Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video of Islamization in Europe

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The video on the above link was made by an Israeli who, due to his ability to speak perfect Arabic, was able to move in and around Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden and France.

He starts out is Malmo, Sweden - a city that is at least 20% and climbing Muslim as we speak. If immigration and birth rates continue or even only decline slightly, Malmo is set to become the first Muslim-majority city in Europe.

The evidence that Multiculturalism has failed is overwhelming. Muslims live among other Muslims, and crime in these areas is rampant. This includes an ongoing plague gang-rapes of indigenous Swedish girls and young women.

One must note that Multiculturalism was never intended to work. The idea behind mass immigration of people who obviously would never assimilate was to overturn the electorate in all Western countries and by extension pave the way for full-blown Socialism. All of the grand assurances were designed only to keep native Europeans from speaking about about the undermining of their societies.

The video is well worth the time. I have been reading about this topic for several years and I was still surprised at how widespread the problems are. The no-go zones for the indigenous of Western European countries (Their own nations, mind you) are not jokes - these quarters exist.

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