Sunday, August 4, 2013

YouTube Bows to Sharia - Pulls "The Blonde" Videos

The above links have embedded videos made by a young French wife and mother in which the increasingly violent climate in her nation is boldly addressed. In France, as with other Western European nations and daughters nations of the UK, speaking or writing publicly about topics that have been declared verboten by the Left is a guarantee that one will be labeled as a racist, fascist, or both. In the case of the woman who has come be known as "The Blond", she has not only been attacked in this manner but has also received enough vicious death threats to choke a horse.

Unlike the UK and her daughter-nations, many the people in other nations in Western Europe are starting to wake up to the reality of the lot that has been assigned to them by the Left. What is euphemistically called Multiculturalism is nothing other than a systematic plan to end the sovereignty of Western nations and the very sense of identity of the people of the West. Don't be confused when Angela Merkel and others come out and say that Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. Far from it -  the system is working precisely as they intended.

The first two of her videos went viral on YouTube. Her third video was the last straw for a forum that, like far too many Western organizations, prefers to kowtow to Islamists rather than stand up for what is right. It was deleted after a day or two. I tried searching on Youtube for the first two videos, but the search yielded negative results. If Muslims complain about a post of yours, it will be pulled, plain and simple.

Five of her videos can be viewed on both Gates of Vienna and Vldd Tepes' blog. The are short and to the point, but the speaker misses nothing. Muslims are not integrating in to Western European society, indigenous Europeans (including cops) are violently attacked on a routine basis, and the government does little to stop it and flat-out refuses to address the issue.

What is worse, the Western Europeans cannot claim that they are ignorant of the intentions of the newcomers. They have do desire to become Frenchmen or Germans as their very religion is pan-national in nature. What they seek is to do is that which they failed to accomplish in the face of the stubborn defenses in France by Charles Martel and later Spaniards and Portuguese in their regions and the final defense of Western Europe in 1683, when Vienna herself came within inches of falling to the Ottomans. What they failed to do by military force, they plan to accomplish by demographics.

"...... Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory." -- Houari Boum├ędienne

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