Thursday, October 11, 2012

White House Losing Track of its Lies on Libya Embassy Attack

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
- Notebook, 1894
Mark Twain

Source -Twain Quotes.

The amount of contradictory statements issued by White House Staff is, even for this group of fibbers, simply unbelievable

We have been told that the attack occurred as a result of anger over a movie that is not prohibited for non-Muslims to produce or watch, then we are told that the attack may well have been planned in advance. Following these, we are told that the White House never denied that the attack was a planed terrorist act.

My personal take is that those who were behind the attack did in fact use their knowledge of the movie as a cover. They probably kept their knowledge of the movie's existence to themselves, then, in a coordinated effort, broke the news to the mob-prone Muslims of Libya. Having a large group of people who have whipped themselves into a frenzy would provide a fairly adequate screen for the real attack.

This of course does not take away from the reality that the Obama administration is responsible for ignoring the pleas from embassy staff for more security that fell on deaf ears. It also does not exonerate them from a deliberate attempt to sell us a false bill of goods for the source of the attack.

The media is doing their best to cover for their savior. Precious few journalists are doing anything other than blaming Romney and Ryan for what little press the attack and its fallout has received.

The four links below give one an idea of how much effort is being expended on protecting Obama and his crew.

This thing makes Nixon look like a straight-shooter when Watergate was our topic of the day.

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