Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Up to Liberal Who got Sacked After Fact Finding on Islam

This is just a follow-up to a previous post. The top link is from the first post, and the bottom has a video in which the victim tells his story.

The basic idea is that modern journalists are supposed to walk the chalk line. If they step out of bounds and find something that their superiors would prefer remain buried, they are to keep it to themselves,

Mr. Bell, apparently in a random act of neo-teenage rebellion, started looking into the Koran and other teachings and practices of Islam. When the picture started looking appreciably different than the one he was supposed to paint, he got sacked by his Leftist overlords. How dare a journalist research and then publish or speak out about the facts?

His story appears to start with a conversation with a Coptic Orthodox cab driver in the US.

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