Thursday, August 8, 2013

Marylanders Harangue Weak Republicans -The Blonde's New Video

Three quick updates before the main post-

Autumn Pasquale's murderer plead guilty for the bicycle chain strangulation of the twelve-year old girl - still no word from Obama, the media, or our civil rights groups. Victim and murderer were in the wrong roles.

The Justice Department filed charges against persons suspected to be involved in the Bengahzi attack. Strangely enough, Obama, Clinton, Panetta, or General Dempsey are not included in the list of those facing charges.

The bold, intelligent, and dare I say strikingly beautiful French woman who has come to be known as "The Blonde" has release another video. Here she lambastes the Green Party (Read full-blown Leftist "Green has long been a euphemism for such dysfunction) member for stating that the Marseilles is xenophobic, promotes hate, and should be replaced by a new national anthem. The Blonde makes a good point - remove that awe-inspiring song and the earlier gay marriage protests will look like a few people going out for a stroll.

The People are getting fed up with the Republicans in Name Only who have done little or nothing to support the few honorable Congressmen who have challenged the NSA spying program and who have ignored the fact that the Obama administration routinely treats laws as if they are suggestions:

"A small group of lawmakers in Maryland got an earful from their constituents during a town hall meeting that covered topics ranging from “Obamacare” to Benghazi to the NSA’s spying programs.

And we mean an earful. Voters vented some of the frustrations shared by Americans across the country — in a very vocal way.

“When is this government going to come clean with the American people and tell us what this secret law says, how it’s being secretly interpreted, how it’s being secretly implemented, and what it means to every person in this room!” an unidentified male said of NSA surveillance........

However, Maryland resident Ed Hunter exploded over the “nice guys” routine being put on by the GOP, naming House Majority Leader John Boehner by name.

“I want Boehner up there defying this guy and saying, We’re going to impeachment with you if you do not start obeying the laws!” Hunter shouted. “Listen, we’re dying out here because you guys are being nice guys! This is not a Boy Scout meeting!”

Another unidentified woman agreed and spoke up as well. “It’s not! And you’re acting like Boy Scouts! You’ve got to fight!”

Hunter then told lawmakers that the future of the country is at stake — so they should act like it.

“Because we’re losing the country,” he said. “I want to see more defiance!"

Those who vented their frustrations are not among a small minority, and Republicans had better admit to themselves that playing nice is over. I for one think that the only option left for our current Republic is a third party. Sure, we will lose elections, but how different will that be from what we are seeing now? As more and more voters move to the new party that actually requires that its candidates act like AmericansRepublicans will have to make the choice of doing their jobs, leaving the weak party, or joining in with the Democrats. A new party will win in many local elections, which are the places to be for a new movement. 

We can't continue in this manner. 

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