Monday, August 19, 2013

Sex Abuse Victim's Family Endures Horrific Treatment By Teachers and Others

The lack of empathy about which you will read here is mind-boggling.

This tragic and gut-wrenching story has been around for some time, but I only became aware of it today.

In Rose, Michigan, a young boy had been terribly abused sexually for years by a middle school teacher. The video of the interview of the boy's father by Glenn beck was so difficult to follow that I almost clicked off of the page. The man was barely able to stop himself from breaking down and sobbing as he recounted the drastic change in his son's behavior during the period of abuse and the fact that his son had lost so many years of his childhood. Text of the interview is below the embedded video.

The monster must have been the one who uploaded photos of the boy to a porn site as the police only learned of the crimes after someone provided an anonymous tip about the photos.

If you went straight to the linked page, you caught the fact that the story gets worse; the monster was actually the beneficiary of support from several of his colleagues. Six teachers and one board member, apparently having abandoned their conscience and any sense of shame long ago, wrote letters to the judge requesting that the creep be granted a more lenient sentence. They also attended the sentencing in a show of support:

"....Erickson was convicted of statutory rape after a picture surfaced of the boy in a compromising position with the teacher. On July 10, 2013, the judge sentenced Erickson to 15-30 years in prison, but six educators and one school board member came out in support of the teacher and asked for leniency. According to The Detriot News:

Before the sentencing, six teachers and two retired ones wrote letters to the judge asking for leniency.

None of the teachers condoned what Erickson did. Instead, their letters focused on his 17 years of teaching, describing his popularity with students and teachers, how hard he worked and how often he volunteered for school functions."

In response to these shameless acts that start with the clearly false assumption that having been a pretty nice guy on the surface should be a mitigating factor for criminal sentencing when the crime is one of violence - one that involves a child no less, calls have been made to have these enablers fired from their positions:

"Parents in the town have since called for the firing of the teachers and board member who have defended. The town has balked at the requests claiming the firings would result in expensive litigation that would drive the city into bankruptcy. Tonight at the Ogemaw Heights High School auditorium at 7pm, there will be a meeting to decide the fate of the administrators....."

Here are the names of the supporting creeps:

"The School Board actually had membership who sat with the admitted rapist during the sentencing hearing. The support for the rapist so egregious even the judge had to admonish them for their audacity and detachment from reality.

Here is a link to some of the letters written in support:

Amy Huber Eagan – Read her letter HERE
Carol Rau, Vocal Music Teacher – Read her letter HERE
Harriet Coe, Retired Teacher – Read her letter HERE
Kathleen Palmer / Kathleen Scheel – Read her letter HERE
Marilyn S Glover – Read her letter HERE
Sally Campbell – Read her letter HERE
Sandi Lee – Read her letter HERE "

Believe it or not, it still gets worse:

".....John Janczewski, the father of the victim, spoke on the Glenn Beck radio program Monday about all that has happened to his family since the horrific molestation by now-former Rose City Middle School teacher Neal Erickson came to light. He said he and his wife have been threatened and attacked for speaking out against the teachers.

“At one thirty in the morning on a Saturday, I was awoken to a bomb sound going off,” Janczewski said, choking back emotion. “I went to the window to find my garage was on fire and engulfed in flames, my camper and the side of my house…
If I wouldn’t have woken up, we could’ve all died.”

“Whoever’s done this has no remorse,” he told the Ogemaw County Herald earlier. “They have no soul.”

The family also had the letters “YWP” and “ITY” spray painted on the side of their house, which Janczewski thinks mean “you will pay” and “I told you.”

But why on earth would they be attacked for speaking out in defense of their son, Beck asked? He also added to the audience: “Do you want somebody who says 15-30 years for raping a child, an 8th grader, is a little harsh? Do you want them teaching your child?”

Janczewski said they’re being targeted because they want the six teachers and a board member who sat with the pedophile’s family in court fired. Some have also said the issue could bankrupt the county, but Janczewski persisted: “Since when do we put a price on a child? Since when? It is wrong. How many teachers are going to turn a blind eye? These teachers cannot be trusted, they cannot be trusted.”........"

At least the judge had the guts to give the supporting creeps a dose of reality:

"......Circuit Judge Michael Baumgartner said during the sentencing that he was “appalled and ashamed” at the community’s support for Erickson, saying: “What you did was a jab in the eye with a sharp stick to every parent who trusts a teacher.”

Our society is collapsing in to a morass supervised by pseudo-intellectuals, people who have assumed such a sense of hubris that they have no qualms with supporting one who should by all  rights be removed completely from the community - not for 15-30 years, but forever. Forget too much - his sentence was too lenient

Pride was the source of the first sin and that same pride has been embraced by those who played the sheep in high school and college. They eagerly swallowed the drivel that Leftist professors and other self-appointed social engineers fed them and enthusiastically employ it to destroy our society; reveling in their efforts and patting themselves on the back for doing so. Aren't we just so open minded compared to those ignorant and uneducated parents?

As for the attacks on the family, nothing more clearly illustrates the consequences of abandoning God and our culture. Empathy for others does not exist in a substantial portion of our population. The feelings and security of the child and the parents mean nothing to the sexual predators and their enablers. The evil has become so routine that not even the bad people can admit that the victims have suffered enough.

As I have previously, we are two utterly different countries; one right and one wrong. The People have some time left - not a lot mind you, but enough to allow some necessary changes to be made that will recognize that fact. I say that we should admit that they have become influential enough to have a part of the former Republic for themselves. Give them and the rest of their prideful lot their fair share of the country and we will take our share. Let them run their half into the ground.

When gangrene sets in, the infected tissue must be removed. 

We can't go on like this, and they will not let up. It's time for a divorce of peoples.

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  1. "The town has balked at the requests claiming the firings would result in expensive litigation that would drive the city into bankruptcy."

    Typical governance in contemporary America. NO BALLS.