Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moroccan Rape Victim Forced to Marry the Rapist Kills Herself

Not quite a storybook ending-

A Moroccan girl that had been raped at 15 had been forced to marry the man who raped her. If you are not aware of this unusual arrangement, that is because Islam is treated by our media as a religion of tolerance, peace, and respect for women. The marriage itself had been prudently suggested by her nation's court system since she ran the risk of being found to be adulterous if the court found the rapist not guilty. After going through with the marriage and subsequent beatings from the man who avoided legal trouble by taking advantage of the Islamic rape loophole that forgives all if he marries the victim, she killed herself. She used rat poison that would have been better employed as an ingredient in hubby's dinner.

Yea, that's how it goes in Islam - women not only have to live in fear of being raped, they also have to worry about being in trouble with the law. As I have noted on previous posts*, Islam destroys any concept of righteous anger and anguish that a father would normally feel if his daughter suffers such an attack. Islam causes the Dad to be more worried about the honor of the family since the rape cancelled out her virginal state. What man would not wish that the court hand the man that raped his daughter over to him?

You just can't make this stuff up.

*Below is a segment from and earlier post that treats the utter ruinous affects of Islam on cultures and paternal concern for daughters.

"As I had written earlier, most of the people of Afghanistan are descended from proud peoples, mainly Indo-European Iranians ( Not Persian of modern Iran, which is a subgroup of Iranian) and Turkics (Not Ottomans and others of Modern Turkey, also subgroups of the widespread ethnic Turks). All of these peoples had a sense of their identity prior to the arrival of Islam into that region. Indeed, related tribes such as the Scythians refused to surrender to the Achaemenid Persian King Darius I during his campaign prior to the main Greco-Persian wars. Other Iranian tribes fiercely resisted Alexander the Great's invasion over 150 years later. Those who did make peace with the Macedonian King did so only under the most honorable of terms.

One point that is not addressed very often is the Arabization of regions once Islam is entrenched. No matter what the culture of a particular group, Islam turns each one into a more severe mirror-image of a pagan Arab society. The Koran, if it indeed going to be a Koran, must be written in Arabic or it can only be considered a commentary of that book of tolerance.This and other Arab-superiority factors tend to cause converted societies to try their best to prove that they are not second-class Muslims. Not only does the society become Arab-like, it generally has a tendency to become as severe as possible in its quest to become purely Islamic. Those of these cultures seem to seek to be "more Arab than the Arabs themselves".

What is left of those once-proud peoples are the tattered and stagnated remains. Where daughters were once held in esteem, they now are cast off to be horrifically abused by their new families. Most are not aware that Alexander the Great's first wife, Roxanne (Or Roxana) was the daughter of a Iranian noble named Oxyartes. This man was a proud warrior and leader. Even though he had been defeated by Alexander's capture of the Sogdian fortress, Oxyartes would never have allowed the Macedonian King to get away with treating his daughter with anything less than the utmost of respect.
If Roxana had been raped or beaten by Alexander, the Macedonians would have been slaughtered along their route of retreat back to Macedon.

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