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London Calling - or is it Londonistan?

As I noted is earlier posts, such as I did yesterday when quoting from an article in NewZeal, a blog of New Zealander Trevor Loudon, many in the UK and her daughter nations are very concerned about the direction in which the US is heading. They see us as a lynch pin for the freedoms that are a crucial part of our common Western Culture. They have felt the loss of national sovereignty to the EU and the threat from mass immigration of Muslims, who have no intention to integrate into British society, firsthand. Like Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol, many have repeatedly stepped up to warn us to take action before we suffer they same fate as have they.

Paul Weston, who chairs the British Freedom Party, recently finished a speaking tour the US and Canada. The text of his speech  in NYC, along with a video clip of the same can be accessed via the following link:

Mr. Weston wisely employs a term coined by Samuel Huntington, who wrote The Clash of Civilizations. Mr. Huntington's work has been derided both by the Left, which wants no part of Westerners being aware of the threats posed to their culture, and and those who suffer from the sheep-like syndrome that he calls "The Illusion of Permanency" Below are some recent quotes of Mr. Weston:

"Samuel Huntingdon was not necessarily writing about Britain when he penned his prescient book “The Clash of Civilisations”, but one particular theme he raised very much applies to my poor old country where he refers to the dying of civilisations and the lack of concern amongst their native people, due to what he terms the “Illusion of Permanency.”
No one in Britain expects tomorrow to be very different from today. No one really expects things to be particularly different this time next year, or the year after that. People find it inconceivable that the future could possibly be radically different to the recent past, but certain things have happened in Britain over the last 50 years that will make the next 50 years a period of total and utter transformation. 
This naiveté is astonishing, bordering on the criminal; although not all on the liberal left suffer from such infantile delusions. Patricia Morgan, who writes for Roger Scruton’s Salisbury Review, recounts the words of a leftist friend who was experiencing misgivings about flooding Britain with Muslims. 

Quote:“When one of my old Labour Party acquaintances expressed anxiety over Islamic terrorism, I asked him why he had always been so keen on getting as many immigrants here as possible. He told me that he had been ‘trying to make the revolution’. So, while it had not been possible to storm Buckingham Palace and set up Soviets in Westminster, you could still change the population and supplant the hated ‘other’.” [Italics added]

Change the population….what a wicked and treacherous notion this is. And sadly, the left has succeeded. Our population has already been changed. If we want to look to our future, then we only need look at our primary schools.

In London, white children now account for only 20%, and I’ll say that again, only 20% of the school population. And England’s other city schools are going precisely the same way in precisely the same manner. The non-indigenous birth rate now averages an extraordinary 35% nationally, which realistically means 70-80% in the cities alone, thus consigning indigenous English children in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Luton, Leicester and Slough to an ethnic minority in their own land - a fate awaiting English children in all our cities within a decade, and the entire country before 2030.................

I hope, I desperately hope that we are not yet too far gone, even if Mark Steyn has already written us off, but I will close by asking that Americans keep a close eye on what is happening to Europe and Britain, and call a halt today, immediately, right now, to any further demographic or ideological growth of Islam in the Land of the Free. I implore you not to make the same foolish mistakes that our naive or treacherous European politicians have made.

I am going to fight for Britain, but there is no guarantee that Britain and Europe can be saved, and if we go, and America goes shortly thereafter, then so goes Western Civilisation — the most humane, moral and decent civilisation in the history of mankind — to be replaced by Islam, the most barbaric, illiberal and totalitarian force of pathological cruelty that can only take the Western world back to the dark ages. So please America, don’t let what has happened to Britain happen to you. Watch, appraise, listen and learn.


Mr. Weston has convincingly argued or more than one occasion that the UK is dangerously close to being  point where the ills that plague that nation can be solved without violence:

"And this is today. What will we see in the decades to come, when Muslims become a majority in the all important age group of 18-40? We only have to look around the world today to see the answer. Let me take just one example, Lebanon, which used to be a majority Christian country. But as the Islamic demographic grew, so did their demand for control, which in 1975 triggered a 15 year religious civil war taking the lives of close to 10% of the population and wounding 33% — half of whom suffered from lifetime disabilities. The entire Christian leadership was exiled, murdered or jailed.

Is this our future? Britain’s security services will not be able to hold back Islamic terrorist attacks forever, and when the next one gets through I fully expect to see indigenous British hotheads take revenge by murdering a Muslim somewhere in Britain or by torching a Mosque. And so will start the long slide into civil war, tit for tat atrocities becoming progressively more vicious, before the entire country goes the way of Lebanon, or more recently Yugoslavia, which of course fractured along racial, tribal and religious lines."


Britain was undermined by the Labor Party and other Leftists, who, as noted above, needed to change the electorate in order to bring about the Socialism they so desperately desired. Failing to convince enough indigenous Brits to bring their votes to them, the Left went with Plan B - bringing in people who will consistently vote for Leftist candidates, have population growth that exceeds that of British people, refuse to integrate, and whose culture is pan-national by design and by extension ready to embrace the dissolving of British national sovereignty. We of course have our counterparts who also have every intention of sticking with mass-immigration with a view to broadening their permanent base of voters, thus allowing them to destroy our sovereignty and bring about Socialism. The difference is that we are not as far gone (Yet) as is the UK.

We in the Western world were complacent for too long. While we kept telling ourselves that things would not change, the changes came. They were not good. We will have to accept that our children will not enjoy the easy standard of living we and our parents had. They will have to work much harder, as will their children, than we did to have a standard of living that is better than that of Third-World nations. Our crushing debt, the needs to put an end to cheap, immigrant-picked produce and to check violent crime against which that of our 40's and 50's mob bosses pales in comparison, along with the continual threat of the advancement of Islamic agendas, will require levels of austerity that will seem totally foreign to us. We  will also need to return to traditional morality as this is a key part of the foundation of any stable society.

Please take the time to read an interview with Mr. Weston in which he speaks about reclaiming British rights, repairing its educational system by excising anti-Western/British propaganda, put at least a temporary stop to immigration, take steps to reduce the plague of violent crime that has arrived with the new immigrants, and more:

More posts by Mr. Weston, many thanks to Gates of Vienna:

Lastly, a quote from Obama's favorite Briton, Sir Winston Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples. Although his lines were written in a time when we faced a different set of enemies, the words ring just as true today: (Except for the "ultimate union" part - we already had that once and it was not to our liking)

It is the final paragraph of the series.

"Here is set out a long story of the English-speaking peoples. They are now to become allies in terrible but victorious wars. And that is not the end. Another phase looms before us, in which alliance will once more be tested and in which its formidable virtues may be to preserve Peace and Freedom. The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope. Nor should we now seek to define precisely the exact terms of ultimate union."

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