Tuesday, February 21, 2012

US Again Descends Into Third-World Mode With Obama Chant

Many will recall the extremely disturbing video of elementary school students who were practicing a song designed to do nothing other than praise Obama. I am not sure when the video was actually made, but it was posted on YouTube before the man had been in office for a year.


The video starts out with one kid who apparently is on some sort of remedial training and therefore has to demonstrate that he knows the song before he can join the rest of the class as they sing together. The song itself is yet another example how we in the US have descended into a third-world or totalitarian culture. Praising a sitting public official is not something that is practiced in Western Culture, especially in the US. Here we reserve the heaping of praises on an individual for his character, accomplishments, etc. for a time after his or her death. Note that also we don't praise someone for what we expect him to do, but what he in fact did accomplish.
Below is a sort of pseudo-militant youth group praising and pledging allegiance to the candidate prior to his election:


And the infamous video of the presumably qualified voter who thought that she would no longer have to pay for her mortgage and gas for her car once the messiah took office:


The most recent, though, of these personality cult events is out of Houston, there Kindergarteners were expected to sing what the school referred to in an internal memo as a "chant" for Obama:



I will of course admit that the Obama administration doesn't call for any of this garbage. The problem that I see is the decline in our culture. Where nothing of this sort would have been even brought up for discussion prior to our present age, today we barely even bat an eyelash when we encounter displays utterly lacking of any sense of dignity. What we are witnessing is a steady decline in expectation of behavior. Who can forget Howard Dean's meltdown?


One thing of which we could always be proud was that our leaders were not going to begin striking the podium with their hands or any object or otherwise engage in hysterical gyrations in order to stress their point. Our leaders, or those who aspired to be such, were required to demonstrate gravitas and dignitas. We also never made our current leaders or candidates into icons worthy of praise*, especially when it came to the hearts and minds of our children. In the absence of having any solid vision for the future of our nation, the Left has naturally resorted to treating our children in the same manner as those of the Soviet Union, Maoist China, or North Korea. In Eastern or semi-western** cultures, mass-indoctrination of the youth is standard practice.

We have moved from honoring those who won our freedom to honoring those who promise more for less.

My oldest, now 21, was probably of the last generation of public school students who learned to appreciate the legacy of George Washington. This man, in giving his support to our independence movement (Unlike the one we praise today, who is honored because he won an election), risked almost certain confiscation of his considerable property and his probable execution for treason to the Crown. He then secured his honored place in history by twice walking away from quite powerful positions of authority (Once when he resigned his commission after the Treaty of Paris*** and the second after the conclusion of his second term as President).

In doing so he truly became the American Cincinnatus, the man of the early Roman Republic who, after holding the Senate-ordered Office of Dictator and leading his people out of the crisis that necessitated his rule, resigned and returned to his small farm after a mere fifteen days of his allotted six-month tenure.

Washington certainly deserved the song that my oldest sang in school for his birthday. It was a treasure to watch the five and six year-olds sing this on the stage.
Unfortunately, I can't find the entire text.

George Washington, George Washington,
We honor you today
George Washington, George Washington,
Father of the USA

When my youngest, now fifteen, came home from school as a first-grader after Washington's birthday, I asked him what he learned about our first President. He replied "He owned slaves".

I did not make that up.

There it is - a man is remembered for a fault, the guilt for which can certainly be, at least in part, mitigated by the facts that he was born into a particular time period, that he is not known to have been cruel to those in bondage, and that he also freed his slaves after his death. We must also note that he did not have the legal authority to free the slaves who were the property of his wife, the amount of which were considerable.

The Left will not allow our children to look upon our history and those who were a part of it with any admiration.

* Except maybe for FDR, shocking,

** Russia and other Slavic and Baltic nations never really got a chance to develop along Western lines. The bulk of these nations suffered under the rule of the Mongols for centuries. The social, cultural and political developments following this era are indicative of a society that never formed a collective concept of the individual or of local rule. Only in the Ukraine did an appreciable freeholding farmer element emerge. The Baltic nations were largely ruled in a colonial manner by military orders such as the Teutonic and Livonian Knights. Though their subjugation was not as long-lasting as that of those under the Tartar yoke, it was always an uphill struggle for them since they regularly had to deal with stronger neighbors.

*** Washington retained command of the army and kept it in a state of readiness until word of the signing of the Treaty had reached our shores. He was not willing to risk disbanding the army and place his hopes in the sincerity of our former rulers.

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