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Katyn Forest Massacre Covered up by US

Before the post, I must note that after ten years, we still will not admit the existence of the threat of Islam. I plan to have that as my topic tomorrow. Since I was a law enforcement officer and a NJ National Guardsman at the time, I will detail some of my experiences with that period.

This one is very ugly.

It appears that the US went far out of its way to hide from the world the knowledge of what happened in the Katyn Forest. In this Soviet-occupied region of Poland, over 20,000 Polish Army officers were shot. I recall reading some details many years ago about the mega-crime.

If my memory serves me correctly, it was actually in Reader's Digest. Don't laugh too much - their willingness to print credible reports that the mainstream media would not earned a cameo of a parody on Fox's The Simpsons. In an episode that finds Homer discovering the joys of reading, he gets hooked on a fictional periodical "Reading Digest". As he flips through one of the issues, the viewer gets a brief flash of an article titled "Can We Trust Bermuda?"(It was hilarious).

The actual Reader's Digest was almost alone among periodicals aimed at the general public that dared to report that daily life sucked in the USSR of the 70's and 80's. While Marxist-sympathizers in the US claimed that the quantity of shopping lines in the Soviet Union were a consequence of too much discretionary spending money in the hands of the Soviet worker (Eerily like what the Progressives/other Leftists do today with other Socialist nations), Reader's Digest was straight about the facts. Food lines amounted to strict food rationing; a line to order, a line to pay, and a line to get your food. Lines for toilet paper were not faked, they regularly occurred in the worker's paradise. The place was barely existing and fast approaching its ultimate collapse.

The Katyn Forest article report (The old one) that the system for killing the most qualified and educated of the Polish Officers was brutally efficient. To prevent damage to the pistols used to liberate the Polish people from their class oppressors, they were rotated after a few shots on order to allow the barrels to cool down. It seems that, once the Geramns advanced into Poland and Russia, Stalin and his boys grew quite concerned that people were going to discover the scene of the crime. This is exactly what happened:

-From the Fox News article:

Bolding is added.

It was May 1943 in the Katyn forest, a part of Russia the Germans had seized from the Soviets in 1941. A group of American and British POWs were taken against their will by their German captors to witness a horrifying scene at a clearing surrounded by pine trees: mass graves tightly packed with thousands of partly mummified corpses in well-tailored Polish officers uniforms.

The Germans knew that they would be balmed and there fore needed to create some witnesses. They also probbaly hoped that the US would realize that Uncle Joe wasn't such a nice ally after all. 
The Americans — Capt. Donald B. Stewart and Lt. Col. John H. Van Vliet Jr. — hated the Nazis and didn't want to believe the Germans. They had seen German cruelty up close, and the Soviets, after all, were their ally. The Germans were hoping to use the POWs for propaganda, and to drive a wedge between the Soviet Union and its Western Allies.

But returning to their POW camps, the Americans carried a conviction that they had just witnessed overwhelming proof of Soviet guilt. The corpses' advanced state of decay told them the killings took place much earlier in the war, when the Soviets still controlled the area. They also saw Polish letters, diaries, identification tags, news clippings and other objects — none dated later than spring of 1940 — pulled from the graves. The evidence that did the most to convince them was the good state of the men's boots and clothing: That told them the men had not lived long after being captured.

Stewart testified before the 1951 Congressional committee about what he saw, and Van Vliet wrote reports on Katyn in 1945 and 1950, the first of which mysteriously disappeared. But the newly declassified documents show that both sent secret encoded messages while still in captivity to army intelligence with their opinion of Soviet culpability. It's an important revelation because it shows the Roosevelt administration was getting information early on from credible U.S. sources of Soviet guilt — yet still ignored it for the sake of the alliance with Stalin.

One shows head of Army intelligence, Gen. Clayton Bissell, confirming that some months after the 1943 visit to Katyn by the U.S. officers, a coded request by MIS-X, a unit of military intelligence, was sent to Van Vliet requesting him "to state his opinion of Katyn." Bissell's note said that "it is also understood Col. Van Vliet & Capt. Stewart replied."
MIS-X was devoted to helping POWs held behind German lines escape; it also used the prisoners to gather intelligence.

A statement from Stewart dated 1950 confirms he received and sent coded messages to Washington during the war, including one on Katyn: "Content of my report was aprx (approximately): German claims regarding Katyn substantially correct in opinion of Van Vliet and myself."
The newly uncovered documents also show Stewart was ordered in 1950 — soon before the Congressional committee began its work — never to speak about a secret message on Katyn.

Krystyna Piorkowska, author of the recently published book "English-Speaking Witnesses to Katyn: Recent Research," discovered the documents related to the coded messages more than a week ago. She was one of several researchers who saw the material ahead of the public release.

She had already determined in her research that Van Vliet and Stewart were "code users" who had gotten messages out about other matters. But this is the first discovery of them communicating about Katyn, she said.

Another Katyn expert aware of the documents, Allen Paul, author of "Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Triumph of Truth," told the AP the find is "potentially explosive." He said the material does not appear in the record of the Congressional hearings in 1951-52, and appears to have also been suppressed.

He argues that the U.S. cover-up delayed a full understanding in the United States of the true nature of Stalinism — an understanding that came only later, after the Soviets exploded an atomic bomb in 1949 and after Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe were already behind the Iron Curtain.

"The Poles had known long before the war ended what Stalin's true intentions were," Paul said. "The West's refusal to hear them out on the Katyn issue was a crushing blow that made their fate worse."

The historical record carries other evidence Roosevelt knew in 1943 of Soviet guilt. One of the most important messages that landed on FDR's desk was an extensive and detailed report British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent him. Written by the British ambassador to the Polish government-in-exile in London, Owen O'Malley, it pointed to Soviet guilt at Katyn.

Starting with the ignoring of Stalin's purposeful creation of the Ukrainian famine and later picking up speed, with FDR and right on through the 50's and later, the US was far from a champion of liberty and freedom, most notably when it came to Leftist regimes.  

While the US was portrayed as overcome with anti-Communist hysteria, and McCarthyism was applied as a term of denigration, the reality was that of a US government that was staffed by many high-ranking (Including FDR) admirers or sympathizers of Marxism and the Soviet Union. This situation continued decade after decade and may have not reached its full extent even with the Leftist horror-show that runs the asylum today. The Cultural Revolution is almost entirely ignored, the Khmer Rouge genocide is paid lip service from time to time, and Stalinist Russia gets for the most part a free pass.We actually have had an avowed admirer of Mao working directly for Obama.

It is time that we recognize the influence of Progressives ad other Leftists in our government. Note that the situation has gotten so out of hand that people who will insist that Sean Hannity (Of all people -he is a regular guy of regular guys) is a radical rightist and somehow have the gall to describe themselves in mild terms as Left-of-center. The latter term in modern parlance means a half-step below full-blown Communism.

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