Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Muslims in Spain Suspected of Killing Neighborhood Dogs

Newspapers in the Town of Lerida, which is in the Catalonia region of Spain, have reported that authorities have found that over twelve dogs had been poisoned to death in September. Muslims in the area are suspected in the deaths. Muslim groups had been petitioning the local government to prohibit dogs on public transportation and of course areas frequented by Muslims.

I cannot imagine how arrogant one could be to think that your religion allows you to break a child's heart by killing his dog.

Unknown to many in the West, Islam considers dogs to be unclean. This does not only mean that dogs cannot be eaten, such as a Muslim or Jewish person being prohibited from eating pork, it means that dogs are not to be kept as pets. The tolerance of Muslims that is celebrated by the left unfortunately does not tend to include allowing people to mind their own business or to go about their lives without being bothered. Indeed non-Muslim locals have reported being harassed while taking their dogs for a walk when they happen to pass by a Moslem in the street. The presence of a dog offends Muslims and the fact that dog ownership has been part of the culture of the area since prehistoric times does not matter to them.

It is interesting that the Left is constantly leaving no stone unturned in trying to come up with facts to attempt to disprove Judaism or Christianity. The recent new findings of Denisnovian human DNA was one recent example of straw-grasping to try to claim that the creation account of mankind is wrong. Of course no one noted that the author of Genesis never stated that Adam and Eve were Homo Sapien Sapien. The first person could well have been an ancestor common to Homo Sapien- Neadndertal Variant, Denisovian, us, and any other yet-undiscovered DNA.(Or the Flores man)

What the Left ignores is the fact that Muslims,who claim to worship the same God as Jews and Christians, somehow are forced to conclude that Allah created a dog but, regardless of its attributes, we are not to have one around. Muslims get a pass from attacks of the Left. This creature that God made truly stands alone in not only liking to be with people, but actually is happier when people are pleased with its company or perfomance but God did want us to have one.
Muslims are faced with knowing that this animal exists, that their God made it, that it seems to be the perfect fit in a human-animal relationship, but they really aren't any good so keep them away and kill them if you can't.

If anything disproves Islam then I submit that its prohibtion against keeping dogs is the plainest and most obvious. A creator would not have made such an animal to be shunned.

This should not be a forum for all sports of speculation on whether or not people created the species from wolves, something to which many cling - as if early people had the time and resources to engage in breeding so selective to accomplish something that wolf and wolf-dog hybrid breeders cannot successfully do today.

Now I have to let my dog outside. Thankfully I don't have to fear if anyone on my block will try to hurt her.

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