Monday, February 13, 2012

Israel - Her Sense of Nationhood is the Bane of the Left

I have noted in the past that a major factor in the resentment that the Left has for Israel is her sense of nationhood and its corresponding rejection of any possible loss of national sovereignty.

Israel was founded by a wide range of people, many of whom were of the Socialist persuasion. Despite this fact, they never found any appreciable support for the Left of Western nations. While the Left was doing all that it could to reduce the sovereignty of individual nations,  here was a tiny group of people who conversely were moving in the opposite direction. A people were committing the classic post-WWII crime - identifying themselves as a distinct people and working to carve out a place for them to safely remain so. This was not what the Left wanted.

It was consequently forced to fight for its very existence from the beginning.

The amount of anti-Semitism from the modern Left is simply staggering:

The post at top tells the tale perfectly; the Left has no problem with Islam as it is geared towards a "transnational" outlook. Nation-states are not a part of the Islamic system.When a Leftist envisions the world order that he would prefer, that world does not contain sovereign nations. It may be a one-world government, it may be one where nations are but shadows of their former selves that have surrendered their right to govern themselves and answer to a world-wide version of the European Union, or it is a world divided up into a few regional spheres. The latter could have a Latin American-dominated union of North and South America, an EU, an Islamic sphere, and and Asian one dominated by China.

While many Western nations allow themselves to be lead like sheep into this oncoming loss of sovereignty, a notion which many now hold to be as obsolete as that of the ancient Greek city-states*, Israel stands firm.

Anyone who has any concern for the national identity that was bequeathed to him needs to at least provide some degree of moral support for a nation that defies the call of the Left to give up its right to remain free and self-governing.

* Note some of the quotes attributed to an "Americans" such as Zbigniew Brzezinski:

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