Monday, March 19, 2012

Revised-Copts Mourn Pope Shenouda -More Fear for Future

Revision 3/20/12

This is precious-

Praise be to Allah. With the grace of Allah, the head of unbelief and polytheism, known as Shenouda, died yesterday, may Allah exact revenge from him. God's worshippers and the trees and the animals were all relieved by his death. Egypt is relieved by his [death], because he generated sectarian strife.
This dead accursed criminal, known as Shenouda, was told that the Koran says, in Surat Al-Maida: "And [beware the day] when Allah will say: Oh Jesus, Son of Mary, did you say to the people: Take me and my mother as gods beside Allah?" [Shenouda] said: "We don't take Christ and his mother as gods beside Allah. He Is God."

-I heard a lot of birds in my yard the last few days and none of them seemed to be celebrating the Patriarch's death. My dog seems completely unaware of his passing.
Note that Christians are referred to as polytheists since Trinitarian belief is an essential part of Christian teachings. The trinity is considered a superstition by Muslims and they hold that three Persons on one God stands in contrast to Monotheism. Also note that Pope Shenouda apparently was a criminal. 

Such is life when you are dealing with those who cling to the Religion of Tolerance and Peace.


The passing of the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church marks the end of an era. Like John Paul II, Pope Shenouda III (Pope is a term that can refer to a Patriarch, especially if the Church is independent) held his position for so long that, by the time of his passing, many Copts knew no other head of their Church. He was the face of Coptic Orthodoxy for 40 years and, like other heads of Christian Churches in Muslim-majority nations, had his hands full as he navigated the waters of oppression and violence while protecting his flock the best that he could. He also had to restrain them from taking actions in their defense that would likely result in vengeful acts by any offended Muslims and the government.

Pope Shenouda was always spoken well of by Copts that I know. Copts are, in addition to mourning their Patriarch, also concerned about what the future will bring with the accession of Shenouda's successor.

In pace Requiescat 

I wish that I knew how to write that in the Coptic tongue. I should be able to find out how tomorrow.

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