Monday, February 20, 2012

Bikini-in-Burkha/Hajib Photo Causes Fox Network to Vacillate

The daughter of a Vlaams Belang politician (VG is a political party in Belgium that stands against the continued Islamization of Europe) caused quite a stir when she posed in a bikini while also partially covered in a burkha/hijab. I use both terms as the articles used the term burkha but I consider a true burkha to hide even the outline of a woman's head.

The stated purpose of the photo was to communicate the extent to which women are restricted in Islam. It is hard for Americans to understand how many in Europe feel about the mass-immigration of Muslims (We are being hit with an entirely different sort of mass-immigration in the US). I will avoid going into detail on the plight of indigenous Europeans as doing so would bring us off-topic. There are more than enough posts and articles on that subject that are readily available and easy enough to find if one has a computer.

I have to agree with the writer of the post in the above link. Fox news did a short piece on the fallout over the photo (Islamic run-of-the-mill death threats and such). Here we have a group of purported Conservatives, people who are supposed to stand for the principles germane to Western culture (Like the radical concepts of free speech and expression), and all I can find is confusion, vacillation, and weak-kneed comments. In the brief piece of the video that can be watched until it is cut off, one witnesses statements and facial expressions (Almost like rolling-eye types) that are clearly meant to indicate that the speakers feel that the young woman went too far or put too much effort into provoking the anger of Muslims. You get the idea that the speakers feel like they have no choice in defending her right to express herself, but that they really want to say that she should not have done it.

The act of this young lady should not be taken to be remotely comparable to the other extreme of which we never speak - the brutal subjugation of women in Islamic cultures. Western feminists, who gleefully reduce the position of the Western male whenever they can, seem to be perfectly fine with the actions of the Islamic man. (It is interesting yet ironic that the actions, sacrifice, and bravery of the former through the centuries was a major factor in preventing the latter from being able to also subjugate the Western woman and thus kept her free enough to destroy her protector.) Her act also should not be compared to the terribly provocative act of the cowardly Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones*. His was an act that was expressly designed to hit right at the heart of Muslim sensibilities and he knew that it would be highly likely to have terrible repercussions on Christians in the Middle East. This young lady did nothing of the sort; she challenged both Muslim women and men to consider the reality that, if they choose to reside in Europe, they must reconsider to what extent they will apply the minutiae of Islamic restrictions.

While the Left repeatedly paints Fox as a far-right network, the fact is that they are barely right-of-center in their outlook. This is at least one way to understand how far gone our American Left really is.

Read the article and take a look at what is left of the video.

As an aside, she is easy on the eyes.

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