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Sex Offender Back at Her Underage Victim

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In a case that exemplified the communal rage and hatred that will be leveled at anyone who dares questions the fence of perfection and protection that has been set up around virtually any gay or lesbian despite his or her actions, the sanctified offender has reportedly engaged in all roosts of contact with her victim. If that wasn't enough, the mother of the offender, who had previously waged a PSYOPS campaign that fed the public lies about the ages of both the offender and victim, also appears to have committed an act of intimidating a witness:

"Kaitlyn Hunt, the 19-year-old former cheerleader who was given a new plea deal
[and a really sweet deal at that] in the dramatic case surrounding her sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl, has defied court orders to stay away from the minor, according to an explosive court document.

According to the document, filed by prosecutors Aug. 15:
Hunt, of Sebastian, Fla., placed an iPod in her former girlfriend’s locker at school in March. Over the next several months, Hunt contacted the minor “almost daily” and more than 20,000 text messages between the two have surfaced.
I’m out of jail on bond,” Hunt texted in May to the underage girl, who has remained unnamed. “I’ll sit in jail until trial starts.”
[If it is reported that she is having contact with her victim] Then Hunt warns her: “Keep the f**k quiet.
Another warning from Hunt later in May: “No matter what, if they find out we talked I’m going to jail until trial starts.”
And this one four days later from Hunt: “If my mom finds we’re talking I’m blaming it on you.”
The state has more than 25 lewd photos of Hunt that she sent to her lover’s iPod, some that show her fully nude and engaging in “sex acts,” as well as videos—one of which depicts Hunt “masturbating…while moaning.”
Hunt arranged meetings with the underage girl in which Hunt picked her up and drove her to a remote location where they engaged in “intimate physical contact,” and these meetings took place as recently as two weeks ago.

After Hunt discovered her lover had told her parents about their continued relationship., Hunt texted the girl: “F**k’re stupid. You want me to go in jail…You’re such a messed up person…you snitched on me. God only knows what you’ll do when pressed in court. Bye.”
In June Hunt texted the girl: “So you aren’t going to lie for me..”
Hunt’s mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, tried to help her daughter cover her tracks by texting the underage girl herself: “Delete EVERYTHING…PLEASE delete everything and make sure NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all.”

“It is apparent that the conduct of both the defendant and Kelley Hunt Smith is severely threatening the integrity of the judicial process,” the document concludes, urging the court to enforce its bond order on Hunt, which means she may be headed to jail.

The Florida state attorney’s office had offered Hunt a deal that would save her from a possible 15-year prison sentence if she’s convicted of sex with a minor during her coming trial this fall. Rather than being placed behind bars, the deal states that Hunt would get three years probation and an 11 p.m. curfew. [Well, that deal looks to be down the toilet]

Note that the above deal was offered after the first one below, which was also quite lenient considering the circumstances. An 18 -year old man would have been hammered and sent to prison, but a woman with pretty eyes with a supporting campaign of  pro-gay thuggery caused the prosecutors to back off.

In exchange for agreeing to these demands, among others, all charges would be wiped from Hunt’s record following the completion of the three-year period. She would also not be given a felony conviction, nor would she be forced to register as a sex offender. Previously, Hunt was given a deal that included two years of house arrest; this has been dropped from the new option prosecutors are giving her........."

One thing that is conspicuously absent are the claims of Ms. Hunt's parents that her daughter has psychological issues and needs help rather than imprisonment. I would not accept that such issues signify that she should not be prosecuted or found guilty, but at least one could comprehend that the parents would be trying to help their daughter obtain a lesser sentence along with mandatory counseling. 

In our current society, however, this is a no-go. If Ms. Hunt or her parents had sought this option, the full weight of the gay/lesbian/transgender army would have come down in condemnation of all of them, and all support for Ms. Hunt would have vanished in the blink of an eye. Taking a position that her crime was anything other than normal would result in an anathema being placed on their heads for daring to stray from the chalk line that insists that everything she did must be treated as perfectly fine.

From previous posts on this case:

"An 18 year-old high school student has a sexual relationship with a student that had not reached the minimum age of consent (For sex with an adult) in Florida. When the parents of the victim find out, they sought to have charges filed against the older student, who was arrested and is in the process of dealing with the charges in the courts.

While our kids are being told to go crazy with sexual relationships and forget about any consequences, this type of event is occurring more often, but the law is in place for a reason. 14 year-olds are in no way ready for sex, especially with one that is legally an adult.

You have to read the article to really get this. All of the it's not (Usually - his) fault excuses are there.

-It was consensual.

-The younger student (Read Victim) looked much older.

-The older student was a model student and athlete had so much of her life ahead of her and it's all being ruined.

The one twist to the usual litany of excuses is that the only reason that this is being done is because the sexual relationship was of the same-sex type.

My son is a high school junior. Although I would have done so if I felt it was needed, I never told him verbatim that he could not date girls much younger than he. Possibly from hearing me speak about such things in general  or maybe just due to having common sense and empathy for younger and more impressionable people, he just figured it out on his own.

Apparently no such act of upbringing or plain thinking was a part of Ms. Hunt's home life or mindset.

Were the parents of the victim (Consensual or not, she is a victim) maybe 20% more upset that the relationship was of the lesbian type than if the perpetrator had been a male? OK, fine, but laws are on the books in cases like these to prevent older people (No matter what gender) from taking advantage of younger people, so the parents of the victim have every right to fight to ensure that these charges don't get dropped or watered down to the point of being worthless. They do not need to make arguments is defense of their feelings or outrage. Criminal laws - so far, do not have same-sex exceptions.

I won't even dwell on the fact that a 14 year-old, besides being inherently unready for sex, is often confused about sexuality and should be free from being courted for Homosexual/Lesbian acts, particularly when the other person is an adult.

Liberals no doubt are championing MS. Hint's cause as what they ultimately want is for all restrictions, laws, and concepts of right and wrong abolished.

I will bet my bottom dollar that NAMBLA is watching this case with baited breath."


"Added 5/25/13 to the 2/24/13 post-
It hit me this morning - with they way the Left has it set up now, you are allowed no legal recourse if your kid is victimized by a Gay or Lesbian individual. If an 18 year-old boy had done this sick thing, no one would care, but since we have a non-heterosexual involved, this can be used as a tool to wreck society. The authorities and the anguish-wracked parents have to be subjected to constant attacks that will dissuade others from doing the right thing.

That is how the Left uses their invention of Political Correctness to silence any opposition to their agenda or any effort to serve Justice.

The victim's parents are clearly not only greatly concerned for what happened to their daughter, but they also - and inexplicably so, gave the offender a chance to back off their kid (After another parent had done the same) instead of going to the cops in the first place:.........

The most telling part of this story, and one that says the most about the current state of our society,  is the ease which the Ms. Hunt and her parents had in assembling such a horde of solicited and unsolicited support for the offender. A simple case of an adult taking advantage of a child over a year shy of the age of consent has turned into a Cause celebre. Supporters have decided to raise the flag of Gay/Lesbian rights to advocate ignoring the law and to accuse the victim's parents of homophobia. "Stop the Hate, Free Kate" T-shirts have become a uniform of some of the forces that are tearing the fabric of the nation apart.

The offender's mother has been displayed tremendous energy and willingness to employ vitriol - letting no opportunity to slander the victim's parents pass. She also seems to believe herself to be a mind reader:

"[The offender's mother] Smith described the younger girl’s family as “bigoted, religious[zealots]” who believe that being gay is a sin. They seemingly blame Hunt for their daughter’s sexuality and are taking legal action to punish her as a result, she charges.Smith also characterized the family as being out to destroy her daughter’s life."

In addition to promised attacks on the Attorney General/Prosecutor's Office. they have also vowed to attack the school administration that initially (Again inexplicably) was inclined to ignore the crime; not because they failed to do their job in the first place, but because they eventually did move the offender out of the school. "

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