Tuesday, February 14, 2012

British Politician Issues Dire Warning to US -Tells us to Preserve Our Freedoms and Heritage

British Politician and writer Daniel Hannan, who is also a member of the European Parliament, did not hold back when speaking at last week's CPAC about the path on which the US has started.

I was unable to find the text of the entire speech, so the video will have to do for now:


Mr. Hannan painted an ugly picture of what life can be like in our nation if we do not take immediate action to avoid losing our freedoms and national sovereignty to a bureaucratic institution that will supplant our current Representative government. Like many Brits, he has seen what the EU has done to Europe and he is not happy at all with the results. He has seen our future, and warns us not to surrender the rights of the states to the Federal government. (Left unsaid was the threat of a North American Union)

He made repeated references to our common heritage. Like a modern-day Churchill, he expressed a desire to win back Britain's independence and for the British people to fully share in the freedoms common to the English-speaking peoples.

He noted the work and foresight of Jefferson, who was fully aware that we could very easily lose our freedoms for which he and many others pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

He described the contrasts between our Declaration of Independence and the founding document of the EU. He appeared on one point to switch from talking about our Declaration to our Constitution without being fully clear, so it sounds like he says that Jefferson was not in Philadelphia at the time of the Declaration. I think that he meant that Jefferson was in France at the time of our Constitution.

Although I cannot be certain as I still cannot find the text of his speech, he also seemed to make one very brief reference on which I will not comment at this point. I determined to wait and see what the Leftist, multicultural, Western Civ-hating commentators will do in response first.

Unlike our esteemed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg who, when speaking in Egypt*, indicated that our constitution is out-of-date and does not for provide an independent Judiciary as does her favorite example (Which is that of South Africa, the preamble of which all but announces the horror show that that document created+), Mr. Hannan referred to ours as the "most sublime constitution ever devised by human intelligence"

There it is - a Clinton appointee finding fault with our constitution and an Englishman praising the same document.

He harangued us to avoid making "all the same mistakes that have made us less free".

He referred to our nation as a "secure vessel and repository of British freedom".

He reminded us to "Honor the heritage of our founding fathers".

Watch the video. It is both inspiring and sad to be reminded what we have and what our mother nation once had but lost.

Below the link on Ginsburg's comments are two other links - one on Mr. Hannan's speech and one for his book.Below these is a link to the preamble of the South African constitution. It reeks of a sick white-hating version of Marxism.





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