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Sonderkommando Tim Wise Back at Anti-White Racism

Know thine enemy-

"The Republican Party is a “white nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer party,” author and “anti-racism activist” Tim Wise alleged on MSNBC Friday.

The comments came during a discussion about whether or not there is a double-standard of gun shooting coverage, with Wise accusing the right of using the murder of Chris Lane to “make white Americans think that black folks are trying to get us.”.............

Wise concluded, saying the GOP has “essentially gone in as a white nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer party.”

“That’s where they are at this point,” he added."

Tim Wise, who is white,  is an old hand at the volunteer Sonderkommando business. An avid advocate of the agenda to make whites detest their ancestry and to have them attribute the fruits of their own labors solely  to their skin color, Wise has been at the forefront of the anti-white racism movement.

Wise has made headlines before with his program to convince whites that they are a privileged class. He was behind the White Privilege seminar at Colorado University a while back, and I suspect that he also just may have had something to do with a video made and aired at the University of Minnesota-Duluth:

Faced with a growing realization that, despite the media blackout on such trends,  there is an enormous problem of black-on-white violence (along with the tragedy of black-on;black violence), people of Wise's ilk are understandably desperate. They have invested so much time and energy into telling white people that they have it easy and enjoy virtual immunity from punishment for harming blacks and yet the overwhelmingly contradictory data has become harder to hide. To the contrary, the reality that whites are targeted by blacks in violent crimes far more often than the converse is fast turning into a real problem for the Social Engineers.

For Wise to have puled out terms from the Apartheid days that, in modern verbiage, have come to have connotations barely a half a step away from the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis in indicative of the state of near panic of people who have dedicated their lives to undermining people who have never harmed them. Their carefully constructed and media (and Obama)-protected veil has been shown to be a complete fake.

-From previous posts. Original sources for quotes can be accessed in the two links provided two paragraphs above:

White students are being trained to hate everything about themselves, other whites, the society that bred them, and the history and civilization that gave birth to this country.

I have noted on previous posts (Two are below) that colleges in the US have been more than largely taken over by radical Leftists, particularly of the brand that specifically detests Western Civilization. Students are either forced to take, or are given handouts of college credits for attending, classes in "Whiteness' or "White Privilege  studies. These are geared primarily towards turning American whites into Sonderkomanndos who are tasked with dismantling everything that concerns our cultural and historical legacy.

A white never earns his or her credibility, education, job, or anything else; all of these are the fruits of an unfair system that bestows privileges solely on account of one's birth.

The United States is not a Western nation, except when it is, at which point it is evil because precisely due to the fact that it is a Western nation.

"The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) is offering students up to four college credits if they attend the public university’s 14th annual “White Privilege Conference,” Campus Reform reports..........

“I am privileged,” reads black text on an all white background. “I can if I wish arrange to be around people of my race most of the time.”

The video continues:

“I can go shopping fairly assured I won’t be followed or harassed.”

“When I’m told about our national heritage or about ‘civilization’ I am shows that people of my color made it what it is.”


“I can, whether I use checks, credit cards or cash, count on my skin color not to work against my appearing financially reliable.”

“I don’t have to educate my children to be aware of systemic racism for their own daily protection.”


“I can choose blemish cover or bandages in ‘flesh’ color and have them more or less match my skin.”

“I cannot be blind to the invisible system of privilege I am a part of,” the video concludes........"

Continuing to ignore what is going on will have one result- The electorate of the US will tilt irrevocably towards the anti-US and Leftist camp. National elections will no longer even be a contest, for too many voters will have been brainwashed to hate themselves and be overwhelmed by "white guilt". This guilt will be manifested in the election of more candidates who will assuage the self-hatred by having them accept increasing degrees of marginalization, more control, and crushing taxation to pay for more reeducation.

A culture that has protected the rights of free speech/press, self-defense, religion, property, jury by trial, the individual, true representative government, and changed to protect women and the oppressed (And even prior to this women enjoyed far better conditions than elsewhere) is the bad culture. World cultures such as those of Islamic societies and China that still deny or severely restrict these rights are the good ones.


White privilege is a concept similar to that of Obama's old favorite "Critical Race Theory". Along with college courses in "Whiteness Studies", these ideas are advanced with the intention of keeping the fires of racism alive in our minds. The ultimate goal is to keep whites both in a state of perpetual "White guilt" and to keep them on the defensive at all times. Colleges around the nation have been pushing this agenda for quite some time. The University of Delaware recently made Whiteness Studies mandatory for all students. There, whites have to endure all sorts of abuse and accusations from fellow students while the professors smugly demonize all cultures and societies created by whites.

What one is supposed to believe is that, no matter how far we have come, whites are born into a privileged state even today. This can only be remedied by subjecting them to a state of bondage in which they would be required to keep their mouths shut and acquiesce to whatever demands are made, be it more affirmative action, dumbed-down curriculums and standardized testing (For schools and for jobs), higher taxes to pay for more programs, rabid historical revisionism that paints the worst possible picture of any notable whites, what have you.

On a playing field in which White Privilege has been put forth as an assumed truth, whites are not to be allowed to complain about anything let alone make any complaints about how they believe that they are being treated. To paraphrase the advocates of White Privilege - "You have nothing to complain about. You're white, therefore, you can only be the beneficiary of the racist system that was created by the nation's founders. You need to accept any and all changes that we want. Only when we decide that your position is no longer one of privilege will you have the right to speak your mind. Until then, you need to be brushed aside and do what we tell you to do."...............

"The University of Minnesota – Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve “racial justice” by raising awareness of “white privilege.”

The project disseminates its message, that “society was setup for us [whites]“ and as such is ”unfair,” through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed “privilege” that comes along with their fair features.[...]

“You give me better jobs, better pay, better treatment, and a better chance – all because of the color of my skin,” reads one poster that features a close shot of a Caucasian male.

The Un-Fair campaign also held a series of lectures and events on campus last semester. One included a presentation by Tim Wise, author of Dear White America. In his book, Wise confesses a “longstanding fantasy” where he turns to a man with a “God Bless the USA” button and asks him, “why can’t you just get over it?”

"For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink.

And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, …

Whatever the case, and whatever your economic station, know this . . .

You need to drink up.

And quickly.

And heavily.

Because your time is limited.[...]

And in the pantheon of American history, old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.

Fine, keep it up. It doesn’t matter.

Because you’re on the endangered list.

And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving."

We have been faced with this agenda for a long time, but the campaign has been strongly stepped up of late. I personally believe that the new offensive is occurring now due to the difficulties that the Obama campaign is experiencing.

In a typical "Year Zero" mentality, nothing honorable or good for humanity that was accomplished by whites is mentioned or allowed into the conversation. The ban on the global slave trade (Although blacks are still enslaved in more than one region in Africa), an horrific civil war fought almost entirely about slavery (Sorry, but the historical evidence is too strong to deny that one), the fact that mainly white Church bodies were almost the only groups condemning slavery, the desegregation of the American South, the acceptance of vast amounts of refugees from third-world nations, or any other virtuous action can not be entered into the debate.

One's work ethic, the willingness to postpone life decisions such as marriage and children, frugality in spending in order to at some point accumulate any property, or moral compass can not be cited in defense of what you have or are working to have. You have (or will obtain) what you have exclusively by virtue of your aristocratic white birth, and nothing else.

We must fight back with the truth, and in a determined fashion. I for one worked too hard, at too many backbreaking jobs, and put off too many purchases to be fooled into feeling guilty

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