?

Both of my maternal grandparents were 1920's Irish immigrants. My grandfather is believed by many, including now-deceased old friends, of having been a full member of the IRA long, long before that group moved on to courageous acts such as blowing up department stores and  bars.

The transition from rebel nationalist group to a terrorist organization appears to have been helped along by the groups embracing of Marxism. Many will be surprised at this revelation, but it is indeed true  By the 1970's, IRA members were no longer hiding their agenda during interviews. Even in interviews  they made it clear that their goal was to liberate Ulster/Northern Ireland and to unite that region with the Irish Republic under a Socialist government.

The IRA joined in with other Leftist-inspired quasi-nationalistic groups such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In doing so, they likely expected significant hep from the USSR.

Either due to a gentleman's agreement between major powers (You don't support our problem groups and we won't support yours), an understanding that the IRA had very few true adherents, or a combination of the two, the IRA received what amounted to not much than token support in arms from the Kremlin.

One must also allow that, since the UK itself was steadily moving towards Socialistic stagnation, the USSR saw no need to step up the process by violence.

The top-linked article does a nice job of summarizing the antisemitism that is too common in Ireland. When reading the portion that treats this subject in the Emerald Isle of early 20th century, it should be noted that hatred of Jews was also fairly common even in nations such as France.

As I see it, the anti-Israeli attitude of the IRA is based on a basic lack of common sense. The Jews and the Irish both were long denied sovereignty of their respective nations. Both peoples experienced an effective loss of their language from everyday use. Both saw a rise in nationalistic thought in the 19th century that continued into the 20th.

Unfortunately, the similarities stop there. While the Jews not only won their nation, they took a language that was, for well over two thousand years, only used for worship and scholars and amazingly made it work as a modern language that is spoken throughout their country. Although many of their founders were strongly influenced by Socialist thought, they did not let this subvert their desire to remain as a sovereign state and to build and economically prosperous nation. The Irish, being partially successful in gaining independence (In fairness, with WWI ending, the Brits could easily have flooded Ireland with veteran) troops) were sadly unable to bring Gaelic back to the fore as an everyday language. They also aligned themselves with the Left, not a good thing to do if your goal is national sovereignty.

If Gerry Adams and "The lads", as the terrorists are euphemistically referred to by some supporters, had half of a brain they would look to Israel as a model to follow, not Hamas.

As far as antisemitism of the non-IRA Irish goes, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Leftist Thuggery - Minds are Conned

Things are getting out of control, and I think that I at least in part understand why-

I call it my "conned" theory.

When an individual falls prey to a confidence, or "con" job, and loses a sum of money, it is fairly common for the victim to tell no one about the event. Often enough, even the police are not contacted about the theft.

This of course makes some sense. We all like to think of ourselves as immune to being fooled. We will of course admit to be pranked by a family member, friend, or coworker, but to let people know that we have been swindled out of our money is a very hard thing to do. It is a humiliating experience.

The way that I see it is this - If you would be reluctant to admit to others that you have been tricked out of, say $1,000, would you be willing to admit, not only to others, but yourself, that you have been tricked into being unable to think rationally?

I hold that a great many of these Leftist thugs who verbally attack conservatives, throw urine and fecal matter, and use objects to injure them are doing so in an effort to convince themselves that they have not been lied to. I would be willing to bet that a good portion of these thugs have attended college. If they were not brainwashed by Leftist dogma in primary school (And many have) the deed was done in the Halls of Academia. They spent years of their life there, applied themselves, and spent or borrowed  money to be fed a load of garbage.

When the leave college, and start to get that nagging feeling that they have been conned out of their own intellect, they react not by reconsidering their positions, but by lashing out at those who have either maintained their wits or swung back to reclaim them.

We have all seen the same things with those we know who have fallen into rabid Christian Fundamentalism. All of a sudden, these individuals are, apparently believing that the Bible just got start being read recently, running around teaching Theology to all of the Catholic, Methodist, Orthodox, etc. people whom they know and telling them that, if they do not immediately subscribe to their (Quite modernized) version of Christianity, they will miss out on the Rapture, the doctrine of which was invented less than two hundred years ago.

Like the Fundamentalist pastors in their local Churches, the Imam-like professors in colleges do not teach but instead concentrate on breaking down a person's will to think for themselves in any possible manner. They publicly mock anyone who dares to utter a peep in protest, thus making the job of feeding the masses their Leftist opiates all the easier. Each Pastor, Imam, or Professor becomes like a Pope, Ecumenical Council of the Church, or national body of a mainline Protestant Church.

The individual, being lead astray by heretical teachings such as "health and wealth" in a "Christian" Church, or by a political doctrine that has failed in more cases than I have when trying to become a Major League Baseball player, is locked into what is being dished out by the leader.

This what leads so many of these thugs to lash out as they do. Being fully brainwashed, yet seeing reminders all around them that what they have accepted is hogwash, they engage in acts of violence and cruelty to suppress those persistent annoying facts that tell them that they have been conned.

"Well, I must believe this stuff. Why else would I be exerting such an effort?"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Actress Attacked for Supporting Romney

Hat tip to The Blaze.

The problem is, too many people are on the extreme sides of the center.

If you have not heard the oft-given explanation for the anger that is so prevalent today, the above will suffice to provide one version of how it goes.

The problem with this is that the Liberal/Progressive side, having gone so far to the Left themselves, have been employing this explanation to make us believe that they are merely "Left of center" (I'll bet that you have heard that one).

The idea is simple - grab a hold of the powers of definition, redefine the center as to exist at least halfway between the actual center and the far Left, and voila, you have a strong Leftist who can assure you that he or she is Left-of-center.

Where does that leave FOX News, The Blaze, Sean Hannity, or the average guy/gal that is growing concerned with the direction in which we are headed? That is simple too - those guys are just radical rightists.

This is how the debate is being twisted with Orwellian Newspeak. The center gets artificially shifted way towards the Left, and those actually in the center or, just to the right of it, are bad guys.

In this case, Stacey Dash, an actress who happens to be black, voiced her support for Romney while indicating that Obama's vision will not result in prosperity.  What followed illustrates how viciously the Left and anti-white Blacks will treat someone who does not walk their chalk line.

-From The Blaze.

And here are a few more (content warning):

Worse still, my gut feeling (From the verbiage and the photo) is that the first comment (Sherrick W) is from a white person. Not that it's OK for a Black person to refer to another as a "jigaboo", but I find it extraordinarily cruel when a white Liberal thug treats a Black person so terribly for refusing to accept the lot allowed to her and her people by the Left.

The manner in which people who do not support Obama, especially if one is Black, is so awful that one finds it hard to articulate how bad it really is. When was the last time that someone was attacked even halfway this badly for supporting Obama? That does not happen, yet the Left and their thugs will pretend that they are just slightly Left-of center. The radicals? That's Ms. Dash and others like she.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Army Officer Sacked for Teaching About Islam

Hat tip to The Blaze.

The message is obvious - note that Islamic teachings incite war and can be fairly easily interpreted to justify terrorist acts, and your career will be ruined.

"A highly decorated Army lieutenant colonel says he was essentially blacklisted by his superiors after more than 50 Muslim groups complained about a course he taught on radical Islam. Now he is fighting to get his career back.

As previously reported by TheBlaze, Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and decorated combat veteran, was an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University, where he was reportedly popular among students and fellow staff members, reports.

That all changed when Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, slammed Dooley and his “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism” course during a Pentagon press conference in May, calling his teachings unprofessional and “against our values."

He was later given a negative Officer Evaluation Report (OER), which was unusual given the fact that Dooley had passed the evaluations with flying colors the previous five years. Dooley says a bad OER is like being blacklisted in military circles."

The influence of Islamic groups such as CAIR that seek to suppress any honest discussion about Islam and thereby keep the West ignorant of the threat it poses is very real and very effective.

Lt. Col. Dooley is just one example of what is going on before our eyes; throughout the West, those who decide what is allowed and what is prohibited (The Left) have set the rules. The Pentagon, Justice Department, Homeland Security, and the media are all on board with this censorship. 

If an anyone with an official position notes the central part that warfare and other acts of violence has in Islam, his or her career will either be ended outright or, in the case of Lt. Col. Dooley, effectively wrecked by a an official elevation that rates the target poorly.

Please read the article linked at top. The only way that this totalitarian censorship will stop is if people stand in support of the brave individuals who put the truth before their careers. Legislators need to be contacted and made aware that the people know what is going on.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

French Group Declares French Identity

The title may sound like a "so what", but in our current era of suppression of all cultural identities that pertain to those of Western nations, this is actually a big deal.

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The first link is the the website of the organization that made the video. You make have to use Google translate for the text.. The second link has the video, a translation embedded in it, but no other text of the declaration.

This could be the start of a real movement - young people who are fed up with being victims of anti-white crime, having to pay taxes to a welfare state that dumps the largess on anti-French immigrants (Yes, far too many are anti-French),  school textbooks that deride French and European culture and history, and the overall marginalization of French people in their own country.

On one of the photos on their website, what looks like a calendar has the year "1571" printed on it. That was the year that a combined Spanish, Venetian, and Papal (Sorry if I missed any country) fleet decisively defeated a massive Ottoman force at Lepanto. Like Charles Martel's similar victory at Poitiers (Tours), these events have either been ignored by Liberal academians or purposely described as inconsequential. In fact, their is an entire sub-genre of books dedicated to ridiculing the notion that Western Europe ever faced any threat at all from Muslim armies or even the ancient pre-Muslim Persians. By doing so, all of the sacrifices of the ancient Greeks and those of Medieval (even until modern Vienna in 1683) Europe were for nothing.

The guys who adhere to the doctrines of the Liberal elite and take these positions are the ones who get their books supported, published, marketed, and despite the false conclusions, treated as the most authoritative sources. All others are treated as old-fashioned and wrong.

The picture that they try to paint is of a world that would either have turned out exactly as it has regardless of who-defended-what or, in the case of a permanent Muslim conquest of Spain, Portugal, etc. even better.

Last year, my son came across a High School history textbook that describes Leonidas of Sparta as having "foolishly" leading his small force to the pass of Thermopylae to stop or hold up the Persian army.

There it is - no mention of the oracle's statement that to save Greece, one of the Spartan Kings must die (A person's faith is now mocked), no mention of the courage of the Greek cities that refused to accept Persian domination, and no mention of people who risked possible enslavement of their families for standing up for freedom.

Please watch the video.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ban on High School Football Proposed

-This is another example of over-protecting the people by banning certain activities.

A physician in New Hampshire has decided the the chances of suffering concussions, a condition of which we have certainly learned much in the last few years, is sufficient cause to ban youth football at the High School and lower levels.

As I noted, given the understanding of the long-term effects of concussions that we are now discovering, I respect anyone who works for awareness and prevention of head injuries.

But to ban an activity in which the overwhelming majority of participants do not sustain concussions is indicative of a very controlling totalitarian mindset.

I for one am not a football guy. I did play though at the youth level because I liked being challenged. In my opinion, the institution of the forward pass, a change in the rules praised by many for making American football what it is, was what created the environment in the game that made head injuries more likely. The need of the defense to smash through an offensive (Which is defending themselves) line to disrupt the throw of the Quarterback created a need for the biggest guys who had explosive speed. The result was a game in which players routinely struck each other with much more force than in the original rugby-type game.

Although we have safety laws on the books, the State actually has no authority to ban activities because it determines that they are likely to cause serious injuries. The only case in which such laws have any real legal foundation are when they affect non-participants and young people. Schools and their districts, though, can do so if they are pushed by the right (or wrong) individuals.

We have become a society in which we start with the assumption that any possibility of a serious injury, no matter how slight, warrants prohibition of the respective activity . This is a very scary thing. At some point, someone decided that we need to stop everyone from doing anything that may result in an injury. What was worse, that someone, now lost to history, was able to convince others of this concept.

A society needs vigorous people, and sports are a major factor in instilling physical and mental vigor. Football, wrestling, rugby, boxing, etc, are by their very nature most conducive to instilling vigor than most others sports.  If a person wants to be soft or avoid all physical dangers  (Which would include basketball, soccer, etc.) that's fine, but that restriction should not be forced on others. It is also unfair that a crusader decides that he or she now knows better and therefore has the authority to call for bans on time-honored activities that result in extremely few serious injuries.

Note that, if football is banned, baseball is right around the corner for the chopping block. Forget the question of metal or wooden bats - pitched baseballs and other thrown baseballs ( Can too cause serious injuries, including those to the head. I don't want either banned - one's concern for other people's children is not a trump card.

I have encountered this outlook on many occasions. When my daughter was around  five or six years old, she began to like to climb and walk along curbs or walls. On one occasion, I was walking alongside her as she walked on a two-to-three foot wall. Interestingly  the wall obviously had an edge only on one side - it functioned as a sort of retaining wall, but that was not enough for an elderly lady who stated "That should not be encouraged". I replied as respectfully as I could that it should in fact be encouraged and that failing to do so creates a society of people who may have never been injured but have not done anything in their lives. She was not happy with my response.

On another occasion, I was recounting a recent event in which the first police dog (K9) that had been assigned to me, the handler, had attacked me without warning. Being a typical guy, I was thoroughly enjoying going over the event. To me, a trip to the hospital is not a crisis as much as it is an inconvenience  (I won the scrape and we ultimately removed the dog from the program) A young woman who worked at our agency in a clerical capacity began to berate me for not taking the event seriously enough. She was a nice person, so I responded gently to her, but I saw in her statement something terrifying. It was apparent that she was of the mindset that an event in which I had been in danger (Mind you,the attack did last for a couple of minutes) should have affected me negatively and that I should have been upset.

What struck me is that she assumed that I should apply an outlook more common among women (Note that I have met some seriously tough women, though) and that the idea that a guy may actually enjoy an altercation that he did not start but finished was completely  foreign to her. To her, the male instinct to relish a serious defense of oneself or another either did not exist or was something to be suppressed.

We can't turn into a society in which people are forced to refrain from activities that may cause injuries  When the activities that are targeted for prohibition are staffed almost entirely by males, I have to wonder if the motive is to tear away at another aspect of masculine culture. I would not be surprised if the physician is a Liberal. Such individuals often seek to make men as gender-neutral as possible.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outstanding Agenda 21 Series

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

-From the link at top:

"Much is written about the international cold war, but little about the incognito warfare on United States soil which public officials and their accomplices are waging to wrest private property from landowners. Jo Hindman, 1972, Blame Metro, p31."

The link at top will take the reader to Part 8 of a series on UN Agenda 21. Those who have been reading posts on The Hot Gates may be familiar with the combined Socialist/Radical Environmentalist move to concentrate the world's population into urban areas, with precious privileged few being allowed to live in suburban regions and virtually no one allowed into areas designated to become wilderness zones.

Any such move of course will require the destruction of the right to private property. While a military/police-type action will probably not be the first choice of the elite, such a procedure may well be intended for those who don't surrender to pressure from new excise taxes designed to make living in rural regions or suburbs cost-prohibitive for the average family.

The link at top itself has links to the previous seven posts in the series. I urge anyone who desires to defend the right to live in a region of his or her choice to read the posts. Note also that Agenda 21 also calls for the ending of national sovereignty and the creation of a worldwide governing body to put these plans into place. The system starts with creating "partnerships" between NGO and local and state governments  The idea is to slowly but surely create new forms of "governance" (their word) that will gradually place all zoning authority in the hands of those who promote the radical centralized control of the human race.

-If you have heard about your community getting on the "sustainable development", "local governments for sustainability", or the ICLEI bandwagons, Agenda 21 already has a foot in the door in your municipality or county of residence.