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Follow-up on Ukraine Post

This is a follow-up to the previous post on the reality of the situation in Ukraine:

For a nation that by all appearances has no aspirations beyond her traditional spheres of influence, Russia is the recipient of far too many protests.  The US, for example, is still fixated on "strategic interests" that are far beyond our financial ability to protect. If the US keeps up with the foolish promises to employ military assets to assist the Baltic states, we are only asking for trouble; one day, we will rue our arrogance when we are bankrupt and our geographic isolation is no longer a major factor. China is intent on continuing with her grabbing (or threats of grabbing) of islands from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan (here they want the whole bag), and the Philippines, and is also doing the same with portions on the Indian side of her land borders, yet to these moves we conveniently  turn a blind eye.

We are still are still tied up with a stupid and short-sighted attitude that is a bizarre combination of that of the Cold War and the even more ridiculous Great Game. It was British greed that ensured that the Ottoman Empire would remain largely intact in Asia Minor and Europe until the establishment of modern Turkey. If Russia had not been prevented from fulfilling what should have been her destiny, Hagia Sophia would have been restored to its original purpose, and the UK could still have had her empire.

Gates of Vienna featured a post from the extraordinarily gifted and insightful writer Takuan Seiyo, in which he outlines the early modern history of Ukraine, the ethnic/cultural makeup or the region, and - even more importantly, the frightening reality that those who orchestrated the recent coup are a dangerous collection of Fascists, Nazis, and other undesirables, with Socialist plutocrats such as George Soros bankrolling the scheme.Included as a dose of needed reality to Americans is a brutally candid yet accurate assessment of the the US electorate.

Excerpts below:

"...................The snatched-and-fully-delivered Western press just sprays jets of misinformation, always on a giant sardine run from the sharp-toothed dolphins of “racism,” sexism, and those awful homo and Islamo phobias and toward the safe haven where democracy, equality, tolerance, compassion, peace and justice shine. And, ah, it’s so clear to the captains of our leaking boat which side in the Ukrainian conflict holds all those twinkling jewels.

To take just one of those baubles under a professional magnifying glass: suppose that Ukraine joins the European Union; is EU a democracy? Does EU reflect, is it responsive to, the wishes and aspirations of its constituent peoples? Does it not engage, in an act of unparalleled authoritarianism, in forced re-engineering and in fact destruction of its constituent peoples, swamping them under an alien mass of foreign, inimical colonizers? Have all those millions of rules, regulations, codes and codicils spewing out of Brussels in a cosmic-size plume been put before the little people for approval?

But don’t look to CNN to explain that by moving from the repulsive Yanukovych to the strange new sexumvirate of Bandera fascists-Oligarchs-Soros-Banksters-US-EU the Ukraine is exchanging one form of corrupt autocracy for another. For one, you would hardly know, unless you read Slavic languages, that the opposition’s sainted Yulia Tymoshenko is a bona fide oligarch, one of Ukraine’s richest citizens, and directly involved in mega-corruption, connection to Ukraine’s super-mafioso Semyon Mogilevich, peripherally perhaps even murder.

If Yanukovych looks bad, and Tymoshenko not sufficiently better, since Ukraine gained independence a continuous string of its Prime Ministers has been involved in mega-theft, major looting and asset-stripping, conspiracy, murder, international arms trafficking, misuse of police and spy services for personal gain, tax evasion and more. Even a cursory glance reveals that Leonid Kuchma, Yukhym Zvyahilsky, Yevhen Marchuk, Paul Lazarenko, Valery Pustovoitenko, Mykola Azarov, Yuriy Yekhanurov and probably others are either fugitives from justice (as is Yanukovych) or in prison now, or have narrowly escaped the one or beaten the other. You wouldn’t know it from reading all that “Yanukovych bad” propaganda............................

With respect to the Ukraine, as in all other foreign matters where America’s and Western Europe’s bien pensant ruling elites wade in with their attaché cases full of Progressive stupidity, metrosexual soft power and, incongruously, missionary neocon madness unencumbered by knowledge of the relative history, ethnography and the spirit of the place, the same short motto applies that I invoked in the earlier article: We have no clue.

Let’s wade in, in search of some.

Nazizoid Democracy

Ukraine’s new government that the Snatcher nitwits governing the West have pushed into place after destabilizing the old one includes Andriy Parubiy, founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine — Nazi, to cut to the core of the matter. Parubiy is Secretary the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, i.e. all spook and internal repression services too. His deputy is Dmytro Yarosh, identified in the international press as commander of the Maidan rioters and leader of the Right Sector. What Western hacks fail to dig out is that “Right Sector” is another name of a Nazi[3] organization Yarosh founded, named S. Bandera Tryzub, now subsumed in that sector.

S. Bandera is a name readers of my December 2013 venture onto the Ukraine’s steppes will recognize. Tryzub means trident: symbol of Ukraine. And the whole may be neatly wrapped in a scarf offered on eBay as “Ukraine Scarf Stepan Bandera Tryzub Trident OUN.” Only $14.99 . Just remember what I wrote in this space about OUN — roughly equivalent to the Nazis’ NSDAP, down to SA-like paramilitaries, aggressive symbols, the colors red and black — Blut und Boden (blood and soil) — and eventually a full convergence in the death machine of the SS, the Nachtigall Battalion, Ukrainian police regiments and extermination camp executioners.

As to the mass-murderer and Nazi tool, Stepan Bandera, New Ukraine’s official hero far more than he was the Yanukovych regime’s, the motto he inspired in his followers was “Lachiw wyriżem, Żydiw wydusym, a Ukrajinu stworyty musym”: The Poles we shall slice through, the Jews we shall strangle out, but Ukraine we must create. Look for a Bandera International Airport and the Bandera Trans-Ukraine highway soon, built undoubtedly with money confiscated by the EU from the hapless European taxpayer. UPA mausoleums and cenotaphs for SS Division Galizien and OUN’s Nachtigall Battalion will probably be built with more discreetly sourced funding from Ukraine’s oligarchs.

Svoboda, which grew directly out of Andriy Parubiy’s Ukrainian Nazi party, is now the dominant party in Ukraine’s post-Maidan “democracy” and its government. Svoboda’s leader Oleh Tyahnybok, John Mc Cain’s cordial amigo and now People’s Deputy of the new Ukrainian government, is known for rallies in which Svoboda’s paternity is unmistakable:

The new Deputy Prime Minister, Oleksandr Sych, is Svoboda’s chief ideologue, focused on promoting Ukrainian nationalism in Bandera’s image. Ihor Tenyukh, a member of Svoboda and a former admiral, is the new Defense Minister. Svoboda’s Oleh Makhnitsky is prosecutor-general. Svoboda’s Ihor Shvaika is head of the critically important Ministry of Agriculture. Svoboda’s Andrij Mochnyk is Minister of Ecology. Svoboda’s Serhiy Kvit (by some accounts also a member of the now-camouflaged [and Nazi] Tryzub Bandery) is Minister of Education and Science...............................

All of these helmsmen of the “New, democratic Ukraine” angrily deny the Nazi paternity of their organizations, and deeds of their native idols that even the original German Nazis would have blanched at[4]. Among many other examples Prof. Rudling relays, with a photo, that on the site of Huta Pieniacka, where the Ukrainian Nazi fourth police regiment burnt a Polish village and slaughtered its residents on February 28, 1944, Svoboda has erected a large billboard denying the conclusions of both Polish and Ukrainian historical commissions.

Not two weeks have passed since the putsch in Kiev, and already Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Yuriy Serheyev, was whitewashing his nation’s Nazis in an international forum. Even more strangely, the only MSM news of this in English seems to have been in the Russian RT, and the only UN ambassador to condemn this vileness was Russia’s.[5]

The red and black banners that were thick in the Maidan in December, the yellow armbands with the Nazi “wolf’s hook,” the Bandera icons, the SS Galizien and Nachtigall Battalion and all other Nazi paraphernalia have been largely toned down by now, replaced by the yellow-and-blue and the trident. Much deep-pockets money has poured in to sustain the Maidan putsch, and some of it undoubtedly paid for the services of American or British PR-men to shape an image tailored to Progressive Western sensibilities. Even the smarmy Tony Blair is in this lucrative business now, managing the Western image of Kazakhstan’s ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Lest we forget the un-massaged Ukraine too quickly, here is a good reminder: a street demonstration probably in February 2014, after the Maidan discorporated:

See the screaming crowd with Stepan Bandera pictures and red-black Ukrainian Nazi flags; the Ukrainian trident embossed on European Union yellow stars-on-blue caps side by side with Ukrainians marching proudly in Waffen SS and OUN-B uniforms — in 2014!. See Oleh Tyahnybok grinning like a Cheshire Cat and hear him mocking the foreigners who disrespect Stepan Bandera. See people holding a street-wide banner with the likenesses of two Class-A WW2 Nazi criminals and one pre-war Nazizoid criminal: Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukevych, and Yevhen Konovalets[6].

Still, the sponsors of this Circus Maximus are the United States and the European Union, and the notions of what they consider kosher in the nascent New World Order are well known to the (mainly Lviv-based) Ukrainian Nazis. This gives rise to taqiah of the sort known to followers of Muhammad and designed to fool Western useful idiots.

Ukrainian Nazis now offer a friendly “all-Ukrainians brothers” logo, relays Ukraine-based blogger Graham Phillips in his “Insane Ukraine”:................................

Indeed, the Nazis are by no means the sole or even the most powerful party in the alliance that carried out the Kiev putsch. This has been a curious hybrid, with major strings pulled from places as far away as Washington, New York, Brussels and Warsaw, and given that the use of agent provocateurs is a standard KGB technique, one could wager that Moscow too.
The strange paternity of Stasoleu Babafa

None of the foregoing is to belittle the Ukrainian people or to question their desperate disgust with the kleptocratic Ancien Regime, from which there was no escape in normal elections. The Maidan was an outlet not only for the Nazis but also for millions of ordinary Ukrainians who couldn’t take it anymore. One can only wish that peoples further West — much further — were so brave and hardy to protest their political, economic and demographic disfranchisement this way.

“People came to the Maidan, in November 2013,” writes Tatiana Zaharchenko in “Ukraine: Corruption Doesn’t Capture It”, “not only to protest their government’s last minute rejection of the free trade and association agreement with the European Union [snip], not only from outrage at riot police violence [snip]. They came to the streets and many have stayed there for 90 days to denounce the looting of their country that has been taking place in front of their eyes for years. They came to reclaim their own dignity, which they were stripped off by becoming part of an unprecedented historical experiment of dismantling state ownership and creating private fortunes behind closed doors overnight, by accepting and living by the rules they did not establish and therefore becoming part of the system they despised.”

That storming the Ukrainian Bastille under Nazi banners may prove counterproductive at the end is another matter, by no means unique. The Russians chafed under the tsar’s yoke when they supported the 1905 and 1917 revolutions, in effect exchanging a Romanov for Stalin. The Germans who put Adolf Hitler in power in 1933 saw in him a true savior of their nation, not the devil incarnate that he was. The Iranians greeted the return of Ayatollah Khomeini from exile as liberation from the Shah’s Savak goons and wept for joy; now they just weep. The millions of middle-of-the-road white Americans who voted for Obama in November 2007 chose not to listen to the little voices in their heads whispering of foreseeable consequences..................................

What’s written here is to highlight the Progressive stupidity of the ruling cliques of the United States and the EU, and their Davos buddy banksters, oligarchs and assorted gofers who are re-engineering the world heedless of the foreseeable consequences of their good and not-so-good intentions..........

Six eventual fathers had to impregnate Ukraine before she could conceive and bring to term 

The mythical post-Yanukovych creature, christened here Stasoleu Babafa after its begetters: State (U.S. Dept. of) — Soros — Oligarchs — EU — Banksters — Bandera Fascists. And the Nazis, though a major concern, would never have been able to succeed, were it not for the other indispensable DNA..............

Incidentally, there may be a reason why Yatsenyuk is acceptable to the OUN-UPA-Svoboda-Right Sector Nazizoids too. According to the usually reliable former Solidarity chaplain and chronicler of Ukrainian fascist atrocities, Fr. Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, as president of the Open Ukraine Foundation Yatsenyuk implemented a program called “Common history — common future” in the course of which he was promoting UPA in Eastern Ukraine (as to what Eastern Ukraine thinks of UPA, see cartoon above). To make matters more confusing, “Open Ukraine Foundation” must either be a Soros spawn or is at least modeled on Soros’s Open Society activities.

More fingerprints: Ukraine’s new Finance Minister Oleksander Shlepak is a former deputy chairman of Privatbank. Privatbank was founded and is co-owned by Ukraine’s second- or third-richest man, Ihor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky, the new governor of the Dniepropetrovsk province, is important to the Svoboda/Right Sector regime because he is a high-profile Jew and can thus serve as a Hausjude (token Jew), paraded to massage Western sensibilities with respect to “intolerance” and antisemitism. Privatbank was involved in the laundering of Russian oligarchs’ money into Cyprus; there are allegations that it served as a conduit for American and other western funding of the Maidan putsch, but there is no convincing evidence of it that I know...............................................

“The United States considers as a matter of official policy that the promotion of democracy is an important element of its overall national security strategy. Large sections of the State Department, the CIA, para-governmental agencies like the National Endowment for Democracy, and government-funded NGOs like the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which publishes several works on “democracy promotion.” All these operations have one thing in common: they involve the interference, sometimes violent, of Western powers, especially the US, in the political processes of other states, and that interference is very often used to promote the quintessential revolutionary goal, regime change.”

“Democracy” is not the only almost-involuntary psychotic twitch of the American governing elite. Among the others, a curious one is the mania of placing women in key foreign policy positions, where they have to go eyeball-to-eyeball with wily, ruthless, macho dictators of the patriarchal nations that are the chief foes and competitors of America. I, for one, would love to have been there as a fly on the wall for the male banter after the Nuland woman’s meeting with Tyahnybok & Co. or the Clinton woman’s meeting with Sergey Lavrov, or to hear Muslim potentates’ appreciation in places like Cairo, Riyadh, Damascus, Yemen or Pakistan after the likes of Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power have exited the palace...........................................

Moreover, a country where rivers of blood have been shed as recently as World War II between the Russians and Russo-Ukrainians of the Eastern part and the Nazizoid-Ukrainians of the Western part. A country which, if the putsch succeeded, would have been the thirteenth on the periphery of Russia added to NATO since 1999, delivering a humiliating slap to a bear that — flea-bitten though he may be — is still a proud, fierce grizzly.

Just how could have Russia possibly acted in response to such a provocation, per the thinking of the foggy bottoms of the U.S. State Department, but the way she has acted?

It was the right thing to do to help the Soviet Union’s former satellites; in fact it was a major blunder not to help Russia itself when the time was right, and Bush 41 in the patented Bushian manner did the wrong thing. But since the Georgia caper, it should have been clear that major diminishing returns are the case now. The more the West meddles now on Russia’s periphery, the more aggressive Russia grows — and that’s in an age of uniform Western weakness, foolishness and talking big while waving a small stick — all of which Russia knows too well..................................

Former insults and maladroit moves of the West have already led to Russia’s seeking naval bases and other military assets in eight countries on the periphery of Pax Americana, stationing NATO-targeted nuclear missiles in the formerly Polish city of Kaliningrad, Putin’s entente cordiale with China and other countries that dislike the democracy-mongering American Uncle, and Russia’s creation of a bloc devoted to eliminating the US dollar from international trade.

The more the US and EU bait the bear, the more the bear bites back. Was the OUN-UPA-Bandera Maidan the opportune moment in history for more bear baiting? Future hostilities on Ukraine’s soil are as good as guaranteed now, but there is more. Just as Ukrainian Nazis are revered in Ukraine, so are Estonian Nazis in Estonia and Latvian Nazis in Latvia. Both countries are former Soviet vassals and in both annual parades and ceremonies are held to commemorate native Waffen-SS battalions in service of the Nazi machine. Both also, like Ukraine, have significant Russian minorities, and like the post-putsch Ukraine discourage or prohibit the use of the Russian language.

Russia has now been emboldened to signal its grave concern (e.g. here) over these matters, and may at some opportune moment implement hostile activities against Estonia and Latvia as well. It remains an incalculable blunder in all three countries to imperil hard-won independence from the Soviet yoke by coddling Nazis.........................

Just because the United States has voluntarily ceded large swaths of its landmass to an estimated 25% of the population of Mexico and Latin America in the last 50 years alone (some data pro and con) not to speak of their rapidly-multiplying descendants; and has promoted countless individuals to positions of power and responsibility based on their skin pigmentation; and has redeployed its Affirmative Action-led NASA to space cooperation with Nigeria and Indonesia and to promoting Socialism, and has gifted the Panama Canal that it had built from scratch to — long story short — the Chinese; and has voluntarily built the starving Chinese waif into a giant, muscle-bound, menacing Frankenstein colossus; and has trained countless actual and potential Muslim terrorists in its colleges and flight schools and armed services, does it give it a right to emit a cloud of hostile words and actions against countries, including Russia, that define their national interest in, ahm, more traditional ways?

Indeed, sitting in the hoi polloi upper gallery of this Grand Guignol par-excellence, one howls with painful spasms of laughter listening to the likes of America’s Alinskyite saboteur Obama — far to the left of Putin and far worse for America than Putin is for Russia; or the gilded limousine liberal Jean Francois Kerry, or Hillary What-Difference-Does-It-Make Clinton, or the clueless Affirmative Action U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations lambast, insult, give ultimatums, threaten with empty gestures and amuse with New World Order confetti a super-Machiavellian, stone-eyed KGB colonel like Putin. Appropriately, as this is being written, when 97% of Crimea voted to be with Russia — and they would have even if there had been no Russian tanks at the border (and no Kiev-Ukrainian ones either) — the news says “Russia laughs at Obama ‘sanctions’: calls him ‘Prankster’” and the U.S. — and Germany too but more about that later — continue shaking in feverish indignation.

The KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn asserted in his book
The Perestroika Deception
that the Soviets designed Perestroika and Glasnost and even the collapse of the USSR as a subterfuge, to lull the West into laying down its defenses, opening itself to free commerce and movement of people to and from Russia, and so to build Russia with Western capital and Western technology while hobbling it with a large crowd of controlled useful idiots, immigrant-moles, technology-transferring Russian employees and all those other things that, like 9/11, are possible only in a Snatcher-run “open” society that’s never open enough to stop the various Sorosing and Obamaing operations performed upon it by Progressive loons.

I do not know whether Mr. Golitsyn’s premise is true, but looking at the history of the United States moves versus China and Mexico or its management of its incessant wars and tussles such as over Ukraine, I know that it might as well be.

The Russians, the Chinese, the Persians, the Talibs — they all chuckle and guffaw all day as they read nonstop about America’s voluntary self-termination that America is so crazed as to celebrate nonstop. They know how little it means what Obama says compared to the fact that America elected Obama — twice. Putin in particular and his KGB lieutenants know best of all, for when they read about female combat Marines, Wise Latina justices, and student government leaders at the University of Michigan who demand that engineering students first study the “all-important subjects of race and ethnicity” (Daily Caller’s words and photo) they can trace that all the way back to the Comintern and to Lenin’s “useful idiots,” and they know that the work that failed via the “class struggle” has now succeeded through the lab-incubated plagues of identity politics, diversitism, multiculti, global migra, white privilege, affirmative action, GLBT supremacy and the rest of that whole howling insanity, and they know too that no matter how many Machs America’s jets can do now, its airplane has already landed — and she doesn’t even know it.........................:

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