Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outstanding Agenda 21 Series

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

-From the link at top:

"Much is written about the international cold war, but little about the incognito warfare on United States soil which public officials and their accomplices are waging to wrest private property from landowners. Jo Hindman, 1972, Blame Metro, p31."

The link at top will take the reader to Part 8 of a series on UN Agenda 21. Those who have been reading posts on The Hot Gates may be familiar with the combined Socialist/Radical Environmentalist move to concentrate the world's population into urban areas, with precious privileged few being allowed to live in suburban regions and virtually no one allowed into areas designated to become wilderness zones.

Any such move of course will require the destruction of the right to private property. While a military/police-type action will probably not be the first choice of the elite, such a procedure may well be intended for those who don't surrender to pressure from new excise taxes designed to make living in rural regions or suburbs cost-prohibitive for the average family.

The link at top itself has links to the previous seven posts in the series. I urge anyone who desires to defend the right to live in a region of his or her choice to read the posts. Note also that Agenda 21 also calls for the ending of national sovereignty and the creation of a worldwide governing body to put these plans into place. The system starts with creating "partnerships" between NGO and local and state governments  The idea is to slowly but surely create new forms of "governance" (their word) that will gradually place all zoning authority in the hands of those who promote the radical centralized control of the human race.

-If you have heard about your community getting on the "sustainable development", "local governments for sustainability", or the ICLEI bandwagons, Agenda 21 already has a foot in the door in your municipality or county of residence.

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