Saturday, October 6, 2012

French Group Declares French Identity

The title may sound like a "so what", but in our current era of suppression of all cultural identities that pertain to those of Western nations, this is actually a big deal.

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

The first link is the the website of the organization that made the video. You make have to use Google translate for the text.. The second link has the video, a translation embedded in it, but no other text of the declaration.

This could be the start of a real movement - young people who are fed up with being victims of anti-white crime, having to pay taxes to a welfare state that dumps the largess on anti-French immigrants (Yes, far too many are anti-French),  school textbooks that deride French and European culture and history, and the overall marginalization of French people in their own country.

On one of the photos on their website, what looks like a calendar has the year "1571" printed on it. That was the year that a combined Spanish, Venetian, and Papal (Sorry if I missed any country) fleet decisively defeated a massive Ottoman force at Lepanto. Like Charles Martel's similar victory at Poitiers (Tours), these events have either been ignored by Liberal academians or purposely described as inconsequential. In fact, their is an entire sub-genre of books dedicated to ridiculing the notion that Western Europe ever faced any threat at all from Muslim armies or even the ancient pre-Muslim Persians. By doing so, all of the sacrifices of the ancient Greeks and those of Medieval (even until modern Vienna in 1683) Europe were for nothing.

The guys who adhere to the doctrines of the Liberal elite and take these positions are the ones who get their books supported, published, marketed, and despite the false conclusions, treated as the most authoritative sources. All others are treated as old-fashioned and wrong.

The picture that they try to paint is of a world that would either have turned out exactly as it has regardless of who-defended-what or, in the case of a permanent Muslim conquest of Spain, Portugal, etc. even better.

Last year, my son came across a High School history textbook that describes Leonidas of Sparta as having "foolishly" leading his small force to the pass of Thermopylae to stop or hold up the Persian army.

There it is - no mention of the oracle's statement that to save Greece, one of the Spartan Kings must die (A person's faith is now mocked), no mention of the courage of the Greek cities that refused to accept Persian domination, and no mention of people who risked possible enslavement of their families for standing up for freedom.

Please watch the video.

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