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Good Christian B---s - Belles Stirs Up the Good Guys Against the Left

With All American Muslim having been dropped, we just had to know that something about Chrsitians was in the works.

Admittedly, I am sure that this show was being produced long before A-AM even hit the TV screen (I wanted to write "on the air", but it sounded too anachronistic), but one has to think that, if a show that made Muslims look as good as possible was on the way, then a show that made Christians look as bad as possible had to be just around the corner.

A new show is coming to ABC, Good Christian Belles (The original word in the book by Kim Gatlin, and apparently first planned to be used in the series was B------s ). "Belles" is being, of course, employed in deference to Christians to avoid offending them, (The Left avoids offending Muslims,Christians, and Jews - wait, only Muslims). The gist of the show is summarized here:

"Based on the book “Good Christian Bi—-s” by Kim Gatlin, GCB is about a woman named Amanda Vaughn, played by Leslie Bibb, who returns home to Dallas with her two children after facing marital and financial troubles. GCB’s trailers, ads, and name suggest this series will not be family friendly or even respectful towards Christians.

According to information about the program received by Movieguide, Amanda is a former “mean girl” who has put the past behind her, while her former class mates and victims have not. They are the new mean girls who are as likely to gossip viciously about their returned rival as they are to offer up a humiliating prayer about her in church. As soon as their leader Carlene Cockburn, played by Kristin Chenoweth, sees her arrive she calls her friends, smugly gossiping about how Amanda’s former husband died in a car crash while having an affair with her best friend. Chenoweth’s character then halts the talk saying, “Ladies, it is not appropriate to speak of such things on the phone.” After a pause she continues, “I’ll see ya in church.”

Another clip shows Carlene and her friends confronting Amanda about the moral code of their community. The following scene shows Carlene in an office getting an invitation from a man to “do it.” Turning religious pictures face down, she crawls over the desk, as well as the man, and gives him a heavy kiss. Meanwhile, Amanda’s gun-collecting, shallow mother, played by Annie Potts says, “I feel certain that the good Lord would like me to have a new fur coat.”

Based on the trailers, Amanda Vaughn appears to be the only sane member of this community, and she doesn’t appear to be a practicing Christian. When her mother drags her and her children to church, Amanda tells her mother that she “didn’t raise the kids with any particular religion.” While we all know that there are hypocrites in every institution and every religion, GCB uses southern Christian women as the sole, stereotypical examples of self-indulgence, shallowness and hypocrisy.

Other scenes show young girls being encouraged to wear revealing tops. When one mother expresses concern that her daughter‘s old cheerleader uniform is to tight, Chenoweth’s character tells her not to worry “cleavage helps your cross hang straight.” Later at the game, the football team cheers when the girl’s vest pops open."

Many, including the author of the post quoted here, are all for boycotting, protesting, and writing letters and petitions to the producers and ABC to have this show removed from the air (Sorry, I could not resist). Although I respect their opinion and encourage anyone who is rightfully offended by yet another example of denigrating those who comprise a major share of what is American culture to get involved, I see this from adifferent angle. While I too am aggravated beyond measure at the manner in which Christianity is mocked and derided by the Left, and both depreciated and ignored by Obama, I see a good thing here.

The Left is an impatient animal. They shot their bolt* big time back in the 60s and 70s with riots, vandalism, and bombings and failed. Their next strategy was "immeasurably more sophisticated" ** and produced more concrete results. In taking over the Halls Of Academia and the public schools, working to indenture generations-worth of vast swaths of the population into the welfare state, and slowly but surely turning the Democratic party to be a Marxist-driven machine, they have come very close to victory. So close did they come, that they felt sufficiently confident to bring their ultimate candidate to the highest office in the land, where that man promptly began putting into place the foundations of a Marxist superstructure in order to supplant the system of property, freedom, and all the good stuff for which so many sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

The result was a disaster for the nation, but, more importantly, for the Left too. The hue and cry that has risen as a result far exceeded the expectations of almost all concerned. Those who believe in our nation and its principles, though they still know that we are far from being out of the dark, can at least know that they are not alone. The Left, supremely confident that the good guys would just meekly accept their new lot and proceed with caution to protect what they have at hand, have watched their opponents come very close to rising up in full revolt.

The Left is frightened. They are running scared. Why else would they feverishly be putting all this effort into shows such as All-American Muslim and Good Christian B-----s Belles? They are blowing up bridges to hold up the onslaught of, in the words of Colin McEvedy, when describing the surge of the armies of revolutionary France, "forces thought incapable of defense". Again, in McEvedy's words, instead of the forces of Europe being "amazed and alarmed", it is the Left that is realizing that they committed to a full-scale offensive too early. They are close to panic mode. They use venomous, vulgar, filthy, language when speaking about Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, the Tea Party, and others. Older congressmen, thought to at least avoid such talk like the plague even while joining in on the frantic denunciations of the good guys, have also used the filthy phrase "Tea Bagger" - one that would earn my son a slap if I heard it spewed from his mouth. Radical feminists are trapped - they have no choice but to celebrate when Bill Maher employs terms that terribly demean all women while knowing all the while that young people too will hear or know what he said.

I know that this is hard, but there is cause to rejoice in this pogrom against all that it good. Many are not aware of the example of the Greek communists in the days after WWII. Their forces conducted a guerrilla war with successes sufficient to convince them that their time had come. They began to commit to a conventional conflict before they were ready and before their opponents had been beaten and demoralized. They lost and were forced to retreat into the Marxist world of starting over again at the grass-roots level.

The Left is, like the Wehrmacht, about to lose the entire Sixth Army at Stalingrad (Yes, in this example we are the Soviets). They pushed too far, too much, and too quickly. Now is the time for a major counter-offensive. Like a boxer that has punched himself out, his opponent must unleash well-placed and timed jabs and combinations while the other guy is still winded. We cannot allow the Left to regain their collective (Pun intended) breath.

We must remain active, assertive, and focused. Bring all the doings of the Left into conversation with others, write about these to your Congressmen, contact your local Tea Party, and make sure all whom you know are fully aware that they need to vote in November. We are one Supreme Court opening left from a total Judicial takeover of our society by the Left. If Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, or Kennedy, reach a point in the next few months where they cannot continue in their positions, Obama gets to appoint Leftist number five to the SCOTUS and it will be effectively over. If Obama wins in November, he gets another four years to wait for an opening.

We need to, like our Founding Fathers, do all that we can to fix things before they are beyond repair. Only in doing so will we then be justified in when, in the event that the Federal government has fully become an arm of the Left, we stand up in defiance. Like Churchill said when the British Lion looked beaten, "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.".

If we fail in our efforts at this critical juncture, we may have no choice save for acts of nullification and, God help us, secession. Like those who drafted, voted on, and signed our Declaration of Independence, we have to be able to demonstrate that we have done all that we could to remedy the situation before we take such steps.

*Shooting a bolt refers to the use of a crossbow. Unlike a bow and arrow, which can be fired several times in a minute, a crossbow takes much more time to pull back the firing string and set the bolt (arrow) in place. A crossbowman, if close to the enemy, has one chance for a shot.

** I am obviously on a Colin McEvedy kick today. I love his choice of words. This too is a quote from one of his works. It refers to the war between Rome and Phllip V of Macedon. The full quote is "Phillip marshaled his phalanx but the Legions he had to face were immeasurably more sophisticated than those that Pyrrhus [King of Epirus] had routed a century before" [While campaigning against Rome in Italy] 

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