Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Actress Attacked for Supporting Romney

Hat tip to The Blaze.

The problem is, too many people are on the extreme sides of the center.

If you have not heard the oft-given explanation for the anger that is so prevalent today, the above will suffice to provide one version of how it goes.

The problem with this is that the Liberal/Progressive side, having gone so far to the Left themselves, have been employing this explanation to make us believe that they are merely "Left of center" (I'll bet that you have heard that one).

The idea is simple - grab a hold of the powers of definition, redefine the center as to exist at least halfway between the actual center and the far Left, and voila, you have a strong Leftist who can assure you that he or she is Left-of-center.

Where does that leave FOX News, The Blaze, Sean Hannity, or the average guy/gal that is growing concerned with the direction in which we are headed? That is simple too - those guys are just radical rightists.

This is how the debate is being twisted with Orwellian Newspeak. The center gets artificially shifted way towards the Left, and those actually in the center or, just to the right of it, are bad guys.

In this case, Stacey Dash, an actress who happens to be black, voiced her support for Romney while indicating that Obama's vision will not result in prosperity.  What followed illustrates how viciously the Left and anti-white Blacks will treat someone who does not walk their chalk line.

-From The Blaze.

And here are a few more (content warning):

Worse still, my gut feeling (From the verbiage and the photo) is that the first comment (Sherrick W) is from a white person. Not that it's OK for a Black person to refer to another as a "jigaboo", but I find it extraordinarily cruel when a white Liberal thug treats a Black person so terribly for refusing to accept the lot allowed to her and her people by the Left.

The manner in which people who do not support Obama, especially if one is Black, is so awful that one finds it hard to articulate how bad it really is. When was the last time that someone was attacked even halfway this badly for supporting Obama? That does not happen, yet the Left and their thugs will pretend that they are just slightly Left-of center. The radicals? That's Ms. Dash and others like she.

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