Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Britain Divided - Another British Official Calls for Integration

First David Cameron steps up and says that Britain is a Christian nation-

When many are thinking along the same lines but a pervasive climate of fear causes the people to remain silent to avoid being called a racist, fascist, or some other nasty thing, sometimes it only takes one person to speak his mind.

Now another Briton has made his point known. Portions of the article are below:
"The English language and Christian faith will be restored to the centre of public life, ministers pledged today.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles heralded the end of state-sponsored multiculturalism by vowing to stand up for 'mainstream' values by strengthening national identity"
"He accused the previous Labour administration, and its equalities minister Harriet Harman, of taking the country down 'the wrong path' by encouraging different communities to live separate lives.
Migrants will be required to speak English, the number of official documents translated into other languages will be reduced and councils will be allowed to hold prayers at the start of meetings.
New education standards will bar schools from teaching which 'undermines fundamental British values', said today’s document from his Department for Communities and Local Government......

Today’s paper said that, despite Britain’s tradition of tolerance, the past decade has seen growing concern over race relations, as incoming migrants in some areas have shown themselves 'unable or unwilling to integrate'.
'It is only common sense to support integration,' it said.
'In the past, integration challenges have been met in part with legal rights and obligations around equalities, discrimination and hate crime.
'This has not solved the problem and, where it has encouraged a focus on single issues and specific groups, may in some cases have exacerbated it.
'There are too many people still left outside, or choosing to remain outside, mainstream society.'
And it added: 'Today, integration requires changes to society, not changes to the law.
'This means that building a more integrated society is not just a job for government. It requires collective action across a wide range of issues, at national and local levels, by public bodies, private companies, and above all, civic society at large.
Our first question must always be, “How can people contribute to building an integrated England?”.’.....
'But it’s sad to see how, in recent years, the idea of tolerance has become twisted,' Mr Pickles added.
'A few people, a handful of activists, have insisted that it isn’t enough simply to celebrate the beliefs of minority communities; they want to disown the traditions and heritage of the majority, including the Christian faith and the English language.....

'We’ve seen men and women disciplined for wearing modest symbols of Christian faith at work, and we’ve seen legal challenges to councils opening their proceedings with prayers, a tradition that goes back generations, brings comfort to many and hurts no one.[Italics added] This is the politics of division.'...

This response to Mr. Pickle's statements reminds us that there still are those who will resist any move towards integrating immigrants into the society of the UK. The following remarks could be applied to similar situations in any nation that has had multiculturalism forced upon it.
Rob Berkeley, director of the Runnymede Trust race equality think-tank, said Mr Pickles’ announcement marked 'a dangerous and ill-advised reversion to assimilationist policy where all differences of ethnicity and heritage are subsumed into a majoritarian "mainstream" '.
Dr Berkeley added: 'The Secretary of State appears to have completely misunderstood the problems we face in building a successful multi-ethnic society, and the solutions proposed as a result simply miss the point.'


The Left considers multiculturalism to be a major part of their program to permanently change the electorate of Western nations. Having failed to pull the wool over enough eyes of the indigenous or even of those descended from several generations-worth of assimilated immigrants, they resorted to bringing in waves of newcomers who no one, especially the Left, believed would ever acquiesce to integrating into the culture of their new home countries. That was in fact exactly what they wanted; note the label of "assimilationist" that Mr. Berkeley employs in an attempt to make that a bad word. 

He describes the new policy (Which is really the actual policy that is required in all sane societies) as dangerous. ill-advised, and a reversion. Well, it worked really nicely here in the US when we practiced it. The Leftist parties of Western Europe and of the US (Along with those of Australia and Canada) don't want new immigrants becoming Westerners, they want Westerners to become like the immigrants. Note how it is OK to allow generation after generation of immigrants to remain completely distinct from the indigenous British, but woe to the Brit who wants to live his life according to the culture and lifestyle of his ancestors. That culture has too many memories of freedom, the individual, and Christianity to suit the appetites of those like Mr. Berkeley.

When the Western Roman Empire finally collapsed/disintegrated, in its place sprung a world where each person was governed according to the laws of the group in which he was born. A person was judged by Frankish law (Salic specifically), Burgundian, Roman, Gothic law, etc. This situation was one of many parts of the Dark Ages that we are happy to have been able to put aside.

A society that allows such an arrangement, especially when its creators are able to continue pouring in more of those who will not only avoid integration, but will be shielded from being required to do so by their Quisling handlers, cannot survive.

A person from the US, who was also a product of Western Culture,  and one whom we were fortunate to have, said it succinctly:

"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

Lincoln spoke of a nation that had found itself it its own mess due to a variety of factors. None of those factors consisted of what the Left did to Britain and Western Europe (And is feverishly trying to do in the remainder of the West).
The US had a situation that developed over time and was never properly addressed until it was too late. The people of Western Europe had this forced on them. It was not something that sneaked up on its creators; it was a deliberate plan to change the demographics and thus the political fabric of these nations. Those of the Left never had any doubt as to their intentions. They desire to push this program along until the whole place collapses. Such a situation is optimal for the institution of a totalitarian society.

When Lincoln's words come to fruition in Western Europe, (And they will if the Left is allowed to continue on this course) there will be few options for those who wish to maintain their sense of identity and the freedoms that were bequeathed to them by their ancestors. The easiest thing to do will be to roll over and allow the Left to completely restructure these societies along Socialist lines. Some will leave and move to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or maybe Eastern Europe. I would love for many to again come to the US but the handwriting is on the wall for us too. The hard thing to do will be to for the indigenous of Western Europe to stand their ground and engage in a struggle to win back their nations and their identities.

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