Friday, October 19, 2012

Leftist Influence in Western Peace Movements and With US Policies

The above link is to a post on Trevour Loudon's New Zeal blog.

In the embedded video, Mr. Loudon details the involvement of the Left, particularly from the USSR-era Kremlin, with the peace movements in the West, including that of the US.

It was a tremendous coincidence for me as just yesterday I was spinning memories in my head about the massive anti-nuke protests of the mid-80's in Western Europe. It was well-known at the time that these were bankrolled by the Soviets. We were repeatedly told that unilateral disarmament was the only option. What we were not told was why it was we who would have to disarm, not the USSR.

Mr. Loudon correctly understands that the US is the last line of defence (As he would spell it) against the Left and the ultimate ending of national sovereignty of free countries.

Please watch and link the video to emails for your friends and family.

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