Thursday, February 16, 2012

Genocide of the Afrikaners in South Africa

I noted this ongoing event briefly in an earlier post. The frequency and severity of violence in South Africa against whites, especially the Boers (British term)/Afrikaners (Dutch term), both terms mean those of Dutch descent, is simply staggering.

Gang rapes, horrific murders of whites, such as one in which the victim was dragged behind a truck, and more have become increasingly commonplace in the nation that has been terribly transformed since the end of apartheid. Note that we in the US were rightfully shocked, embarrassed, and angry beyond measure when whites did the same thing to a  black victim in Texas some years back When it happens in South Africa, omerta has been enforced on this turning of the tables.

We in the West regularly heard about "Sun City" and all of the other bad things about South African society before the government dropped its stand on apartheid. What does our news have to say about the shoe being on the other foot now, especially since by all accounts the whites are being treated much worse now than the blacks were before?

The commentary that goes along with these attacks tells the tale - "The whites are all criminals", "We will take the land back without compensation", etc. The following demand is that this will not end until 80% of the farm land is surrendered. There can be little room to argue that this is not being stopped by the South African government because the removal of the free farmers is a goal that will soon be in reach.

Sounds like just another way to give cause to implement UN Agenda 21; drive the "colonialist" farmers out, watch the farms fail under new management, thus providing an excuse for the government to take over.

People are leaving, as they did and still are in the former Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe. Whites were and are commonly and violently attacked there in the same manner, and farms were seized. Is there any doubt about how that has turned out? The seized farms are failures, and the resulting inflation was astronomical.

The first link has a very disturbing video:

The Boers put up one hell of a fight against the British. The have a history of standing together and protecting themselves. It was they who coined the term Commando, which was sort of like our minutemen.I do not believe that they will endure this much longer. The only problem is that the nation's gun laws are growing ever more restrictive.

Like Agenda 21, the UN Small Arms treaty (Clinton and Obama are behind the move to have the US sign on to this) and a similar one of pan-African nations are designed to implement the eventual confiscation of privately held firearms. The Boers and British-descended citizens of South Africa are already at the end of their rope. If they lose their weapons, they will have to pack up and leave immediately.

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