Monday, January 21, 2013

Shock Story - Boy Wields Knife To Protect Rape Victim

Hat tip to The Blaze.

A college student is abducted and raped. She later manages to escape by leaping from the rapist's moving vehicle.  With nowhere else to go, she pounds on the door of a house in which a 14 year-old boy is home watching his younger sister.

No doubt under strict orders from his parents to keep the door locked and to open it only for family members or emergency service personnel, the young man, after hearing the fear-ridden pleas of the victim, goes with his gut and lets her in.

She could easily have been a criminal herself,  but his instinct to help others in need overrode his fear for his own and his sister's life.

What he saw would turn the stomach of even the most hardened sex crimes detective:

"The woman was an alarming sight. She had clear packing tape wrapped around her body. There were bruises on her face. She was cradling one of her arms, which she said was broken after she leaped from the vehicle as Ramsey was driving down South Mission."

Sure enough, the piece of garbage was close behind in his car.

"James locked the front door and ran to the side door to lock it, too. He herded everyone into the bathroom to hide. The injured woman got in the bathtub and cowered. [His siblings] Acelin and Angus joined her.

James went to his bedroom and grabbed the one weapon he has — a hunting knife. He pulled his Labrador retriever by the collar into the bathroom and closed the door, which has no lock. James turned the lights off, so if Ramsey got inside, he might pass by the bathroom and look for them in another room first.

“Let me in or I’ll kill you,” Ramsey kept shouting.

There they were — a rape victim, a dog too friendly to offer much protection and three frightened children, hiding in the dark, convinced they were about to die at the hands of the man trying to get inside. And the only thing that stood between them and him was a 5-foot-8, 142-pound 14-year-old boy holding a small knife."

Unwilling to let the terror he had to have felt get the best of him, he refused to open the door. The victim called 911 and the brave young man called his father.

The father arrived to find that gasoline had been poured around the house and  lit on fire. Fortunately, the rapist had driven away by the time Dad got to the house.

"It was at that moment that the terrified father pulled up, throwing himself on the flames, attempting to extinguish what he could before it got out of control. Knowing it was a losing battle, James Persyn Jr. tried to get in the house, realizing too late that the doors were locked and he didn’t have his keys.

As fate would have it, that’s when the police came, mistaking the father for the criminal.

“I’m the dad! I’m the dad!” he yelled as a police officer ran at him, gun drawn."

After being located later by the cops, ramming a patrol car, and then taking the time to use social media to let everyone know he was going to get shot, the rapist was killed by police gunfire.

This is like something out of a movie. I can't find words to describe the courage and fortitude demonstrated by the young man. An account of a courageous act by military member in combat that is reported for a medal recommendation often includes language such as "in compete disregard of his own safety". This is the only thing that comes to mind.

This is exactly why my son knows how to use a firearm, has been told that at any moment a nice day may turn into a fight for one's (Or that of another) life, and that we have no option than to risk our own lives for those who are in need. That kid is old enough to grab a knife and he is old enough to be trained in how to use a firearm. 

To use Obama's words against him - "If we can take steps to save even one life, then we have no choice but to take those necessary actions".

To add irony to this report, I came across this article this morning in the New York Times. After recounting an event (Apparently to make us think that most possible intruders are actually OK guys) in which a possible intruder turned out to be drunk, she writes about her depression and how owning a firearm may make her more likely to kill herself. What I determined from reading her piece was not that she recommends stricter controls on restricting people with conditions as severe as hers, but that she wants lots of people to be controlled to the degree that she wants for herself:

-Excerpt from end of the article:

".......The other day, the president and the vice president announced their plans to curb gun violence in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Conn. I agree with all of their measures. But I believe they should be bolder and stop walking on eggshells about what to do with people like me and those not even close to being like me but still labeled with the crazy term “mentally ill.” The executive actions the president signed to increase access and treatment are all good, although the experts will struggle with confidentiality and privacy issues.

But since most people like me are more likely to harm ourselves than to turn into mass-murdering monsters, our leaders should do more to keep us safe from ourselves.

Please take away my Second Amendment right. Do more to help us protect ourselves because what’s most likely to wake me in the early hours isn’t a man’s body slamming at my door but depression, that raven, tapping, rapping, banging for relief.

I have a better chance of surviving if I never have the option of being able to pull the trigger."

To the Left, the threat is not the criminal who raped and attempted to murderer, it's you to yourself. To her, it is more important that the State step in to control you. If the rape victim later became a murder victim (And probably the young man and his sister as well), that is less of a tragedy than if the writer was able to own or access a firearm while suffering from depression.

So I gather that her life (Which if she took it would involve only one person - herself) is more valuable than that of a rape victim and two kids at home who are faced with a vicious fiend trying to gain entry.

This is the opposition, clear as day. There is no room for negotiations with these types. The political fight must be unyielding, and if ultimately unsuccessful then the people must considered restructuring the Republic into two separately governed bodies. If we lose, let them have their gun-free country, and we will have ours the way we want it.


  1. Amazing story! I hope, wherever this brave young man lives, his community takes the opportunity to publicly recognize him for the hero he is.

  2. The difference between a subject and a citizen is the citizen has the right to keep arms.

    Great story.

    Glad the bastard got his due and the police saved us the trouble and cost of a trial.

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  5. I had to delete the previous comment. Requirements (Laws, regulations, Executive Orders) that will intrude upon rights of medical privacy will harm far more than they will help. Not only will the patient and their families be subjected to vicious abuses of power following the disclosure of mental health treatment, others, knowing what will be in store for their families and themselves, will forego mental health care altogether. Never make the consequences of seeking help worse than the original problem itself.

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