Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biden Interruption Video Montage

On the day following Ryan's debate with the buffoon from Delaware, we were told that the number of times that the vulgar jerk interrupted Ryan reached a count of 82.

It turns out that this number was wrong - it was 85 times.

The top link from TheBlaze has a video montage of Biden's interruptions, smug facial expressions, hand gestures in attempts to project his stupidity onto Ryan, and laughter curiously reminiscent of a mocked high school student who, desiring to pretend that the laughter is with him rather than about him, joins in with those making fun of him.

For anyone who has Liberal friends, family, or coworkers who affect to be of the impression that Biden won the debate (Credibility is not a virtue in today's world), I ask that you consider this one suggestion -

Have them watch the video. Suggest that they concentrate not not on the count of the interruptions or even what Biden said  but only on the dignity and grace of Ryan as he weathered each and every one of these with poise, grace, and an utter lack of expressions of frustration.

Biden never tried to win, he only tried to get Ryan to lose. In defeating  Biden's attempt to get Ryan to beat himself, the candidate maintained his cool, correcting Biden's false accusations and assertions, and somehow resisting the urge to even direct Biden to refrain from interrupting or otherwise embarrassing himself by his displays.

If I missed any statement by Ryan in which he did so direct Biden, I would be happy to print the correction.

Not even one case of redness in the face was apparent as Ryan responded to one attack after another that were clearly designed to cause him to lose his poise.

A debate is like a battle. A victory is determined not only on who holds the field at its conclusion, or who sustained more losses, but from looking at the entire picture.

Looking only at the facts and how they were presented, Ryan won the debate. Taking into account Biden's massive frontal assault, one in which spared no effort and fully confirmed his incompetence, and Ryan's orderly and disciplined checks to such attacks (Without lowering himself by counter-attacks), Ryan's victory was in actuality a brutally methodical slaughter.

Biden threw everything he had at Ryan, but Ryan never budged from the position from which he started.

All that Biden now has are his supporters who tell themselves that Biden won. For those who recall the first Gulf War (Kuwait liberation), Saddam Hussein told his supporters that he had driven out the coalition forces. Even the streets of Amman, Jordan, erupted in celebrations of the Iraqi victory.

The trouble was, despite the claims of victory, Saddam had lost, and badly.

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