Friday, March 16, 2012

Fundamentalists to be Mortified By 1,300 Year-Old Anglo-Saxon Girl's Grave

The grave of a 16 year-old Anglo-Saxon girl, most likely from an aristocratic/noble family, was recently found in Cambridgeshire. The time of her death was a fascinating time in history, as although the people were becoming Christians, many practices and traditions from the old Germanic religion were still is use. As I have noted in previous posts, such actions are anathema to the vast majority of Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians. Allowing for any practice from a people's pre-Christian days will cause them to recoil in horror. Theirs is a mindset that to some extent mirrors that of Muslims, who not only refuse to acknowledge anything good about a pre-Islamic past, but will do all they can to suppress anyone else's appreciation for it, and make every effort to erase symbols, monuments, and harmless practices that go back before the days of their religion. That is why Evangelicals and Fundamentalists often express such an aversion to things such as Halloween, the sight of mistletoe, or kid's stories about dragons. Although I would never claim that a Evangelical/Fundamentalist-run society would even approach the level of oppression of an Islamic one, the result of a removal of pre-Christian imagery, legends, and traditions, would be much the same. Even examples of true virtue and bravery of pre-Christian Europeans are not only  ignored but rejected outright for any consideration at all by them.

When a kid from that world then gets told in a Leftist-run school that he (European descent in US) has no culture and that Muslims and others do, he is likely to believe his teachers.

To get back to the subject of the girl, the state to which the English/British state has fallen caused the thought noted below to cross my mind:

I feel terrible in saying this, but she must have been recently rolling over in that grave at the current state of the very nation that her people were building at the time.

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