Sunday, February 5, 2012

George Soros -Leftism and Anti-Semitism

Glenn Beck, formerly of Fox News, recently spoke about what can happen to an individual who dares to expose Leftist/Globalist/Anti-Semitic/US billionaire George Soros.

Soros tends to put a lot on his plate. The problem is that the vast majority of what winds up there is bad. Of course he dresses the bad up with ketchup-like condiments of philanthrophy  but even the recipients in this case are often carefully selected for their Leftist leanings. He pours all kinds of money into Leftist organizations and had made it painfully clear that he not only does not like the US, but that he advocates the dismantling of US sovereignty.

He is also, curiously, a person of Jewish extraction. He had to hide this fact in Nazi-occupied Hungary, was consequently involved in the confiscation of Jewish property, and has never expressed any regrets about any of that. He has repeatedly come out to blame Israel and the US for Islamic violence and and seems to have an ax to grind against, of all people, Ariel Sharon, the man who uprooted tons of Israeli settlers in Gaza to give it the the Palestinians and was rewarded with tons of rocket attacks, courtesy of Hamas, from their newly-acquired territory. He has accused the Jewish people for "tribalism" and cites that charge as a primary reason for anti-semitic activity amongst Muslims. Many Jewish writers and thinkers sincerely believe that Soros' hostility against Jews and Israel is a result of self-loathing, sort of like the probable source of Michael Moore's deep-seated hatred of what the US is.

Below are links to a numbers of articles that provide a fairly thorough picture of the man. His animosity to the US, Israel and Jewish people in general is quite disturbing. Also note the suspicions of currency manipulation in many nations of which he has been accused and from which he reportedly profited greatly.
He seems to be a prime mover in the movement to destroy the sovereignty of the US and ensure a fully Socialistic society in which the individual becomes an indentured servant of the state.

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