Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lesbians - Incapable of Statutory Rape?


Well, one individual who was being made the fall guy for Benghazi is now speaking out. He is tad bit upset that he was put on track for a probable termination even though he says that he had nothing to do with decisions for security or emergency response for the embassy.



This one is just precious.

An 18 year-old high school student has a sexual relationship with a student that had not reached the minimum age of consent (For sex with an adult) in Florida. When the parents of the victim find out, they sought to have charges filed against the older student, who was arrested and is in the process of dealing with the charges in the courts.

While our kids are being told to go crazy with sexual relationships and forget about any consequences, this type of event is occurring more often, but the law is in place for a reason. 14 year-olds are in no way ready for sex, especially with one that is legally an adult.

-Except apparently, when both persons involved are females.

"Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, had her entire life before her. Graduation. College. Job prospects. The high school senior was just preparing to start her life when she found herself expelled and slapped with criminal charges over her engagement in a same-sex relationship. And what started as a relationship between two young women has snowballed into a legal battle that could land Hunt in prison.

The story has many twists, turns and oddities. And so far, only one side — that of Hunt family — is being told. The high school senior apparently met her girlfriend, who is now 15-years-old, on the school basketball team at Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida; the two began dating at the beginning of the school year........."

You have to read the article to really get this. All of the it's not (Usually - his) fault excuses are there.

-It was consensual.

-The younger student (Read Victim) looked much older.

-The older student was a model student and athlete had so much of her life ahead of her and it's all being ruined.

The one twist to the usual litany of excuses is that the only reason that this is being done is because the sexual relationship was of the same-sex type.

My son is a high school junior. Although I would have done so if I felt it was needed, I never told him verbatim that he could not date girls much younger than he. Possibly from hearing me speak about such things in general  or maybe just due to having common sense and empathy for younger and more impressionable people, he just figured it out on his own.

Apparently no such act of upbringing or plain thinking was a part of Ms. Hunt's home life or mindset.

Were the parents of the victim (Consensual or not, she is a victim) maybe 20% more upset that the relationship was of the lesbian type than if the perpetrator had been a male? OK, fine, but laws are on the books in cases like these to prevent older people (No matter what gender) from taking advantage of younger people, so the parents of the victim have every right to fight to ensure that these charges don't get dropped or watered down to the point of being worthless. They do not need to make arguments is defense of their feelings or outrage. Criminal laws - so far, do not have same-sex exceptions.

I won't even dwell on the fact that a 14 year-old, besides being inherently unready for sex, is often confused about sexuality and should be free from being courted for Homosexual/Lesbian acts, particularly when the other person is an adult.

Liberals no doubt are championing MS. Hint's cause as what they ultimately want is for all restrictions, laws, and concepts of right and wrong abolished.

I will bet my bottom dollar that NAMBLA is watching this case with baited breath.

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