Saturday, October 20, 2012

Switzerland Preparing to Defend Borders in Event of Economic Collapse in Europe

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The Swiss are not taking for granted that the rest of Europe, particularly the southern nations, will be able to make it through the financial crisis without some sort of a collapse.

The Left is strong on the assertion that "anyone has a right to live anywhere he or she chooses". Websites with names such as *"Abolish Foreignness" join in with the same people who seek to ** abolish grades in an attempt to slowly erode the abilities and prosperity of the people of Western Nations. Not that this is their stated intent, indeed they claim that everyone will benefit equally from the reduction of learning and the packing of developed nations with enough people to completely change the electorate. Let's not forget the necessary task of drastically reducing the wealth of a nation and its people that can only be remedied by mass and unchecked immigration.


The Swiss army is no joke. They place a tremendous emphasis on individual marksmanship, and the soldiers can respond to predetermined or makeshift locations from their homes as their issued weapons/individual  equipment are kept at their homes.

An anecdote from the late 19th century will serve to illustrate the Swiss mindset. A German general from the unified Germany created by Bismark was in Switzerland to review their training. At one point, the German asks how many soldiers he can deploy in the event of a war.

The Swiss general says he can field a million men.
The German says, “What if we invade with 5 million men?”
The Swiss general laconically responds, “All my men will fire five shots and then go home.”

The Swiss are rightly concerned that, in the event of an economic collapse and the ensuing flight of people out of the bankrupt and chaos-ridden nations, the prosperity of Switzerland will make them a target for refugees and criminal elements.

In our era in which defending national sovereignty is verboten, I commend the Swiss not only for being prepared, but by making it clear that others know that they recognize the threat and will not be caught with their pants down.

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