Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cincinnatus on Turning Taxes Into Slavery

Contributed to this blog by Cincinnatus:

"Wealth redistribution is slavery in its most hideous form because it is tyranny under the guise of democracy. Slavery is the forced labor of one or more individuals for the economic benefit of others.

True taxation is a fee charged by government for essential services
rendered to its citizenry. Anything else is outright slavery, theft, and/or a lie.

Democratic Socialism can best be described as an economic philosophy
that politicians use to buy the vote. This is what Julius Caesar and
his successor Augustus Caesar did to usher in the death knell of the
Republic and the beginning of a Dictatorship.

There is no free lunch, sooner or later this or future generations will
have to pay for entitlements not earned by the individual receiving
them. Don't' be fooled by the politicians advocating taxation on corporations
because the ultimate payer of such taxes is the consumer, you and I.

The nanny state eventually weakens the people's self reliance and
determination thereby leading to the demise of democracy, for democracy
is dependent on a citizenry truly independent of government."

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