Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cincinnatus on Government Becoming the Master

Cincinnatus is a contributor to this site. The following is his insight on our decline and where we need to start to fix it. It goes well with yesterday's post.

When one truly contemplates what our society has become over the last 250 years, one becomes horrified at the fact that a very large portion of the population either refuses to see or is willing to have government (i.e., the politicians) become the master of the people. The public educational system (which by its very structure fosters the ever expanding government over individual rights and responsibility) and the 4th estate [For the Leftist, the Middle Class is the 4th estate and therefore is against the Marxist order], which is no longer independent (due to the educational system) are responsible for the decay of the people and democracy. 

For any democracy to survive these two pillars of society must be free of political influence (i.e., the politician). Correct the first pillar and this will eventually correct the second. Good and honest government (i.e., politicians) can only occur when the watch dog of the people and democracy (the 4th estate) is fair, honest, virtuous, vigilant, independent, and professional.

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