Friday, August 9, 2013

Gay Marriage Supporters Launch Hate Campaign, Again

In Iowa the judicial process was utilized to claim something that no governmental body - by its very nature, has the power to do.

It effectively declared the creation a new form of an institution that predates all forms of government itself.

While a number of people in the state support the holding of a constitutional convention in order to overturn that ruling, the movement does not have the votes to make that happen.

Meanwhile, people in Iowa have joined on the bandwagon of the New Chivalry - attacking anyone who dares to refrain from participating in the destruction of a society. In the late Medieval era, the weak were supposed (Although it seldom worked) to be protected by the strong. Today, the weak are those who refuse to bow to the pressure of the radicals, and they have no protection whatsoever.

"Another business* is facing retribution for declining service to a same-sex couple. Betty and Dick Odgaard, owners of Görtz Haus Gallery in Grimes, Iowa, are catching the ire of gay rights advocates after they declined offering their venue to Lee Stafford and his fiance Jared.

Now the owners, who are Christians, are receiving vicious and threatening emails and phone calls — and they fear that their business could shut down because of the fierce reaction.

It was less than one week ago that the Lee and Jared entered Görtz Haus looking for additional information about holding their wedding there. After Dick realized that it would be a gay ceremony, he told the couple that they would not be able to hold their nuptials at the establishment — and that’s when the controversy erupted.

“It started with emails and we noticed the emails were from a person with a name that looked like a man’s name. We’re a little suspicious about it and … two fellows walked in and that’s where it all began,” Dick told TheBlaze on Friday. “It was obvious what the situation was. I had to confirm it. I asked if this was a gay marriage celebration and I said we can’t take your money for this.”.......................

One angry e-mail said that the family is “finished” and “doomed.” “You are mean, rude, selfish, mother f***er racist sons of b**ches from hell,” it read, with the writer later adding, “F**k you, f**k your God, f**k your religion.” Another person who goes by the name “Micky” wrote, “Betty, you’re very old and almost dead. How do you both feel, knowing that America, and the world, will be a better place without you?"

Note how even "racist" comes into the picture. The Left has had so much success employing that term that it is quite possible that the writer may be simply engaging in a now-reflexive move without even being aware of it.

The Odgaard's have received cancellations of already-scheduled weddings and new bookings are now few and far between. They are being run out of business. This is the new price of one's beliefs and sense of dignity.



As gay weddings by themselves can hardly constitute an appreciable amount of business for vendors who sell services for weddings (They can't since these businesses thrived before the respective laws and court rulings came into being), there is no doubt that the vast majority of people who are boycotting Gortz Haus Gallery are not gay. We have devolved into a culture in which the New Chivalry entails little more than insisting that no one be allowed to stand for anything.

In most states, hunters are protected by law from being harassed while they are hunting. Anti-hunters are also barred from walking through the woods blaring horns and blowing whistles to drive away game animals. An anti-hunting vendor who runs a printing shop or one that makes T-shirts cannot refuse service to a customer simply because he hunts, but if the hunter wants to order a bunch of shirts or have pamphlets made to promote an actual hunting event, no one would bat an eye if the vendor refused to fill that order - and rightly so. I do hunt and I also respect that some people are quite uncomfortable with anything related to that type of activity.

One writer noted a few months ago in The American Thinker thatif a vendor happened to be a Muslim, not only would he never be requested to provide a service for such a ceremony in the first place, no one would line up to initiate attacks against him for his certain refusal of service. Citing his beliefs, the state would not sue or prosecute him for discrimination and no coward that attacks Christians because they are perceived as weak would be bold enough to attack him.

In the US, only Christians and Jews can be subjected to routine, vicious attacks.

We are two different nations and we should declare that fact sooner than later. Let the radical gays, atheists, and feminists, Leftists, those opposed to any border integrity, and those Muslims who demand far more religious allowances than any other believer, to have their own nation. We will take the smaller share and have things the way we prefer in our Republic. It's been done before - the breakup of the USSR was just over two decades ago.


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