Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MUST READ - Liberal Becomes Aware of the Truth About Islam and is Effectively Blacklisted by His Peers

This is a must read - The writer of the two-page article identifies himself as a normal type of Liberal who leaned towards considering "far right" Christians to be a much greater threat than Islam could be. He was involved in numerous articles and a documentary that was essentially a part of the Leftist agenda to whitewash the facts about Islam while demonizing those who oppose it.

The leak in the dyke for him appears to have been a conversation with a cab driver who happened to be a Coptic Orthodox Christian. After hearing the driver's concerns for his family back in Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak, the writer's curiosity was sparked. There followed a number of events that caused him to realize not only the threat that Islamic thought poses to the US and the rest of the Western World, but the terrible state in which subjugated Christians, women, and others are kept in cultures that are dominated by Islam. He began to think that he and his peers were barking up the wrong tree.

In attempts to get his coworkers to step back and reconsider their positions, he began to bring these issues to the attention of his peers and supervisors. This was met by repeated rebuffs and eventually he was branded as a bad-guy Islamophobe.

I cannot do justice to the story. Please read it. The pro-Islamic Loonwatch.com site, which routinely attacks those who expose Islam, was itself exposed for what it is by this writer more effectively than it has by any other individual of whom I am aware. Make sure to read both pages.

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