Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Jersey Bans Therapy for Homosexual Inclinations of Youths


I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I can state with confidence that if New Jersey goes one way the correct answer is to go in the opposite direction.

Despite the romantic picture presented to us about Revolutionary War patriots abounding in the Garden State, the reality is that New Jersey was heavily Loyalist.

New Jersey lagged way behind other states that had abolished slavery prior to the Civil War. In fact, when slavery was finally ended there, the law included  provisions to benefit the landed gentry of the southern part of the state. Those born into slavery, for example, had to remain on the property in a sort of indentured servitude well into adulthood. I believe they were bound to work for free for the owner until age 25.

Lincoln also has trouble in New Jersey in both of his two elections. In 1860 he barely won a split vote, and in 1864 he lost it to McClellan.

Now, New Jersey follows the lead of California - enough said.

Only in our current era can a man refer to a legitimate form of therapy as "an insidious form of child abuse." and not be run out of town on a rail.

"Gov. Chris Christie [AKA "Governor Fats"] signed a bill Monday barring licensed therapists from trying to turn gay teenagers straight, making New Jersey the second state to ban so-called conversion therapy, along with California.

The bill passed both houses of the New Jersey Legislature with bipartisan support in June. Assemblyman Tim Eustace, who sponsored the bill and is openly gay, described the therapy as "an insidious form of child abuse."

In a note accompanying the bill, Christie said he believes people are born gay and that homosexuality is not a sin. That view is inconsistent with his Catholic faith, which teaches that homosexual acts are sins....."

For the record, the Catholic Church does not hold the inclination to engage in homosexual activity to be a sin. It teaches that the acts themselves or the purposeful dwelling on such thought for the purposes of lustful pleasure are sinful, Christie, who makes a big deal that he paid $38,000 each year for his son's tuition in a Catholic preparatory high school, may possibly have asserted that the acts not not sins either, but that cannot be determined from the article.

Again for the record, some therapists may not treat their clients well or with any degree of empathy. These may spend countless billable hours fleecing parents and making a young person miserable. The way that such wrongful behavior should be addressed would be to create reasonable guidelines to which therapists must adhere. This would include a requirement that therapists make an effort to determine whether or not the youth's inclinations would have arisen despite any environmental factors. In other words, a therapist should ensure that the youth was not "born that way" before he attempted to redirect him.

This prohibition is ugly from several angles. The fascist-mannered gay radicals have again succeeded in codifying the fallacy that all homosexual/lesbian activity is normal and that any attempt to asses the origin of such activity is inherently wrong. With licensed therapists forbidden from this sort of counseling, parents may have no option other than to seek help from a clergyman, who may well not be fully qualified to counsel anyone for psychological issues. Young people also may feel more comfortable being seen by a therapist than a church official whom the child may know personally.  Fettered from any decision-making authority by the Law, parents may also seek help in other states that have not (yet) brought the full controlling weight of the Law down on therapists and Moms and Dads. That's what the kid really  needs; being driven out-of-state on the weekend or his family moving outright to another state.

The most cruel and truly insidious (Note how the lefto-fascists "project" their wrongs onto others) aspect of this law is that it's supporters know fully well that many young people begin to feel inclinations towards homosexual or lesbian activity (as well as other self-destructive sexual practices) as a consequence of prior sexual abuse. The Left and their radical gay allies so detest this sad reality that will railroad legislative action through lawmaking bodies in order to bury forever any chance of ever having to admit that therapists are finding that a significant amount of their clients* can trace their same-sex inclinations back to a period of sexual abuse. 

[*Parents of a son who has acted like a girl since he was a toddler are highly unlikely to waste their time trying to redirect him to start being attracted to girls]

To the Left and their allies, we can never speak of such things since we are all required to hold that all such inclinations are always healthy. We certainly must be prevented from ever speaking of such a link.

Here is where the insidious nature of this law is fully exposed; not only will young people be prevented from realizing that their inclinations are a result of having been victimized, they will now - thanks to "Governor Fats" be denied an opportunity to actually tell a therapist that a crime or period of crimes have occurred.  Victims often go months without telling a therapist about past sexual abuse. Now, without having seen a therapist at all (because everything is OK), the probability that the victim will say anything at all is quite remote.Note that being able to address sexual abuse as early as possible is the best means to help a young person and that this opportunity has been dealt a major blow.

Victims of sexual abuse often do not inform anyone about the crimes that have been committed against them until they are much older -sometimes long after they themselves have their own children. By that time, the victims will have suffered needless additional years of guilt, shame and loneliness and more needless years of engaging in sexual inclinations that may easily have been addressed when they were young. Other potential (past, present, and future) victims of the same abuser will not have been rescued or prevented from falling into his hideous grasp and,

get ready for the blaster - 

-the criminal may have died in the meantime; leaving the victim with no chance for justice, a healthy and dignified confrontation with the abuser, and the monster having successfully avoided criminal prosecution.

Great job, Fats - you are an awesome Governor and a great leader.

We are two different countries, and we need to act on that reality.

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