Friday, October 26, 2012

Liberal Europeans Want to Bring us Down to Their Level

With all apologies for Western Europeans who care about their culture and identity.

The elite of Western Europe, and those who consider themselves such, have long looked upon Americans as ignorant, over-religious, rustic provincials.

I get the impression that many of them see in Americans what they once were but abandoned a long time ago. What was more obvious than the continual references to GW Bush as "The cowboy". Although these were clearly intended to deride Bush, they betrayed a sense of envy. A cowboy represents a manly,  confident, individualistic person who will not shrink from a fight. He normally will not start a fight but will certainly end one.

For the record, Bush did not impress me either.

The article linked at top, with hat tip to Gates of Vienna, treats the shameful amount of support that Obama has among Western Europeans. On that subject, I offer my coma scenario - If I awoke from a four-year coma the day before a presidential election and had no time to research the issues and the candidates  I would  have no choice but to read Italian and French newspaper editorials, find out who they supported, and cast my vote for the other candidate.

- I estimate that your chance of making the correct choice for a candidate would be 98.7% if that method is employed.

What bothers me more than what Europeans say about our government figures is the admiration that many Americans have for the ultra liberal of Western Europe. To provide one example, one of the employees that worked in my section, who sadly is only four years younger than I (meaning that I would expect him to know better), had began with one of his very liberal political talks. I was the supervisor, so the rules obviously put me in a corner as I did not want to be accused of misusing my position. At one point, when he was realizing that his argument was failing, he noted that "Most Europeans wanted Gore to win the election". (He had honeymooned in Italy and was apparently quite impressed by their political views)

My response was that that very fact indicated that we should support whoever opposed Gore. I added that Western European societies too are facing terrible difficulties and, even worse, that their culture is collapsing as we speak. In support, I mentioned the wholesale walking away from their religious beliefs and traditions, the welfare state that we are trying to emulate, and the breakdown of the family.

For the record again, I do hold that their is a honorable subset of Western Europeans who fight tooth and nail to save Western Culture, but I needed to concentrate on his attraction to the forces that are tearing Western Europe apart.

The linked article is a good read. It notes plainly that Americans (At least the ones who want to avoid or stave off our decline) don't care what people in other countries want in an American leader.

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