Tuesday, August 6, 2013

French Woman Refused Service For Flag T-Shirt, Drenched By Bucket of Water





American Evangelicals and Catholics alike have begun falling into line, letting their emotions overrule their minds on illegal immigration. Failing to note that the Natural Law, particularly as embodied in the Ten Commandments, mandates that we respect the rights to property (And by extension national sovereignty) of others, too many believers have fallen for the Kool Aid that has been administered by the Left, thus bringing us ever closer to creating a society (And with it's accompanying lack of prosperity and safety)  that may well be little different from the places that illegal migrants left in the first place. This is of course exactly what the Left wants.

Nothing - not one thing, in the Old Testament, the Bible as a whole, nor any legitimate school of thought of Christianity (Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant) or Judaism would have a people just surrender the bounty and security which their creator gave them. Collect monies for and send help to impoverished regions? Of course, and shame on anyone who refuses to share; but let's not leave out the fault of risking that with which he has blessed us with to be reduced to economic mediocrity or poverty either.

Nations, regions, or any other locales all have tipping points in regards to immigration. No area can continually accept large amounts of newcomers, even from places quite similar in culture let alone very different, without reaching a point in which a permanent change occurs - one that would require either drastic measures to correct or an exodus of many of those who formed the original population that created the formerly prosperous and safe society.

Western Europe has already reached that point, only there it is much worse. Yes, the Welfare systems have been strained past the point of exhaustion by those who (The People were told) were to provide needed labor, but the changes have been far worse and widespread than what we have seen in the US.

In the links at top, an older French woman is interviewed about her treatment at the hands of one who brings Cultural Enrichment  to her nation. After being denied service at a cafe because her shirt had a French flag in the shape of a map of France, she was drenched by a bucket-load of water by the employee who had forced her to leave.

The video, which is in all of the links, is short but it still turns my stomach.

Rampant welfare fraud, rioting and arsons, gang-rapes, robberies, street prayers that take up entire city blocks, attacks on firefighters and cops for doing their jobs, confident public assertions that Islam will rule Europe,.......

- and now the Tricolor is grounds for being refused service and effectively assaulted.

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