Thursday, July 10, 2014

Glenn Beck Supports Crush of Illegals

There are times when even the most hitherto loyal Americans either switch sides or show their true colors.

Glenn Beck has amassed a fortune by exposing troubling political and societal trends and generally espousing conservative views. I noted on a previous post, however, that his insistence that violence in defense of freedom in any case was wrong went a great distance towards a self-inflicted destruction his own credibility. What got him on that subject was the BLM/Cliven Bundy standoff a few months ago, but his remarks were clearly meant to decry violence in under any circumstance*, which is quite problematic in a nation that would not exist had it not been for people who were willing to fight; you can't honestly identify yourself as an American if you begin with the premise that it is never justifiable to commit violent acts.

Now Glenn Beck has taken to effectively advocate what  is the City of Gold for the Left - a policy of allowing anyone and everyone who wishes to move to the US to do so. The idea of Open Borders the ultimate goal for the Left in all Western nations

- It works perfectly with their position that all sovereign nations must be done away with.

- It is the best means to erase any sense of identity of the citizens of any particular nation.

-In the vast majority of cases immigrants from Third World nations contribute to the welfare burden and vote overwhelmingly for Left-leaning political parties.

I am done with Beck. To take his arguments to their logical conclusion, we could well have a US that in which those of those Western European descent, together with  4th generation or greater African-Americans, are a tiny minority in a very short period of time. Demography determines the politics and societal makeup of nations.

I will leave out further comments and let Beck speak for himself.

"On July 19, Beck will travel to McAllen, Texas, because he believes Americans must "open our hearts" to the illegal immigrant children who have been unlawfully entering the country..............
Beck said helping illegal immigrant children, most of whom have fled Central American nations, was more "right" to him than even calling out radical Islam.

“We’re going to fill some tractor-trailers with food, with water,” Beck said. “The churches have asked us if we could bring teddy bears and soccer balls, so we’ve loaded up a whole tractor-trailer of nothing but teddy bears and soccer balls. And then I’m going to go serve breakfast and lunch, and I’m going to help unload these trucks, hot meals for 3,000. That’s what we’re doing.”

Some illegal immigrants have been found to have contagious diseases and dangerous gang affiliations, but Beck also emphasized that the United States should be accessible to "all those fleeing poverty and violence."

“Through no fault of their own, they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck said. “And while we continue to put pressure on Washington and change its course of lawlessness, we must also help. It is not either, or. It is both. We have to be active in the political game, and we must open our hearts.”............"



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