Sunday, February 5, 2012

George Soros and Possible Anarchy in the US - South African Example

The two above links provide more disturbing information on the designs of Georges Soros. In these, the growing anarchic movement in the US seems to have been a major recipient of his support. During my career as a law enforcement officer, I experienced the tactics and general behavior of anarchists during two major events. Although they and their acts were contained due to extensive pre-event planning and training, I found it quite disturbing to see so many young people, who had grown up benefiting from the very society that they sought to destroy, act in they manner that they did.

The society that the anarchists seek to create is one that will cause so much crime and other disorders that a totalitarian Socialism or fascism will be welcomed by many. Anarchists have historically have been associated with Marxist movements. At first glance it is hard to tell why, but those who promote and support anarchist-type movements really have no desire to return to a truly ungoverned society, but to foment so much mayhem that the public order that can be imposed by a tyranny will come as a relief. The real target to anarchists is property rights. One of the foundations of the West, private property, is now under constant attack. Soros knows the part that private property plays in maintaining freedom and sovereignty and has no intention of allowing it to remain in place.

Below are two blogs that provide a glimpse into the amount of disorder and crime that can occur when a society is not reformed and made better, but dismantled completely. These blogs have vast amounts of posts that describe terribly disturbing and ever-more frequently occurring events. The end of aparthied in South Africa, which of course had to happen, was followed not by a fair restructuring, but by an effective full reversal of victimization. The scale of violence now regularly suffered by descendants of Dutch and British settlers, and its routine severity, are unimaginable

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