Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama's Syrian Tantrum

Both incompetence or narcissism can spell trouble.One makes for continual mistakes, and general errors of judgement. The other is a personalty flaw that causes one to deny that any error could have resulted from a wrongful act or decision. When one is incompetent and a narcissist, it is a deadly combination; the entire edifice can be wrecked.

Note that I tend to lean towards a very slight manifestation of incompetence for Obama. He knows fully well that he intends to slowly being the US to its knees, and he will not stop until the job is done. The difference for him is that only when his normal smooth talk method does not work will he fall back on decisions that reek of incompetence.

Incompetence is not the primary cause of Obama's wrongful decisions, it is his default setting when his normal plans do not work out the way he hoped. 

Obama needs to US have a list of enemies a mile long. For him, the US needs to be as isolated (and hated) and vulnerable as possible. Along with a ruined dollar and economy, this is needed to weaken the US to the point when she has no choice but to ultimately give in to UN control. That's why (aside from some moves on missiles and missile shields that should never have been begun in the first place) he made no effort to actually press his much-celebrated 'reset button" (one of the few times in which he said something right) with Russia. He also made (and still is making) every effort to remove all Middle/Near Eastern autocrats that for decades kept a lid on Islamists. He also seems to think that he can dictate to Western European countries to a far greater degree than the worse of which GW Bush was ever accused.

In Syria, Obama saw a golden opportunity. Another stable government that kept Islamists from running amok could be dethroned. All he needed was a damning accusation and the  UN and the Western World would join in. The US would get yet another enemy in the New Syria, the Russians would be more aggravated with us than ever, Iran would be at the boiling point, China would double-down on her plans to ensure our demise, the Western Europeans would tell themselves that "never again" would they help the US, and the Christians (his most common target) would be run out of Syria in toto.

It didn't work. The accusations of nerve agent attacks are looking like a classic False Flag operation that was perpetrated by the rebels to blame the government* and bring the US into the fray, the British House of Commons voted down the proposed use of force, France's Hollande (after first showing enthusiasm), quickly backed off and stated that he wanted to hear the findings of the UN investigators, Russia sent two warships to the Mediterranean (no doubt to serve as a reminder that we may be challenged), Iran threatened to jump in, the UN measure was dead in the water, the citizens of the US want no part of this, and no other nation came on board.

The calculating despot with evil intentions would cut his losses of influence and find a way to save face. Obama fell back to his default setting, which is gross incompetence:

"President Obama signaled Friday that the U.S. could act alone to punish Syria for a chemical weapons attack last week, saying the nation has an "obligation as a leader in the world" to hold rogue regimes to account for breaching the rules of war. 

Facing rising skepticism in Congress and abroad, the president and top Cabinet officials tried to make a robust case for intervention on Friday -- releasing an intelligence report showing "high confidence" the Assad regime carried out the strike and arguing that responding would be in the U.S. interest.

"This kind of attack is a challenge to the world," Obama said, adding: "A lot of people think something should be done, but nobody wants to do it."......."

There you have it - a temper tantrum from a narcissist who, when faced with a loss, can only make the most stupid decisions possible. How is he supposed to turn the US into a despised nation when the rest of the world knows that even her people agree with just about every other nation that exists? If he in fact moves forward with his desired acts of aggression, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient will have not only done nothing to ruin the US. He will actually have helped her by forcing the rest of the world to redirect their frustrations away from the nation and onto the very guy who was trying to wreck the place. His temper tantrum will only serve to make the US look like a victim of the caprices of a vindictive American Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - one who wreck his own plan if he is angry enough.

Like any incompetent narcissist, he will rail at John Kerry - and about David Cameron, for failing to be sufficiently persuasive to bring his plans to fruition. He will blame everyone but himself.


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