Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ethnic Swedes in Ukraine Prohibited From Emigrating to Sweden

I did not post last night as we have to make a family trip to the hospital  Not that this was the original purpose of our trip; that was to go to my sister's house for her birthday. Stopping  behind another car that has stopped at an intersection in order to let an ambulance, which had come on  fairly quickly, we were struck quite hard from behind by a vehicle whose driver was probably not focusing well on the road. Two of our family needed x-rays, one of those also needed an MRI. So far, everything looks OK, considering that the car was wrecked, but our 16 year-old son's neck and head still hurts pretty badly. He had, after hitting the back of his head on the rear seat rest, promptly hit the rear of the front seat rest right after that - this despite the fact that he was wearily his seatbelt. To his credit, he he never let go of the cake, which was almost perfectly intact. Huzzah to the young man and the Cake Boss, the maker of the cake.
If this is not the most blatant example of the Left to dilute the demographics electorates of Western Europe, then I don't know what is.

Groups of Europeans often moved to other regions of Europe to find work or to otherwise settle. Miners from Saxony, for instance, moved to the Balkans centuries ago to ply their trade and remain there today as a diminished but distinct minority.

From what I gathered from the post in Gates of Vienna, these Swedes started out in Estonia, probably as a result of the Swedish colonization of the Baltic regions. By 1781, they were made to move to the Ukraine at the order of Catherine the Great. Although the Swedish threat to Russia died with the failed expedition of Charles XII in the beginning of the 18th century, the Russian leadership likely felt that they would be better off without a people of possible loyalties to the old homeland living so close to their kin.

Well, a number of these Swedes, having made it through over two hundred years in their Ukrainian home, including the decades of the USSR, have applied to return to Sweden. Sounds like a slam-dunk decision, right?

Actually, their applications were rejected.

Even though they have maintained their Swedish identity and some still speak Swedish, they were not considered appropriate candidates for moving to Sweden.

I am not sure, but it may be that, unlike the bulk of those whose applications do get approved, these Swedes did not demonstrate enough of a predisposition to commit violent crimes and various forms of fraud.

Better to bring in gang-raping Somalis than law-abiding Swedes.

Note that those responsible for the decision to reject the ethnic Swedes are the same ones who labor without pause to bring in as many immigrants from Muslim-majority nations as possible.

The answer must be that it was in fact their very identity as Swedes that was the cause of their rejection. Like many nations of Western Europe, the Leftists who run the Multicultural- inspired programs do so in order to dilute the demographics and electorates of these nations. Even bringing a few thousand ethnic Swedes back to their ancestral home would run counter to their plans. The intelligentsia who make the decisions would much rather import tons of illiterate, unskilled, and Muslim people - that's how you break a nation, not by bolstering the amount of people germane to that nation.

One must also hold that, having lived through the stagnation and oppression of the USSR, these Swedes can attest to the fact that Marxism does not work. Having on hand a bunch of new additions to Sweden who can pass the word about the realities of Marxism would not be appealing to the Swedish Left.

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