Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Revised: Freedom of Speech Grossly Suppressed in UK

Revision 10/28/12
Stephen Lennon was arrested for allegedly trying to enter the US illegally. If he did so, then obviously he has to be punished. The fact that he has been held without bail is another matter, If they are concerned that he will flee the country, have the bloke hand over his passport and have him post a bond of a considerable amount. My take is that his treatment and continued incarceration pending possible extradition to the US is at least in part to the desire to suppress the freedom of speech in the UK.
The nation from which we drew so much of our culture and inspiration, indeed, our very foundations, is itself no longer a free nation.

Two things are basic necessities for Liberty to reign; these are the right to property and that of free speech.
Concerning the latter, freedom of speech has been greatly curtailed in the UK. People are being arrested for speaking their minds, particularly when they address the threat that Islam poses to Western nations.

Below are links to two different but quite related events. The first is the arrest of Stephen Lennon, who uses the name Tommy Robinson for his work with the terribly unfairly maligned English Defence League. The second is an embedded video of an interview with an individual who uses the nom de plume Seneca III. In this video, the argument is made that the West is in the middle of an interregnum. The term derives from ancient Rome, specifically from the pre-Republican era. During the period between one King and the accession of another, an interrex was appointed to handle affairs until the kingship could be sorted out. Seneca III notes that the West is right at the cusp of either a downfall or a rebirth.

In my words, the West has had falls and rebirths before, but this time there are no new vigorous Western peoples to arrive on scene to start over.The only group in Europe currently displaying any vigor is that of the Muslims, who are steadily changing the demographics and by extension the electorates of Western Europe.

Seneca II notes that Islam is a theocratic political system based on slavery. Even a Muslim will admit that Allah is not a father but a slave master, with even his most devoted followers being nothing but slaves. His video is short and well worth the time.

Seneca III

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