Wednesday, March 21, 2012

South African President Sings About Killing Whites

You have got to see the video on the above link!

It has it all, singing, dancing, chanting, references to killing South African whites,.....
Everybody is getting in on the fun in this video, speakers, party leaders, soldiers, etc.
It's a real party.

This must be why Ruth Bader-Ginsberg recommended that Egypt model its Constitution on that of South Africa's and not ours.

Jacob Zuma, who just happens to be the President of South Africa, attended a celebration back in January in which he sang about killing Boers. Boers is what the British called the Dutch settlers of South Africa, who referred to themselves as Afrikaners. Either way, the name Boer stuck. It refers specifically of those of Dutch/German descent and is also occasionally used for all whites in South Africa, such as those of British descent.
Revision 4/1/13- When  re-read this post, I realized that I had one glaring omission. Zuma, his soldiers and his cronies sing about killing Boers, but the sad irony is that the South Africa did not abandon Apartheid as a consequence of any military actions or fights for liberation against the government. South Africa caved as a result of international pressure, boycotts, and bland assurances that everyone will be nice to each other in the new order. In fact, singing songs about an armed struggle is probably the most laughable act of faking it that could be dreamed up. Armed confrontation was one threat that was not a problem for the old government.
The song that Zuma sings appears to me to be from the days prior to the abolition of Apartheid. It repeatedly refers to killings Boers, often specifying that machine guns will be employed in this task. Call me naive, but I had always thought that the end of Apartheid was supposed to usher in an era of peace and cooperation. Could you imagine the Prime Minister of Ireland getting up on his podium and singing some old Irish rebel song about killing the Landlord? That would be bad enough, but the Boers still live in South Africa and one cannot hold that Zuma had no clue as to how frightened the Boers would feel as a result.
When units of soldiers (The guys who actually have machine guns) in uniform start dancing to the tune of a song that targets your ethnic group for killings, it is an ugly thing.

The Marxists of the world are bent on excising the the free farmer as a concept. I had noted this on earlier posts, but those who own small and middle-scale farms are being targeted everywhere they exist. In the US, it's getting attacked by new laws and regulations, in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe (Former Rhodesia) the property owners in rural areas are being systematically killed, robbed, raped, and gang-raped by bands of criminals who seem to operate without fear of investigation or prosecution. The idea is to drive them out, period. One recent claim was, if the South African farmers want to prevent further attacks, they will have to give up 80% of their land without compensation.

Those who desire to implement Agenda 21 will do whatever they can to get people to give up their property;  legislate, regulate, seize, foster lawlessness, anything to force free farmers, the backbone of private property and free people, out of existence.

I thought we had a class warfare specialist in Obama, but Zuma makes our guy look like a milquetoast. At least he has not sung any songs about killing me.

The first link below is from an earlier post on this subject and also has links to sites where one can read in detail the horrors that are being inflicted on the Boers/Afrikaners on a regular basis. The second applies to the assault on private property and the climate of lawlessness in both the US and South Africa.

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