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Left Demonizing Buddhist for Protecting Society, Religion, and Culture

On Benghazi - It looks like the CIA had all kind of operatives on hand during the period leading up to the attack. I am leaning towards a belief that the Obama administration made a deliberate move to ignore the pleas for help in order to cover up the CIA involvement in gunrunning or whatever they were doing and that this course of action provided an excuse to go after our Freedom of Speech. Recall that Hillary the Witch assured the families of the victims that the US would go after those who made the movie Innocence of Muslims. This was presented as a provocation to violence towards the followers of the religion of Peace and Tolerance. We were also supposed to believe that punishing the movie makers would be the act of Justice that would satisfy the victim's families; the murderers were to be left alone and maybe offered our apologies.

While in an office today, I picked up the Leftist rag Time. A Buddhist monk named Wirathu was the target of the article. The Time link has a subscription firewall but the message is clear as the label is patently libelous:

"The Face of Buddhist Terror
It's a faith famous for its pacifism and tolerance. But in several of Asia's Buddhist-majority nations, monks are inciting bigotry and violence — mostly against Muslims...........

It seems a peaceful scene, but Wirathu's message crackles with hate......." 

You know that the Left is desperate when they demonize Buddhist monks. Next on the list will be Franciscans. 

Wirathu and his fellow Buddhists are not newcomers to the world of Leftist hatred and vitriol that is regularly employed against any individual or group that seeks to protect itself against  onslaughts of violence, especially when the initiators of the violence are Muslims. I did a short post on the same subject in April:

"In the US and Western Europe, it comes naturally to apply denigrating labels anyone who works to protect the religion and culture of his nation or people. So knee-jerk is this reaction that we now have a Buddhist monk and his followers being referred to as neo-Nazis or criminals for doing so .

Now that the military junta has backed off and allowed some Democratic reforms, the Western media are now free to focus their attacks on the real enemies of the Left - religious people who honor their faith and heritage.

Wirathu...........has initiated campaign to protect the religion and cultural inheritance of the people of Myanmar (Former Burma). One of his plans is to have Buddhists patronize establishments owned by their coreligionists as opposed to those of Muslims. The symbol that he has designated to mark his campaign is "969". In an echo of the pre-independence campaign of non-importation in which American colonists engaged to support local business while denying the loss of hard cash to Great Britain, Buddhist businesses are expected to post the 969 outside of their establishments.

What the Western media have not surprisingly left out is that Muslims in the same country have utilized a similar plan. The use of "786", a Koranic reference, has been going on some time before the maligned 969 campaign began. Buddhist activists hold that Muslims in their country have been the beneficiaries or loans from other Muslims nations, that Muslims have long supported businesses owned by their own coreligionists, and that these have worked to spread Islam in a traditionally Buddhist nation. As expected, there also have been numerous reports of young girls being raped.

The Leftist media, in this case with even FoxNews joining in with the assault, have made Wirathu out to be a racist monster for his efforts to put a stop to the steady creeping of Islam in his nation.

As noted in works such as Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations, only a tiny minority of the various ongoing conflicts between different peoples or groups do not include one participant which does not claim Islam as its religion. These conflicts, which again overwhelming comprise of one Muslim side, are euphemistically refereed to as "ethnic tensions" or "sectarian clashes". Like those in the US and Western Europe who, in recognition of the threats to the identifies and security of their respective nations, call for integration and reductions in immigration, even non-Western/white individuals who take similar actions are hit with the labels of fascist, Nazi, and racist.

FrontPageMag (Linked above the Time link) has a post that was published there today by Raymond Ibrahim on the same subject. The Left, apparently fearing that the Men of the West may dare to take a cue from a Buddhist monk and take steps to reclaim their nations and safety from Islamic aggression and violence, has gone into fifth gear in an effort to make Wirathu, who is by no means an advocate of any violence except in the face of on going attacks against his people and in no way promotes terror, out to be a monster. The only fault that I find with Mr. Ibrahim's post is that he seems to allow that the writer to whom he refers may possibly misunderstand the history behind this conflict. 

Do not allow yourselves to be fooled, Leftists know far more than they admit, and they purposely leave out the facts in order to keep us as ignorant as possible:

"While the article is meant to highlight the supposed “intolerance” of Myanmar’s Buddhists, for those who can read between the lines—or who are familiar with Islamic teachings, history, and current events—it is clear that Buddhists are responding to existential threats posed by the Muslims living among and around them.

Here is the first lesson: unlike the West, Buddhist monks, despite their reputation as devotees of peace, are still able to accept and respond to reality; are still governed by common sense. Unlike the West, whose sense of reality has been so thoroughly warped by a nonstop media propaganda campaign emanating from ubiquitous TVs and computer screens, conditioning Americans how to think and what to believe, “third world” Buddhist monks are acquainted with reality on the ground. They know that, left unchecked, the Muslim minority living among them—which began hostilities—will grow more aggressive, a historically demonstrative fact.

As in other countries, the Muslims of Myanmar have engaged in violence, jihadi terror, and rape of Buddhist girls. And that’s as a minority. Myanmar’s Buddhists are also cognizant that, in neighboring nations like Bangladesh where Muslims are the majority, all non-Muslims are being ruthlessly persecuted into extinction. But even in bordering Thailand, where Buddhists are the majority and Muslims a minority, in the south where Muslims make for large numbers, thousands of Buddhists—men, women, and children—have been slaughtered, beheaded, and raped, as separatist Muslims try to cleanse the region of all “infidel” presence. Click here for graphic reports and images of Muslim atrocities committed against Buddhists that may shed light on why Myanmar Buddhists are wary of Muslims.

Accordingly, Wirathu, the “radical” Buddhist monk is quoted in the NYT article as saying: “If we are weak, our land will become Muslim.” The theme song of his nationalist organization speaks of people who “live in our land, drink our water, and are ungrateful to us”—a reference to Muslims—and how “We [Buddhists] will build a fence with our bones if necessary” to keep supremacist Muslims out. His pamphlets say “Myanmar is currently facing a most dangerous and fearful poison that is severe enough to eradicate all civilization.” Another senior and apparently “radical” monk concurs: “The main thing is that our religion and our nationality don’t disappear.”

From here we come to lesson two: if Buddhists understand what is at stake—their entire civilization—the NYT report is a testimony to why the West still cannot face reality..............

Then there is the clear bias. While regularly decrying the Buddhist treatment of Muslims, including by giving several anecdotes, Fuller does not mention the jihadi terror and murder that Muslims have visited upon Buddhists. He condemns Buddhists for reportedly displacing some 150,000 nonindigenous Muslims, without seeming to be aware that, all around the Islamic world, Muslims are displacinghundreds of thousands of non-Muslims, leading to a mass exodus of Christians. If Fuller is unaware of the significance of this fact, Myanmar’s Buddhists are not—hence their very real concerns of being swallowed up by Islam if they don’t act now when they’re in the majority in their own homeland...............

Thus while Myanmar’s Buddhists fight for their right to survive against an ever encroaching Islam, the NYT does what it does best—distort reality to make it fit the mainstream media’s world of make believe, in this case, that Muslims are always innocent and misunderstood victims.

The entire FrontpageMag post should be read.

Wirathu should be a source of inspiration for Westerners rather than the monster that the Left wants us to believe him to be.

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